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Marmochaya pays Tribute to the Rebel Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam


Marmochaya organized a musical evening at Weavers Studio as a tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Columbia University’s professor Rachel Macdermot was also felicitated at this musical evening by Marmochaya.

Kazi Nazrul Islam who is mainly known for his revolutionary songs and poems is credited with writing about four thousand songs which are collectively known as Nazrul-Geeti. He is also known as the Rebel Poet due to his revolutionary ideas which he wrote in his poems. Love, freedom and revolution are the three dominant themes in the poems and songs of the late poet. Kazi Nazrul Islam is recognized as the national Poet of Bangladesh.


Owed to her research work on the poet, Rachel Macdermot has been living in Kolkata for the last seven months and even went to Bangladesh where she spent about five weeks. She was felicitated by Sayed Hasmat Jalal. The chief guest at this musical evening was eminent Bangladeshi poet-musician Bulbul. A memento was presented to her by writer and Voice of America journalist Ashimpada Chakraborty. Bulbul and Rachel presented immensely interesting facts about the rebel poet which kept the audience engrossed.


Melodious Nazrul Songs presented by Somerita and Aratrika as well as recitation by many a young and talented elocutionists all the more added to the evening’s agenda of paying tribute to Kazi Nazrul islam.

In short this musical evening paid a great homage and tribute to the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. We sincerely hope that musical events of this kind will be organized more often so that the audience can enjoy the music of the late musicians.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali Girl Band ‘Teetas’ records for New Album ‘Mewa’


Musical bands by girls are a rare phenomenon in Kolkata. Many music bands have come up in the past years, but they all constitute of male members. However Teetas, an upcoming musical group is the first female music band of Kolkata.

Named after the Teetas River, Mary started this Government Registered Folk Fusion Musical Band in 2008. All the performers in this music band are talented, energetic and lovers of music. The band recently recorded songs for their upcoming music album Mewa at a South Kolkata studio.

The Band Teetas performs almost all the varieties of Bengali folk songs like Tusu, Jhumur, Gomvira, Sarigan, Bhawaiya, Vatiali, Chotka, Chad Petanor Gan, Alcap, Dhamail. Lalan, Radharaman. Apart from the folk songs of Bengal, they also perform the folk songs from the other states in India. Teetas has its own compositions and also sings songs which are immensely popular among the people. The members are also interested to present the folk songs in a fusion form of music, where the use of instruments, sound and vocals will be traditional as well as contemporary. Teetas released its, first puja album “UJAN BEYE TEETAS” in 2009.


Apart From Mary, Simontini Bhadra (vocals), Poulami Banerjee(vocals),Ablu Chakraborty(keyboardist),Rajarshi Ghosh (Bass Guitar),Sandip Das (Lead Guitar), Hablu Goswami(electronic percussion & acoustics leather instruments),Pradip Dutta(drummer) helped the band in the recording.

While speaking to Sholoana Bangaliana Mary said, “You will be happy to know that the songs are very unique on their own and are very rich”. The songs carry a perfect blend of Folk and fusion with them. Each and every song creates a particular ambience and that is only possible because of our Keyboardist and Arranger Ablu Chakraborty.

The four songs in the album Mewa includes Aij keno mor Pransojoni (dhamail), Sal Toley Bela Dubilo ( Jhumur), Haisha Mori, Kainda Mori and Ja Ja Lagor.

Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the girl band all the best for their musical endeavors in future.


Priyanka Dutta



Life and Works of Kazi Nazrul Islam now in Video DVD ‘Bulbul Kande Ghazal Gaane’

Bengali Audio Music Album

Kazi Nazrul Islam, the National Poet of Bangladesh was not just a poet but also a lyricist and musician of sorts who gave Bengali Music an absolutely new perspective and dimension. Nazrul Islam, along with producing many literary masterpieces also wrote and composed Ghazals in Bengali that even today are sung and re recorded by many eminent artists. Islam’s writings and lyrics also resound with the memory of his dead son Bulbul and many of his songs have also been composed in his memory. Kolkata music company Questz World, in fond memory of the great poet recently released a Video-DVD ‘Bulbul Kande Ghazal Gaane’ that has 12 different Ghazals that had been composed by Kazi Nazrul Islam himself.

The songs in the Bengali Music Video-DVD have been sung by the very talented Somerita Malik and accompanying her songs is the recitation by eminent Tolywood actor Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee Soumitra Chatterjee.

This Video DVD also comes with a short film by Swagato Gangopadhyay on the life of Kazi Nazrula and beautifully captures places in Churulia where Islam was born and spent the better part of his life. The video also presents the views of eminent Kolkata musicians like Banasree Sengupta, Mallar Ghosh, Subarna Kazi, Chika Tsurumaru on Kazi Nazrul Islam’s works and the added bonus here is that, guiding viewers through the stages of Islam’s life is his brother Kazi Rezaul Karim who features in the Video.

Not just the association of some of the industry’s greatest talents, this Video-DVD is also acting as a confluence of cultures as business entities from across the borders have come together to promote and partner with this one of a kind project.

This Video-DVD is surely a collector’s item and a must have for all music lovers as watching the short film and listening to the beautiful ghazals will surely be an enriching experience for all in the field of music.


• Narration: Soumitra Chatterjee
• Songs: Somerita Mallik
• Sarangi: Roshan Ali
• Harmonium: Sanatan Goswami
• Tabla: Ashis Paul
• Percussions: Sabyasachi Mukherjee


Bulbul Kande Ghazal Gaane [Video-DVD – Questz World] [Big Promo] (You Tube)

Sayani Palit Turns Composer with the Launch of New Audio Songs Album ‘Khawahishian’


Sayani Palit is an Indian classical and semi-classical vocalist and playback singer. With a background in singing, she is turning into a composer with her album Khawahishian. The album was released at Birla Academy of Fine arts by eminent musicians like Joy Sarkar, Debojyoti Mishra, Gaurab Chatterjee, Mayukh Bhaumik and Chandril.


Sayani Palit is a ITC Sangeet Research Academy Kolkata scholar and her teachers include Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty and Padma Bhushan Girija Devi. She is a first class first in her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree examination in Classical Music from University of Calcutta.  A regular artist in All India radio she has also lent her voices to songs in films like Proloy, Shingur, Hanuman.com and many more.

The album Khwahishian is a melodic saga depicting the hues and essence of love and relationships which is one of the most precious emotions of the human mind. Each song narrates a special story on love, loss and the strength of bond between two lovers. The six tracks in the album combine contemporary with classical styles. The lyricist of the six songs is Saheb Sharma, Meghali Gupta and Suchismita Patra. Shamik Chakravarty is the arranger of this album.


Debojyoti Mishra who has composed several jingles and songs with Sayani said “I feel proud that she has the courage to bring out an album that she has composed herself. In a time when we think twice before bringing out an album, this is indeed praiseworthy”.

Joy Sarkar added “I have heard all the songs and I give her the credit for presenting the different shades of love so effectively. I never knew she composed so well” said the singer.

With Khwahishian, Sayani turns composer and we wish her all the best in her music career.

Priyanka Dutta