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Rupankar’s New Album On Modern Songs Tor Jonno Released

Video: Rupankar’s New Album Tor Jonno Released

Rupankar’s new album Tor Jonno was released in the august presence of Madhabi Mukherjee, Kalyan Sen Borat, Kohinoor Sen Borat, Antara Choudhury and others.


The seven songs in the album are modern songs which have been sung by Rupankar. The lyrics have been composed by Koushik Sengupta while the music has been composed by Kalyan Sen Borat.

Speaking at the occasion, Kalyan Sen Borat said “I have been extremely satisfied after composing the music of this album. The Bengali modern songs in this album will appeal to the audience. Listen to them at night and you will feel the essence very nicely”.


Madhabi Mukherjee urged the audience to buy authentic CDs in a bid to save the music industry and also help the artists. Rupankar added that one can also download from the legal sites and save the industry.

The album has been priced at Rs 125 and is available at all music shops in the city.

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Ex-cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar’s First Rabindrasangeet Album Amar Bela Je Jay Released


Ex-cricketer, commentator Sanjay Manjrekar turned singer with the launch of his first Rabindrasangeet album Amar Bela Je Jay. The album was launched in the august presence of Sourav Ganguly, Saboni Sen, Sanjay Manjrekar and other dignitaries.

The album contains six Tagore songs. Brought out by Picasso Entertainment, the ex-cricketer was guided in singing the songs by Rabindrasangeet exponent Sraboni Sen. Manjrekar said “I do not know Bengali. Kishore Kumar is my favorite singer and by listening to his cassettes and CDs I have learnt these songs”.


The ex-cricketer hoped that he had done justice to the songs. The songs in the album include Amar bela je jay, Ami chini go chini, Mayabonobiharini horini, Jodi tor daak shune, Ektuku choa lage and Pagla hawar badol dine.

Sanjay Manjrekar’s Rabindrasangeet album Amar Bela je Jay will surely be a treat for the fans of this ex-cricketer. Grab your copy now.

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Interview: Bappi Lahiri on Judging the Star Jalsha Show Phire Asar Gaan, His Award Winning Short Film and More (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Known popularly as the Disco King, Bappi Lahiri is still ruling the hearts of millions of fans with his songs. Starting his career at the young age of nineteen, he had the opportunity to work with the singing legends of the music industry like Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Usha Uthup and others. The ace music director-singer will now be seen as the judge of the reality show Phire Asar Gaan which is aired on Star Jalsha. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with this musical genius on the sets of Phire Asar Gaan. Read on….

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- The show Phire Asar Gaan is about nostalgia. Similarly the name Bappi Lahiri also spells nostalgia. How is your experience till now of judging this show?

Bappi Lahiri- Well, this is indeed a noble concept. Putting bands on our eyes and listening to the songs. You do not see the singer before. It is only after you like the voice of the person that you remove the band from your eyes. In today’s time people listen less to the songs and watch them more. In my career of forty six years, from Chalte Chalte to Gundaay, Jai Gangaajal, how audiences listen to songs have undergone a huge change. If you come to my house, you will find over a hundred platinum discs on the walls of my house. In such a situation, listening to the songs before you actually watch the singer is indeed good. Moreover, giving a second chance to those singers who could not make it big in the first chance is also helpful for them. This is my 21st show on the National television and I am glad to see this initiative.


You are a wonderful stage performer and so are Usha Uthup and Amit Kumar. You also have worked with them before. You must be having fun judging the participants with them on the show?

Bappi Lahiri- True!! I have worked with Usha Uthup in songs like Ramba Ho, Uree uree baba and others and also with Amit Kumar in songs like Chali aana tu paan ke dukan pe.  So I have a good working relationship with them. We all have experiences of performing on stage. So we are utilizing those experiences when we are judging the participants on the stage.

Do you really feel that these reality shows give great opportunities to upcoming singers in making their presence felt before the audiences?

Bappi Lahiri- Absolutely!! You see most of the top singers of today’s time starting from Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aditya Narayan, Arijit Singh, Kunal ganjawala have started off from singing in such reality shows. Arijit Singh is singing very well and he has sung numerous hit songs. So the stage is very helpful for finding new talents. Without new talents, the music industry will not be able to progress.


You have given chances to many new comers. So do you have any plans of giving a chance to any singer on this show?

Bappi Lahiri- New talent needs to be promoted and I have done so before too. I have already declared that I will be giving Snighdhojeet a chance to sing a song. He has great vocal abilities. If he can keep his mind cool, he will surely go a long way. He has the ability. I have given him the nickname “Bon Jovi Nusrat Mix”. Priyanka is also good. Apart from him, all the other participants are outstanding.

What are the next projects that you are working on?

Bappi Lahiri- Jai Gangaajal has released already. Apart from that I have a film with Salman Khan and also a film named Sattya Sai Baba. An album of Tagore songs that I have done was recently released on You Tube. I have also directed a short film “Slum Stars of India” which has received widespread recognition. The film was released by the Prime Ministers of three countries- Shri Narendra Modi (India), Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh) and Sri Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli (Nepal). “Slumstars of India” has been broad casted by Fox News in the US and received Best Short Film at the Sydney Film Festival and at the Rajasthan Film Festival.

I have also done a song for Bengali New Year’s day named “Notun bochor abar elo amar Banglai”. This has been promoted on You Tube and I have made a video for this song. Prime Minister of Bangladesh has appreciated this song and has asked for this song.

Slum Stars of India focused on the singing sensations in the slums of Dharavi, Mumbai. Do you have any plans of making such a short film on the Kolkata slums?

Bappi Lahiri- Yes, the next film will focus on the slums of Kolkata. Slumdog Millionaire, the name did not sound good to me. An individual living in the slum should not be so named. Instead Slum Stars sound good to me. Everyone has to toil hard to achieve success.


With Jai Gangaajal, you achieved the feat of composing music for 650 films. Congrats on the achievement. How does it feel?

Bappi Lahiri- (smiles) I am privileged that people have loved me so much that I have been able to continue with this job for so many years. I am also blessed that I have been able to work with musical maestros of the past and also with new talents of the present time. I went to Dhaka a few days ago and about twenty five thousand people turned up. To see so much love showered on me makes me feel wonderful and blessed. I had to sing “Oo la la” three times and then I performed a Baul song. I will be next going to Dubai for the Bong Connection show. See, more than anything else, I have always been proud that I am a Bengali. Wherever I go, whatever I may do, this fact remains etched in my heart and mind.

With an advanced wish for Sholoana Bangaliana readers on the occasion of the upcoming Bengali New Year’s Day, Bappi Lahiri headed for the shoot of Phire Asar Gaan yet again!!



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



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Singer Rekha Bhardwaj’s Debut Rabindrasangeet Album ‘Tagore & We 3’ Launched

Video: Launch of Rekha Bharadwaj’s Debut Rabindrasangeet Album

Rekha Bhardwaj was in the city for releasing her debut Rabindrasangeet album titled “Tagore & We 3”. Also present at the occasion were Mahua Lahiri, Srabani Sen, music composer duo Sourendro and Soumyojit.


“This is a fusion music album where the songs of Tagore have been interpreted globally. The album has nine songs and Rekha ji has sung solos, alaps and duets in this album. When we contacted her for this album, we were not sure whether she will agree to do this. So in an effort to kind of adding leverage to our resume we mentioned that the earlier edition had Sunidhi Chauhan as the guest. She surprised us by saying that she will be glad to work in this album as Srabani di will be singing in this album. What a surprise for us” said Sourendro.


Speaking about her association with Tagore, Rekha Bhardwaj said “I listened to how Srabani Sen sang the songs of Tagore. This helped me to check my pronunciation and prevented me from speaking any word in the wrong way. I have listened to many songs by Tagore from a small age as we had many Bengali neighbors. So that had an impact on my growing up years. I am glad I could do this album”.


Bernd Keul, Omkar, Salim Hassan Chisti, Achim Fink and Schuberts Ave Maria are also featured in this album.

Priced at Rs 150, the album has been brought out by Asha Audio.

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Ace Singer Rekha Bhardwaj on her Latest Bengali Audio Music Album ‘Tagore & We 3’ and the Bengali Connect; Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive


She claimed to understand Bengali but also highlighted on the fact that she is yet to learn the language properly. She is none other than ace singer Rekha Bhardwaj who was in the city for the release of her first album on Tagore songs titled Tagore & We 3. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the talented singer.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You mentioned that you are yet to master the art of speaking Bengali and yet you managed to sing songs in Bengali. How did you do that?

Rekha Bhardwaj- (laughs) Well, I have my sources you see!! Firstly I have a guitarist who plays with me who is a Bengali. I took advices from him for improving my diction and pronunciation of Bengali words. Had this not been recorded, my pronouncing the words in a wrong way would not have mattered much. But when I am recording something, it has archival value and hence it must be done correctly. Apart from his help, I also listened to the songs sung by Srabani Sen on You Tube. That also helped me a lot in preparing me to sing Tagore songs for this album.


How did you come across Srabani Sen’s songs? What aspect of her songs attracted you so much?

Rekha Bhardwaj- I used to listen to her songs even before I started my work on this album. How I finally became her fan is a different story. After listening to the rendition of Tagore songs by different artists I liked the way she presented the songs. Her voice texture, her way of expressing the lyrics and the deep haunting melancholy in her voice all attracted me very much. We will all have to agree that melancholy is something which has an important position in music. We may enjoy happy or rock songs, but the songs on melancholy touch our hearts more. Hence, I came to know about her and I am extremely pleased to have had worked with her on this album.

Speaking about Tagore songs, you must have some favorite songs of the Bard which you love to listen to. Which songs are they?

Rekha Bhardwaj- “Aha tomar songe” is my favorite song from this album. Apart from this album, I love to listen to “Darie acho tumi amar gaaner opare”, “Sokhi Bhabona kahare bole” and “Megher pore megh”. I have listened to Megher pore megh by Sraboni Sen over fifty times. What a wonderful song!!

Quite an obvious question you might say- what are the literary works of Tagore have you read?

Rekha Bhardwaj- Yes, I have been fortunate to read some of his works as they were part of my school curriculum. Kabuliwala is one book which I have read many times over. We have also been singing Janagana Mana from our childhood days. Taser Desh is another of his work which is extremely inspirational and motivational. I sang the songs of this play at a function in Bal Bhavan Society in Delhi. Tagore is one person whom every Indian is aware of more or less in some way or the other. One thing that I will like to add is that it is with age that you actually grasp the meaning of the words written by Tagore. This is the reason why I like to mention Gulzar saab who made us even more aware of the contributions of Tagore.

Since Biswa Bharati has removed the copyright tag on Tagore’s work, do you feel that this has been the right decision?

Rekha Bhardwaj- Yes, this is indeed a good decision. Tagore was born in Kolkata but he belonged to India and also to the whole world. You cannot limit the works of such a great person. He is the pride of the country and I am glad I am an Indian. To be born in the same country where such eminent personalities were born is a huge honor for me.


Your Bengali connection has grown stronger with this album, I assume Rekha Ji.

Rekha Bhardwaj- Rightly pointed out (laughs out loud). When I was growing up in Delhi, the locality we used to live in had many Bengali families. As a result of which we celebrated Durga Puja more than we celebrated Diwali. The habit of wearing Bindi also came from that association. I still remember two children Muni and Ratna used to come from Kolkata at the home of a Bengali neighbor. Ratna used to learn Rabindrasangeet and Nazrul geeti. I was about five or six years and it was from then that I was exposed to Rabindranath Tagore and his works.

So when are you planning your next Bengali album?

Rekha Bhardwaj- It all depends on the way this album is accepted by the audience. I know there will be pronunciation issues but I have tried my best. Hope the people will like that. But I promise to learn the language by the next time I visit Kolkata.

We too hope the same Rekha Ji!! Keep singing great songs and mesmerize us with your soulful voice.


PriyankaPriyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.


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