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Durga Puja Special Bengali Food Thalis at Kolkata Restaurant Bakstage


With Durga Puja just around the corner, most restaurants in the city are coming up with delicacies to cater to the tastes and demands of the customers. Bakstage also has come up with a Durga Pujo Chef special pujo menu.

Non-vegetarian starters consist of Chingri Cutlet, Chicken Kobiraji, Macher teller bora while the vegetarian starters consist of Phulurri, Paneer Pokora and Badakopir Bora.


A vegetarian thali will be available during the Pujos too. The thali will consist of dals, shobji, starter lassi, kuchumber salad, luchi, bhaat and mishit doi. The price is Rs 699 plus taxes.

The fish thali contains fish curry, fish starter, sobji, dal, lassi, kuchumber salad, luchi, bhaat and mishit doi. The price is Rs 999 plus taxes.

The Mutton thali consists of mutton curry, sheikh kebab, sobji, sal, lassi, kuchumber salad, luchi, bhaat and mishit doi. The thali has been priced at Rs 899 plus taxes.


The chicken thali contains chicken curry, chicken starter, sobji, dal, lassi, kuchumber salad, luchi, bhaat and mishit doi. This thali has been priced at Rs 799 plus taxes.

So you know where to head to if you are feeling hungry during the pujo days.

Priyanka Dutta

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Arsalan opens its doors for Patrons at Ruby; Best Arslan Biryani Now at EM ByPass


‘ARSALAN’  one of the most popular Moghlai and Biryani Restaurant chain of Kolkata opened another outlet for their customers on EM Bypass, opposite Calcutta International School near Ruby Hospital. The food lovers of this area, now will not have to travel far to taste the Arsalan Biryani.

The new air-conditioned 200 seater Arsalan will serve the signature Arsalan Biryani fare along with Moghlai, Chinese and Thai cuisine.


Mr. Akhtar Parwez, Director of Arsalan Restaurant and Caterer today said, “This is our 8th outlet in Kolkata. With opening of this outlet we have completed our expansion plans for this year. However, we plan to open up new outlets in district towns so that people there also can get to taste our delicious dishes.”

Since its inception in the year 2002 when Arsalan started its first outlet at Park Circus 7 point crossing, it has become synonymous to Kolkata Biryani and their unique combination of Moghlai and Modern Cuisine has been appreciated by food lovers from all over the world who visit Kolkata.


The success of Arsalan Biryani and their succulent kebabs are because of the relentless effort in maintaining the quality and right consistency of the pure ingredients put into all their dishes.

The new restaurant has fine dining services along with take away facilities.

Make sure you hop in to Arsalan and give your taste buds the much needed delicious break!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Oh! Calcutta Hilsa Festival Presents a Delectable Spread of Bengal’s Most Prized Fish


Food, festival and football are the three aspects of a typical Bengali. They are very passionate about these three things. Come monsoon and this passion takes on a new turn with Hilsa coming in the fish markets of the city. To cater to this love for this fish from the Bay of Bengal, Kolkata’s top restaurant Oh! Calcutta started the fortnightly Hilsa festival at the restaurant. Sportspersons like Sambaran Banerjee, Laxmiratan Shukla and Ranadeb Bose were present at the restaurant to extend their support to this food festival.

Tasty Bengali Fish Hilsa Dishes at Kolkata Hilsa Festival (You Tube)

The festival will be serving this intensely delicious fish in both the traditional dishes and also in some experimental dishes. This has been done so as to appease to the taste buds of both the traditional as well as the experimental fish lovers.


Some of the traditional dishes available at the Hilsa festival include Ilisher Jhol, Shorshay Ilish, Ilish paturi, Borishaler Ilish Dim Bhaja and others. Amongst the new experimental dishes, Pyara Ilish, Ilisher Devil, Smoked Hilsa, Kumro Pata Aam aacharer Ilish also have been introduced.

The steamed, smoked and grilled preparations not only give lightness to the dishes but also enable the people to get a taste of the finest Hilsa in the ingenious steamed style. This is also healthy and will be a good option for the health conscious individuals.


Debasish Ghosh, GM, Oh! Calcutta said “We have a good supply chain and thankfully we have not faced any problem even during scarcity of the fish. The festival will be serving both the traditional and the experimental dishes to the customers. Of all the mouth watering dishes presented Sholoana Bangaliana’s favorite pick were the Pyara Ilish and Ilisher Devil; which were also the new additions to the menu. Though we have decided to hold this as a fortnightly festival, it may extend up to twenty five days like the earlier versions”.

The lunch for two individuals will cost around Rs. 1450 plus taxes. The lunch will be available from 12.30 to 3.30 pm while the dinner will be available from 7 to 11 pm.


Give your taste buds a refreshing break and head straight to Oh! Calcutta for the taste of Hilsa.

Priyanka Dutta



Tasty Awadhi Kebab and Kulcha Available at Great Prices in Hotel Metropole Ivory Kolkata


If you are a fan of kebabs and kulchas, then you will indeed be happy reading this. Awadhi Kebab and Kulcha festival at Metropole Ivory Hotel started on the 25th of July to appease the taste buds of the food loving Kolkatans.

Awadhi Kebab and Kulcha Festival in Kolkata (You Tube)

The word kebab has been derived from the Persian word “aab” which means water and “kum” means less. Hence the kebab is a dish which is cooked in less water. Kebabs are normally a non-vegetarian dish but the organizers of the event at Metropole Ivory made sure that the vegetarians also had their share of some mouth watering kebabs. With the festival season beginning with auspicious Eid, the organizers wanted to give the customers mouth watering delicacies which they can enjoy with their friends and family members.


The non-vegetarian specials include mahi Kaftan (Bhetki marinated with Carmon seeds and mustard), Murgh-e-Cajunee(Chicken supreme marinated with Cajun spices), Tandoori Zatar Jalpari(fennel scented tandoori prawn in middle-eastern spices) and many more. The price range of these Non-vegetarian kebabs is between Rs 340 to 495.

The vegetarian kebabs include Pudina Malai Gobi(cauliflower florets flavored with yogurt, green chilly and spices), Naram Dahi Ki Chapli (Soft Hung curd crispy fried sliders), Palak Shastri Kebab (baby spinach American Corn skewers) and others. All are priced at Rs. 275 plus taxes.


The kulchas available include Jalapeno cheese kulcha (pickled Spanish chilly bread), Afghani kulcha (dry fruits nutty bread), Pesto Cheese kulcha (basil cheese bread) and more. Price ranges from rupees sixty to hundred.

The festival will continue till the 3rd of August and a meal for two will cost eight hundred rupees plus taxes. The lunch will be served from 12.30 to 3 pm and the dinner will be served from 7 to 11 pm.


The Awadhi Kebab and Kulcha festival at Metropole Ivory will not only cater to the taste buds but also check the nutrition aspects too.

Priyanka Dutta



Delicious Bengali Food Specially for the Summers at Oh! Calcutta Food Festival ‘Grishher Khabar’


Summer is not only the time of scorching heat but also of some mouth watering flavors. Summer vegetables, leafy greens and ripened fruits are available to balance the scorching heat and also to provide some mood lifting flavors. Keeping this summer spirit in mind, one of the finest Bengali dining restaurant of India Oh!Calcutta started the summer food festival titled “Grishher Khabar”. Cricketer Manoj Tiwari and fitness expert Ranadeep Moitra were present at the inauguration of this festival.


In order to suits the taste as well as ensure the health of foodies coming to the restaurant, delicious Bengali Food with fresh ingredients, very light spices and delicate aromas with the flavors of mango dominating the platters occupy the menu for this food festival.

Aam Posto Bora, Aam ada die lau ghonto, Aam ada grilled fish, Chingri pudina curry, Doi Murgi, Daaber torkari and Aam Bhapa sandesh are some of the star attractions of this summer food festival. Mocktails like Gondhoraj shorbot and Beler shorbot are also available to quench the thirst.


Manoj Tiwary who was present at the inauguration said “My wife is a Bengali and I am fond of Bengali dishes too. My favorite is aloo posto”.

The summer food festival will continue for ten days and the price range is Rs. 1500 plus taxes for a meal of two people.

Priyanka Dutta