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First Edition of Rainbow Theatre Festival 2016 Held In Kolkata

Video: Rainbow Theatre Festival 2016

In the august presence of eminent dignitaries like Alokananda Roy, Debjani Chatterjee, Seema Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Tapanjyoti Das, Asit Bandopadhyay, Bijoy Roychaudhuri, the first edition of the Rainbow Theatre Festival 2016 was inaugurated.


This is the first year of stage production of Ballygunge Rainbow Theatre. Sweet 60 was the first production and the second is Gorvokeshor. The main aim of the productions is to make a positive contribution to society and to make meaningful stage plays for the mass.

Speaking at the occasion, Alokananda Roy said “I am not from the world of theatre but they have invited me to this inauguration ceremony. I feel privileged to be a part of such an event. In this hectic life, it is very difficult to form a group and also continue working as a team. But Ballygunge Rainbow Theatre has been able to achieve that.”


Some of the other plays showcased at this theatre festival include Phera, Meghe Dhaka Tara and Ila Gudeisha.

We hope that Ballygunge Rainbow Theatre continues with their good work and stage more meaningful plays in the future.

Priyanka Dutta

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Theatre Festival in Kolkata Re-ignites the Passion for Theater in Many; Month Long Festival Ends on Creative High


Despite many individuals stating that theater is taking a backseat due to the onslaught of the medium of films, the youth of Kolkata proved that this medium is still popular among them by way of a month long theater festival which began in the month of February ended in March.  which indeed proved many people who have been worried about the sad state of theater wrong. The theater festival saw the presence of many new and old theater groups. LOK, SOS, Urotaar, Bodnaam, Gujob were some of the theater groups which performed at the festival. The range of subjects covered were diverse- religion, politics, friendship to empowerment of the fairer sex.


The theater group LOK staged the play “The Stone Age”. The play is about Shubhomoy Das who has just won a 4 nights 5 days holiday package. He packs his bags and sets off to a new and exciting land, New York City. The other sub-plot of the play shows five friends, living in one of the greatest cities in the world, who find their lives embroiled in a haze of drugs, violence, hatred, racism and sadness.  To them, life is all about friendship, about hope for a better future. But what they can never understand is the unpredictability of human life, of emotions and of love. They seek refuge in drugs, in solidarity and in each other with the hope that things will somehow work out.


The five friends who are part of this story are as follows. Rashed is the simpleton who sells hot dogs at Central Park. Rupsha is the fashion student who fails to judge people. Shevvy is the incorrigible flirt and the constant Casanova. Arnab is the Goth, who believes he is at the center of the rock and roll scene of the city and Anindi is Arnab’s sister who is mute.

The Stone Age is the story of how Shubhomoy finds these five friends – Arnab, Anindi, Rashed, Shevvy and Rupsha as they struggle to find their own place in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The play is a musical, and is one of the first of its kind in Kolkata. What is being attempted by this production is to try and reach a level of perfection in various centers of dance, performance, visuals and concept creation. There are strong influences of the street dance styles of New York City in this play, and overall, the format of the play is very close to a Broadway style of production.


The acting by the cast was also commendable. Kheya Chattopadhyay as Anindi and Meghdut Roy Chowdhury as Arnab steal the show. Shubhomoy’s character played by Apratim Chatterjee evokes humor and lends comic relief to the otherwise serious play.

Theatre festivals of this kind will enhance the interest of the people considerably in this art medium form. Looking forward to more such theatrical events in future.

Priyanka Dutta


Didi Number 1 Special Episode to be Aired on March 27 Evening; Celebration of the Mother-Daughter Relationship

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (3)

Popular reality show on Zee Bangla Didi Number 1 is in its fifth season. The show which had seen actresses like June Maliah, Rachana Banerjee as anchors has eminent actress Debasree Roy in its fifth edition. The program which is immensely popular among the audience had its grand opening on November 17 2013. Continuing with the trend of giving the audience surprises, the show has come up with the special Maa-Meye episode in the show. The episode will feature a bunch of celebrity daughter-mothers who will be participating in a hoard of games and fun activities.

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (4)

Sonali Chowdhury-Sila Chowdhury, Sohini Sarkar-Ruma Sarkar, Sayani Ghosh-Sudipa Ghosh, Swaralipi Chatterjee-Madhabi Chatterjee are the mother-daughter pairs who will be featuring in this special episode. The episode became interesting with the mother-daughter duo participating in games like Lootpath, Sona Loot, Bumper Loot and Maha Loot. The celebrity daughters spoke about how their mothers have been their pillars of strength and have been their best friend, philosopher and guide. Debasree Roy, the anchor of this season said “The relationship between a mother and a daughter is more so of friendship. As soon as the daughter starts to grow, she becomes a friend to the mother and less of a daughter to her. This episode will highlight the mother-daughter relationship. The mothers will also get to spend some time with their daughters who otherwise are always busy with their busy schedules”. Sidhu (Sidhartha Ray) of Cactus band was also present in the episode to add some music to this beautiful event. Debasree Roy along with Sonali Chowdhury, Sohini Sarkar and Sayani Ghosh also matched steps to songs sung by Sidhu.

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (6)

This special episode highlighting the love and friendship between a mother and a daughter will be aired on March 27 at 5.30pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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Vivel Filmfare Awards 2013 for the Eastern Entertainment Industry; Prosenjit Chatterjee Unveils the Black Lady

film fare awards 2013

Vivel and Filmfare will be organizing one of the most prestigious film awards in the eastern part of the country, the Filmfare awards 2013. Established in 1953, Filmfare awards now makes its debut in the east to celebrate artistic and cinematic excellence in the Bengali, Oriya and Assamese films. The Black lady was launched recently amidst much fanfare by Tollywood Hero Prosenjit Chatterjee, Mr. Sandeep Kaul (Chief executive, ITC Limited) and Mr. Tarun Rai (CEO, Worldwide Media).

new prosenjit chatterjee film

Commenting on the first Vivel Filmfare Awards 2013, Mr. Tarun Rai said “After sixty years the Black lady is making its debut in the East. Bengali cinema has a very rich tradition and it has already completed ninety five years. The contribution of this industry to Indian cinema is huge. It is witnessing a resurgence and Filmfare is proud to be here to celebrate the immense talent of the Bengali film Industry”.

vivel filmfare awards kolkata

“I have been challenging myself for the past thirty years and pushing my boundaries. Likewise our film industry in Bengal is also pushing boundaries and experimenting with films. We have now creative films as well as mass entertainers. It will not be wrong to say that we are experiencing a golden time in the film industry. The infusion of young talents, an experimental creative vision and the growth of all genres of movies are the reasons behind the resurgence in the Bengali film industry. This is also the perfect time for the Filmfare awards to be held in the East” said Prasenjit Chatterjee, who also unveiled the Black lady.

The Filmfare awards will be presented in twenty one categories to individuals excelling in the various fields of film making. The main event will be held on 29th March at Science City auditorium.

Priyanka Dutta

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Kolkata Theater salutes the legend Sisir Kumar Bhaduri on his Birthday with ‘Nihsanga Samrat’; A play on his life and work

Sunil -da had instantly consented to my request to stage a play based on his novel “Nihsanga Samrat”. Now the play is being staged but Sunil Gangopadhyay is no more; sadness engulfs me the moment I think about this. I am not a conventional dramatist and that is why most of the times visuals came first, dialogues followed thereafter. And this was always a constant dynamic process which evolved and shaped itself from rehearsal to rehearsal. For factual data I owe my indebtedness to Shankar Bhattacharya’s book on Sisir Kumar Bhaduri. I also took recourse to the letters of Sisir Kumar Bhaduri and few extant critical works on him by various scholars in shaping Nihsanga Samrat. The depth of passion, the wrecks wrought on him, the zig-zag pattern of his life and chalked and the straight forwardness he had, all of this had a deep influence on me and controlled my creativity at a sub-conscious level. My conscious effort was to keep my composition simple against the complexities of his life. For a while now, music somehow has tip-toed into my thoughts and integrated my visualizations. Even in this case, music has seeped into the composition. However, to what extent has the music harmonized with the visuals or whether both of them together have created a totally new picture or not, is something you will have to judge. Lights in their various hues, angles and intensities have illuminated two stratums to create different dimensions, and sometimes merged it into a single entity. However, all these are useless, unless they touch some chord in your heart and tug at your senses. Dialogues, acting, sets, lights, costumes, music, make-up-combined together-should present a single, integrated picture, that has been my effort. And in this effort of mine, Paikpara Indraranga has supported me in all possible way, for which I am grateful. If you like this Play then all those associated with the production deserve your applauds; if it is the other way round then, however the fault lies only with me.

Take care, be close to Bengali Theatre.

Debesh Chattopadhyay

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