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Interview: Actress Chandni Saha on Playing Shapla in the New Colors Bangla Serial Benebou


She gained popularity as a child artist in the serial Krishnakoli Ami Tarei Boli. She also has popular serials like Kache Aay Soi in her kitty. Actress Chandni Saha is back again in the role of Shapla in the Colors Bangla serial Benebou. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent engaged the actress in a candid conversation. Excerpts….

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Tell us something about the role of Shapla in the Colors Bangla serial Benebou.

Chandni Saha- Shapla is a simple and innocent girl who joins her father’s Jatra group. Her family consists of her father and her step mother. Due to some circumstances, she is married to Ved who is a MBA passed entrepreneur. What happens next? Is she accepted in her new family? This is what you will get to know once you see the serial.


So how did you prepare yourself to play Shapla?

Chandni Saha- Yes, I was very nervous the day Snehashish da asked me to play the role of Shapla. I had never before watched Jatra or performed Jatra. I had not much idea about the art form also. I was literally banging my head on the walls. It is then that Snehashish da helped me out by giving me ideas. I got scolded by him a lot during the outdoor shoot at Bolpur. He scolded me so badly that even I cried on the sets. However, this scolding has helped me a lot. We have a lot of Jatra scenes now and with his help, I have been able to grasp the meaning of Jatra, which is quite loud in its expressions and melodramatic too. I am naturally less melodramatic and hence I have to put in double efforts to make the acting credible in the Jatra parts.

You have worked under Snehashish  Chakraborty’s production house Blues before and you are working yet again. So how is the working equation with him?

Chandni Saha- Well, even before I began working with him I knew him because he was known to my family. So I am like a child to him and he still scolds me like that. However, he is like a guide to me and I know that he will never misguide me. This is the reason why I turn to him for all suggestions and advices about my career.

So how is the shooting going on till now?

Chandni Saha- We are going smoothly with the shoot now. Initially I was tensed as to how I will be portraying those loud Jatra scenes. But Snehashish da helped me a lot and now I am quite capable of enacting them. I respect him a lot as he helped me and guided me despite knowing the fact that I was panicking.


After Kache Aay Soi, why was there a gap? What were you busy doing during this time?

Chandni Saha- Well, after the serial ended, I was busy studying, spending time watching movies and chilling out. The best thing that I did during this time was to maintain my looks. The way the audience saw me a year back is exactly how they will see me now too. I have not become fat or ugly. I have maintained myself. After the end of the serial, I did not expect to receive great offers from other production houses and true I did not get any such offer. This did not lead me to depression. I was just chilling out. I always kept in touch with Snehashish da but never did I tell him when he will cast me next. He is more than a director to me and he always gives me sound advice. I was expecting a call from him again and lo! I bag a role in his serial.

I will like to add that many people may find my attitude to be relaxed and less focused as an actress, but I am very focused and passionate about acting.

So what are your plans? Do you wish to work in Bengali films?

Chandni Saha- I believe in destiny. Let’s see what destiny has in store for me. But I will like to add that I will like to continue with acting. Acting in films is on the list. I am waiting to get a good film where my acting capabilities will be tested. I cannot act in those films where the heroine is the second fiddle and meant to look good and dance around trees. Working with Srijit Mukherji is on my wish list!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

We hope the feisty young actress’ dreams come true and she works more in films and television. All the best Chandni!!


Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



Interview: Actor Somraj on Playing Abir in New Zee Bangla Serial Ei Cheleta Bhelbeleta (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


An engineer by profession, actor Somraj was bit by the acting bug during his stay in UK. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with the actor who is presently acting in the serial Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- An engineer who turns into an actor- How did this transformation happen?

Somraj- During my stay in the U.K, I used to watch all kinds of films. I was living alone then and that loneliness helped me to connect with my roots too. This happens with everyone who stays alone outside the country. They want to be connected to their homeland in one way or the other. My medium was films. I also used to practice acting in front of the mirror.  So when my Visa expired and I came back, destiny took me to acting in films.

Tell us something about the character that you play in Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta..

Somraj- I play the role of Abir, who goes to visit Punnolokhi, his grandmother’s acquaintance. He is a shy and introvert boy. His sole interest is his studies. Due to his introvert nature, he also cannot mix freely with girls. He goes to the village and meets Shaluk who is naughty and talkative. They slowly warm up to each other and visit village fairs and watch puppet shows together. Shaluk meanwhile is to get married to a rich man’s son from the village. The boy dies and seeing what can happen to Shaluk, Abir’s grandmother gets her married to Abir. When they go back, Abir’s family members all are shocked. What happens next? For that you will have to watch the serial.


Is this your first serial or have you worked before?

Somraj– I have worked before too. I have done serials like Gauridaan and Thik Jeno Love Story before I landed up with this role.

You are working with so many veteran actors like Sabitri Chatterjee, Anusua Majumder and others. How is the experience like?

Somraj- Well. I am very excited and also tensed at the moment. I am trying to catch up with them. I am also getting to learn so much from them. My mother is a huge fan of Sabitri Chatterjee and she was excited when she heard I am working with her. I have learnt quite a few nuances of acting from my other two serials but this one is turning to be a real learning platform for me.

Apart from this, is acting in films on the cards for you?

Somraj- Well, yes definitely. I will be trying my luck there too. But I have just entered this industry. I want to brush up my acting skills before I take the plunge into films. However, if I get a good role and a good script, I will not be hesitant.


So do you have any wish list of directors with whom you would like to work?

Somraj- See, I would like to work in both commercial and parallel films. I do not want to restrict myself to any genre. And if you speak of a wish list, I will like to work with Raj Chakraborty and Srijit Mukherji. Let’s see what happens. At the moment I will like to take small steps towards my goal.

We wish the young and talented actor take small steps to stardom!! All the best Somraj…



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



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Bigg Boss Bangla Season 2 is back with a Bang; Another Round of Exciting Duels on Colors Bangla starting this April


After the stupendous success of its first season, the second edition of the sensational show Bigg Boss Bangla will be soon aired on Colors Bangla. Starting in the month of April celebrities from various fields will participate in this season and travel to Lonavla to the Bigg Boss House.


Bigg Boss is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format. A number of contestants (known as “housemates”) live in a purpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world.


The winner for last year was Aneek Dhar. Other contestants who participated included the likes of Sudipta Chakroborty, Rudranil Ghosh, Pota, Mallika and others.

To know more information about the anchors and the contestants keep watching Colors Bangla!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Star Jalsa Bengali Serial Ishti Kutum Steps into 800th Episode; To be aired on May 9 at 6.30 pm


Have you been watching Ishti Kutum loyally? Are you totally hooked on to the developments in the character’s lives? Then you must be really happy to know that this favorite serial of yours will be airing their 800th episode this week. Sounds interesting? The main attraction for the 800th episode in ISTI KUTUM is that Baha receives the news that Archi is no more. Archi was into the assignment of covering the story of Rusha’s involvement with the smuggling group and this led to this tragedy.


Before that, it is revealed that Rusha, Dhruba Sen’s ex-wife is involved in a smuggling group. In order to create problems in the relationship between Dhruba and Komolika she tells Komolika that Baha has promised to help Rusha in her bad times. Rusha had met Baha one day on the streets and told her how Komolika is torturing her and gives her a packet and tells her to keep it till she comes and takes it from her. Baha, being innocent is trapped into a situation as she does not know that the packet contains smuggled goods. This is revealed when the police come to search their house. Everyone thinks that Baha too is involved in all this and Archi misunderstands her. Komolika feels Baha is taking revenge and is trying to spoil her relationship with Dhruba. Dhruba comes and says sorry to Archi and Baha for Komolika’s misbehavior with them and Archi says it is not necessary at all.


At the home front there are more emotional problems as Sanjhabti is pregnant and Babu does not want her to give birth to the child. Babu justifies that he does not want his child to be brought up as fatherless and so he gives Sanjbati an option to either select him or the child. Sanjhbati however selects the child. This is the reason where Babu feels that he should leave Sanjhbati and go.

The 800th episode will be full of suspense and drama. Hence you have more than one reason to stay hooked to this episode of Ishti Kutum. Do not miss it.

Priyanka Dutta