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New Bengali Movie ‘Jara Roddure Bhijechilo’ Review; Tagore Laden!

The very name of the film by Bhargonath Bhattacharya will remind many of another Bengali movie Jara Bristite Bhijechilo. However it has no connections with the film. This film pays tribute to Rabindranath Tagore and also raises some pertinent questions.

The film is the story of Daroka Bhaduri who is the member of a laughter club. He is an old widower and his only son and daughter-in-law live in the U.S. with their only son and Daroka Babu’s only grandson. The story develops when his son along with his family comes back home after Daroka becomes a prey to illness. It is during this time that he gets busy introducing his five year old grandson to the legacy of the Bard. What happens next is the core content of the New Bengali film Jara Roddure Bhijechilo.

The film had a good message and deals with a pertinent issue. However what fails the movie is the faulty storyline. The storyline is what the director should have paid more attention to. In his bid to pay tribute to the Bard, the director has made the storyline too full of Tagore which becomes heavy on the plot of the grandfather and the grandson. What I as a rational individual failed to understand is why will Daroka Bhaduri’s son refuse to remain in India when he can live in comfort here more so, because in the U.S. too he is not financially well off and his wife has to sell flowers to support the family.

The actors do a good job in this heavy Tagore laden film. The child actor, Soumitro Chatterjee as Daroka Bhaduri, June as the daughter-in-law all do justice to their roles. Arjun Chakraborty as Soumitro’s alter-ego also does a fine job in the film. However the Tagore motifs all become too heavy on the script and also on the actors in the film.

The songs in the film are good to listen to and music director Piloo Bhattacharya receives a thumbs up for such good work.

Jara Roddure Bhijechilo is logical at times, lacks good storytelling techniques but the topic selected was a pertinent one. If you are a diehard fan of the Bard, go get yourself drenched in the rays of the Bard.

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Sholoana Bangaliana Rating-2/5

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