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Upcoming Bengali Film Amar Lobongolata Shooting in Progress; Story Based on Bankim Chandra’s Rajani


The shooting of the Bengali film Amar Lobongolata is currently in progess at Belgachia Rajbari. Present at the shooting was Rituparna Sengupta, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Alamgir and director Bappa Bandopadhyay.

Based on eminent Bengali writer Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s Rajani, the story of the novel is about a young, beautiful, girl named Rajani who is a flower seller by profession. Her neighbor is Ramsadai Mitra and his second wife Lobongolata. One of her biggest qualities is her devotion to her old husband. Rajani and her mother come to Lobongolata’s house to sell flowers. One day she comes alone to sell flowers as her mother is sick. Then she meets Mitra family’s youngest son, Sachindra. Lobongolata asks him to check Rajani’s eyes. This leads to development of feelings for Sachindra in Rajani’s heart. When Ramsadai comes to know about this relationship, he goes against it and decides to marry Rajani to Sarkar Mashai’s son Gopal. What happens next?


“I play Lobongolata in the film. The film is shot from the perspective of Lobongolata. The novel shows the perspective of Rajani but it is different here. I have read the story before and coupled with the script, it is helping me to enact. The story is a web of relationships and will be a treat for the viewers. Today is the first day of shooting and we have done some shots” said Rituparna Sengupta.

Sachindra’s character is being played by Bhaswar Chatterjee. “I have watched Alamgir sir’s performance when I was young. And now to share screen space with him is such a nice feeling” said Bhaswar.


The director Bappa Bandopadhyay mentioned that Rajani is one of his favorite stories and hence he selected the story for the film. “The music of the film is by Bappi Lahiri. Rituparna asked me whether I wanted to do period music or modern music for the film. I said I wanted to stick to authentic Bengali songs. It is then that she suggested the name of Bappi Lahiri. We all have the idea that Bappi da does all the item songs. But he has also done songs for films like Gurudakshina. Keeping that in mind, we are trying to present Bappi da in a new way”.

Rituparna Sengupta (Lobongolata), Alamgir (Ramsadai), Indraneil Sengupta (Amarnath), Tania (Rajani), Partha Sarathi Deb (Rajchandra, Rajani’s father), Sreela Majumdar (Rajani’s mother), Phalguni Chatterjee (Nayeb kaka), Arun Banerjee (Lobongo’s father), Rumki Chatterjee (Lobongo’s mother), Papiya Sen (Ramsadai’s first wife), Sumanta Mukherjee (Birendra) and Puja Dutta (Mallika).


Bappi Lahiri is the music director of this film. The four songs in the film have been composed by Shaan, Anwesha, Alka Yagnik, Sadhana Sargam and Bappi Lahiri.  Premendra Bikash Chaki is the Director of Photography.

Produced by Ranjana Ganguly, this is the first venture of Shree Ganesh Entertainment. The tentative date of release is on Pola Boisakh, next year.

Priyanka Dutta

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New Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film ‘Swapno Puron’ by Haranath Chakrabarty is a Must Watch


Ace director Haranath Chakrabarty’s film Swapno Puron was the recently shown film under the slot of Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.


Swapno Puron is about a retired man Monotosh Babu who leads a decent life with wife Sabita, daughter Subhashree and aged mother Indumati Devi. Sabita is a housewife, Subashree is married but visits them regularly and Indumati Devi is still very stable at the age of 82. Monotosh Babu comes across a piece of news where an old lady gloriously graduates along with her daughter. He remembers his dreams of higher education and gets himself admitted to college. He keeps it a secret with the wish of surprising everyone with a degree in hand. Will he be able to keep the big secret or reach the ultimatum this time?


Dipankar Dey, Swagata Basu, Nabomita Chatterjee, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Padmanabha Dasgupta, Debika Mitra will be seen essaying important roles in this film.

The screenplay has been written by Hindol Chakraborty while the dialogue is by Ullas Kumar Mullick. Satish R Naik and Abhi-Ashu have composed the music.

Swapno Puron was aired on 27th March on Zee Bangla Cinema at 9pm but if you have missed it, do watch out for a repeat telecast of this wonderful film.

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Director Partha Sarathi Joarder on his Upcoming Bengali Film Amar Prithibi


Director Partha Sarathi Joarder is busy giving the finishing touches to his Upcoming Bengali Film Amar Prithibi that has some of Tollywood’s most talented actors and in between chatted up with Sholoana Bangaliana revealing some bits of what to expect from this film. Excerpts….


Sholoana Bangaliana: You are ready with your next Bengali film Amar Prithibi that is releasing on September 25. Please enlighten us about the basic premise of the film.

Directoir Partha Sarathi Joarder: This film basically has three distinctive themes and subplots. An un-educated village girl and her mother’s fight to uphold their self-esteem, a village born but city dwelling doctor’s perspective of village life and the sacrifices that villagers make for their everyday survival form the basic premise of this film.


You seem to have roped in an impressive list of actors in this film. Can you tell us more about the actors and their characters?

Bhaswar Chatterjee is the protagonist and he plays the role of a successful doctor who is eager to get back to his roots in the village where he was born.

Sonali Chowdhury is Bhaswar’s city bred wife. Also, though not really an antagonist she has shades of grey in the film.

Monami Ghosh plays the role of a village girl.

Apart from these young actors there are veterans like Soumitra Chatterjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, Krishnakishore Mukherjee, Sreel aMajumdar and such others in pivotal roles.

What kinds of songs have been used in this film and do the songs reflect the central theme of the film?

There are two songs; one Rabindra Sangeet Aguner Poroshmoni and another song which actually reflects a city dweller’s perspective of villages. Music composer Sanchaita, who had also composed the songs for my previous films, has composed the music for Amar Prithibi too and I am quite confident that the audience will like the songs.


Though you have some of the most talented actors of the Bengali film industry in your film, would you like to mention any one particular actor’s performance that you feel people should be on the watch out for?

Yes certainly! While Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee is certainly above and beyond any comments and judgments, Bhaswar’s performance is something that people should watch out for. In fact, I feel that he will even get an award for his performance in this film in some or the other platform.

Another actor by the name of Swarnshekhar also needs to be commended for his performance. Though, he has played a very small part in the film, he has performed extremely well.


Who all have been cast in the negative roles in this film?

This film does not have the conventional antagonist and protagonist as such. With this film I am leaving it unto the audiences to label the characters as negative or positive if they choose to. Here, it is all about people’s perspective and while a character may seem negative, on carefully analyzing the underlying cause of his/her behavior, opinions may change.


What was the most enjoyable or memorable experience that you had while shooting this film?

Well, every moment was enjoyable. In fact, every day was a picnic for all of us. We extensively shot the film in Taki and during our stay there, watching Bangladesh from this side of the river was absolutely thrilling.

So how would you place this film? Do you think this film will actually appeal to the multiplex going crowd?

Now liking or not liking the film is something that I have to leave to the audience. But what I can confidently say is that if city dwellers want to see snippets of village life and connect with the roots of Bengal, this film is a must watch. Also, it is very much an urbane film as the urban population will get to see a slice of village life in this film and that too from their very own perspective.


So what would you say is the USP of this film? More than USP, what is the entertainment factor that people will get to see in this upcoming Bengali film?

The film’s story is its USP. There is really no masala per say! We are also sending this film to International film festivals and I am confident that with Amar Prithibi, the world will get to closely see the Bengali way of life.


What is your message to the Bengali cine goers?

If you want to watch good cinema, Amar Prithibi is the film to watch. So, catch the film in theaters near you as it releases on September 25 and if it appeals to you, don’t forget to recommend the same to your friends.

Director Partha Sarathi Joarder seems to have spun a great tale of life and relationships on screen with the upcoming Bengali Film Amar Prithibi and we sincerely wish that the team’s efforts are appreciated by the audience in Bengal as well as the world over.


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Partha Sarathi Joarder is back with his New Bengali Film ‘Amar Prithibi’; A Tale of relationships that the Director Feels will even appeal to Festival Audience

Upcoming Bengali Film Amar Prithibi to release soon

The wrap up party of Partha Sarathi Joarder’s upcoming Bengali film Aamar Prithibi took place recently. Present at the wrap up party were Soumitra Chatterjee, Monami Ghosh, Sreela Majumdar, Bhaswar Chatterjee and others.


“The first time I was going for the shooting of the film at Taki, I wanted to quit from the film. But the moment I reached the sets, I was transfixed by the beauty of the place. I have worked with Partha before and I knew that he was looking for some novel ideas to make his next film” said veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee.


Aamar Prithibi is based on a relationship drama. The director said “The story is based on a character that I have seen in my life. There are many individuals whom we meet in our life who become part of our world. The same happens in the course of the story. Everyone has worked very hard in making the film. We will be sending the films to International Film Festivals in Dubai and Singapore too” said Partha Sarathi Joarder.


Actress Monami Ghosh plays the role of a widow in the film. “We had actually planned many times to do a film together. But that never happened. With this film the jinx had been finally broken. He asked me to give one single date for the scenes that I had to do. I asked him repeatedly that whether he needed more days. But he said that one day was enough. Thanks Partha Da! Had this been the shooting of some other director, they would surely ask me to give two-three days and the time would simply be wasted. I am grateful that he did not such a thing”.

Aamar Prithibi looks promising. We will all have to wait till the film releases to get a glimpse of the world created by Partha Sarathi Joarder.

Priyanka Dutta

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Director Partha Sarathi Joarder’s Next, ‘Aamar Prithibi’ Promises an Emotional Drama


Director Partha Sarathi Joarder is back yet again with his next Bengali film titled Aamar Prithibi. Produced By Apex Educare Pvt Ltd, the film boasts of a stellar casting which consists of Soumitra Chatterjee, Sreela Majumdar , Bhaswar Chatterjee, Sonalee Chaudhury, Monami Ghosh, Tamishra, Biswajit Chakraborty in important roles.


The title Aamar Prithibi means My World. The story of this film has been written by the director himself. With this film the ace director will be plunging yet again into relationship drama which he had done before also. However this film is very special to him as this is his dream project.


Tamishra will be making his debut in this film opposite the talented actors and will surely be a talent to look out for.

Speaking in between shots, the director said “Since the film in Kolkata and parts of Bengal, we decided to begin shooting now. The weather is quite favorable now”.


The story of the film Aamar Prithibi is about Disha and her relationships with her other family members. The story takes a huge twist when a necklace goes missing and confusions and misunderstandings begin in the minds of all the characters.

The music of this film has been composed by Sanchayita and her music will enhance the cinematic appeal of the film.

Aamar Prithibi will also be shown at festivals, revealed the director.

Priyanka Dutta

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