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Interview: Actor Subrat Dutta on Playing Bheera in Bollywood Film Roar and Soon to Release Big Banner Hindi Films Shaukeens and Tevar


Actor Subrat Dutta has made a mark for himself with his acting skills in both Bollywood and Tollywood films. Some of his notable films include Bibar, Achin Pakhi, Swapner Feriwala, Madholal Keep Walking and others. The actor will be seen playing the role of a poacher in an upcoming Bollywood film, Roar- Tiger of the Sunderbans. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent in a candid chat with the actor; Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaCan you throw some light on the character that you play in the film Roar?

Subrat Dutta– I play the role of a villainous poacher named Bheera in the film. Bheera plans to use the survivors in the jungle as a bait to get his coveted catch, the Royal Bengal Tigress.

How did you prepare yourself for this role where you had to look and act like the marshland locals?

I wanted to bring in a little uncivilized feel to this character of Bheera. This will enable the audience to relate with this poacher easily. He does not wash clothes regularly and also has a certain animal like instinct in his mannerism.

How was the experience of shooting in Bangladesh side of the Sunderbans?

Due to some permission related issues we could not shoot on the Indian side of the Sunderbans. So went to the Bangladesh side. And what an experience we had. Just awesome!! It was a surreal experience for me. For thirty five days we were without any internet connection and the other modern communication devices. It helped in establishing human to human contact. This surely helped us in understanding the lifestyle of the people better and what they have to go through everyday.

Can you share some memories from the shoot in the wilds?

It happened during one of the scenes that some of the unit members saw some movements behind. About ten people ran away thinking it to be a tiger. However it turned out to be a wild hog. During the shoot we saw traces of the tiger like his footprints, but did not meet him/her in person. Thank god for that or else I have doubts how the shooting would have been completed.


How was the experience of working with Kamal Sadanah?

It was a great experience actually. Usually when actors become directors, they either give respect to all the other unit members or become rude and arrogant. But Kamal is a great human being and he gave equal respect to all the actors.

What are your next projects?

A few Bengali films like Blind Lane, Pakaram (children’s film about two kids) are waiting for release. Apart from that Shaukeens and Tevar are the next films which will be releasing soon. In Shaukeens I play the role of a Bengali director who teaches the character of Akshay Kumar how to act. The character has a comic element to it. In Tevar I have a lengthy role and it is a negative character.

What message will the film Roar give to the audience?

I will say that not only saving the tiger, but saving nature as a whole is the message of the film. We need to save the habitat of the tiger. Only then will the tigers be able to live and thrive.

What are your expectations from the film?

The film has an international approach to it. There are elements which will entertain the audience too. I am confident that the film will work. Moreover the Sunderbans have been shown from great angles which one will not be able to experience if they went on a tour of the place too. It will be a great visual and cinematic experience.

Roar is slated for release on October 31 and we hope that the audience thoroughly enjoys this cinematic treat which also promises a virtual tour of the mystic marshlands The Sunderbans.

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