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Roland Music School launches East India’s Biggest Jampad and first Music Album by its Students


ROLAND Music School launched Eastern India’s Biggest Jampad for the band lovers at the Happy Hours Studio, Lansdowne. This was followed by the release of the first music album release by the students of Roland Music School titled “BE YOURSELF… FREE YOURSELF”. The name of the band is “RHYTHM ROCKERS”.

Roland Music School took a path breaking initiative by introducing Children Musical Band in the country. These 11 youngsters are all in their first grade of learning at Roland Music School, Kolkata, and they are the faces behind this event. The event was inaugurated by the Tollywood Diva, Rituparna Sengupta, Hemanto Goswami, Guitar and Vocalist in the band Bhoomi; MRS. Jyoti Bansal, CEO/Director Roland Music School and Owner of Happy Hours; MR. Raunak Agarwal, Director, Roland Music School and many others.


The students put in hours of rigorous training under the watchful and able guidance of the teachers of Roland Music School in the school Jam Pad. The students, playing the Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals and V-Drums, have been chosen as per their dedication, perseverance and progress in the examinations held in the school. The recording of the Album was completed within two days in the studio. The CD is available at all Roland dealer outlets across Kolkata and at both the branches of Roland Music School, i.e. Salt Lake and Lansdowne. The CD is priced at Rs 149/- and the proceeds of which will entirely go for the Music Education of the under-privileged at the Roland Music School.


The instruments are all user friendly at The Roland Jam Pad, which is also going to be open for bands across the city to come and practice and use. The USP of the Jam pad is the size, along with the provision of top class instruments for the musicians. Moving on from the Album launch, the students of Roland Music School are now busy preparing for the extensive Summer Training Program which has been endorsed under the guidelines of Berkley College of Music.


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Interview: Bangla Band Kaya; Their New Audio Music Album ‘Folkism’, Pujo special Bengali Songs and more

Bengali band kaya new album

Kaya, one of the most popular Bangla Bands of Kolkata that has created a niche for itself in today’s highly dynamic music industry recently released their album ‘Folkism’ in Eyewithin club Kolkata amidst the presence of noted celebrities like Agnimitra Paul, Soumitro of Bhoomi  and Lajwanti  who were all praises for the band and their efforts. Right before the ceremonial launch of the album, Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the band members to know more about their new album, future projects and their views on the future of the Band culture.

What led to the idea of Folkism and why only folk?

Kaya has been into existence for thirteen years now and folk has always been our area of expertise as well as interest. Moreover, with this album we are trying to present Bengal’s folk music to the young generation in a way that they will appreciate and accept (with that fusion and western feel). In fact, not just the Bengali listeners, by way of our universal music treatment we even aim to draw the attention of Non-Bengali listeners towards the rich culture and heritage of music.

In this album, our experiments are only limited to the music treatment and the songs have been kept just intact with their original feel. Here we have experimented with the sounds cape and presented folk to the youth in a way that will compel them to hold on to and enjoy folk music even though their music preference has considerably changed over time.

Overall we have tried to work around the packaging and presentation to make folk more acceptable and popular amongst the masses; especially the young generation that has access to different genres of music and is very well informed about the latest trends.

New Bengali folk music album

For this album, lot of experimentation has been done with music and along with the guitar and drums we can also hear traditional folk instruments like the Khamak, Dhol, Ektara and such others, playing alongside. How difficult was it to arrange such a complicated combination?

This album is a result of years of experimentation. We keep on trying to mix and match music and analyze, record and re-record sounds unless they finally sound pleasant to the ears. In fact not just for albums, we keep experimenting even when we perform live. Actually our music keeps evolving with time and the choice and demand of listeners.

What is Kaya’s Pujo special this year?

Well, in terms of album it is Folkism but there is another project that no one yet knows about and we are announcing it for the first time on Sholoana Bangaliana that we are working on reviving S.D. Burman’s music. Today no one would be interested in hearing semi classical songs that had been sung and recorded way back in the 1930s but we are trying to revive those songs by “packaging” them differently, in a way that will be acceptable to today’s generation. S.D Burman’s birthday is on October 1st and we will be releasing this unique album in Agartala on the eve of his birthday and this venture too is being supported by Hindustan Records.

This album with S.D Burman songs has again been packaged in line with our belief of “Gaan Baajna and not Baajna Gaan” due to which here too the experimentation and innovation has only been in the music treatment with the songs kept intact. It took us about six months and a lot of hard work, research and experimentation to finally give shape to this album and we are very hopeful and at the same time nervous about its acceptability.

new audio music album launch

What is the future of Bengali Music, precisely Bangla Bands?

The future of Bangla band is very bright. Today Bangla band is reaching out to the listeners worldwide and is not just limited to Bengal. Some people may be rejoicing assuming that Bangla band has no future but they do not know the real scene. Bangla Band, which had started with Mohiner Ghoraguli has now been taken to an all new level. Groups like Fossils, Chandrabindu, Bhoomi and others are still there and are rocking as ever. So Bangla Band is definitely here to stay.

Tell us something about your upcoming film projects?

We are working for a Animesh Rai film called Piyasha and Unishe April is also there. There are some more film projects that are still in the preliminary stage and will be announced soon.

As, celebrity designer Agnimitra paul said, though Kaya has the “Band” adage to it, its music is very different, it’s something that can invoke a sense of peace. The songs of Folkism “Kala Re”, “Jhinga Ful”, “Nitai” and others are absolutely in line with Ms. Paul’s description of the band. Folkism has the right beats, great lyrics, the smell of Bangla’s soil and definitely that much needed packaging which is sure to compel listeners to listen to the album’s songs again and again.

“A New Rendition of Vintage Folk Indeed”

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New Audio Music Album ‘Folkism’ by Bangla Band Kaya (You Tube)