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New Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film Loadshedding recreates Kolkata of the 90’s


Directed by Soukarya Ghosal, the 15th Zee Original Cinema is a story from the 90’s. This coming of age story aptly casts a new generation of actors Riddhi Sen and Meghla Dasgupta.


Soukarya who had previously directed critically acclaimed “Pendulam” recreates the nostalgic days of loadshedding (power cuts) and events that were integrated into those dark evenings and the life stories that evolved in the life of teenagers who grew up in the 90’s.


‘Load shedding’ is a story which revolves round 14 year old Atolanto and his little life entwined with the power cut of 90s Kolkata. He lives with his only sibling Tupur. Both Atol and Tupur had lost their parents when they were too young to understand the consequence of it. Atolanto falls in love with a girl of his age Papiya who suddenly arrives from Delhi to their locality. Atol feels that Papiya might like him but strongly detests the pandemonium of 90s Kolkata especially the hazards of daily power cut. This is when Atol starts struggling to convince his love not only about his personal feelings but also about the beauty of his city. He tries so hard that the little Papiya who always used to miss Delhi and disliked Kolkata’s civic shortcomings, starts liking the City of Joy and falls in love.


When the love triangle of Atol, Papiya and Kolkata was just perfectly placed, the story takes a u-turn being disrupted with an accident which takes away Atol’s vision. Little Papiya promises not leave him and encourages Atol to fight the ‘Load Shedding’ of his vision. What happens next is what the film all about.

Bidipta Chakraborty, Aporajita Ghosh, Animesh Bhaduri, Arka Sinha, Joydeep Kundu, Amrita Mukherjee and Barna Raha will be seen in important roles in the film.

The film will be aired on 13th Dec.

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New Audio Music Album ‘Ichchemotir Goppo ~ Saat Narir Katha’ launched; An ode to womanhood

new audio music album

New Audio Music Album “Ichchemotir Goppo ~ Saat Narir Katha”  was released by noted actor Ms Madhabi Mukherjee, Sreeradha Bandyopadhyay, Pandit Kumar Bose along with Sri Kalyan Sen Barat, the Music Director and Arranger and noted social activist Shyamashree Sen.

bengali actress madhabi mukherjee

Ichchemotir Goppo is the fruition of Kaushik Sengupta’s thoughts on womanhood across generations, borders, cultures and economic zones. Through seven stories of women from various walks of life, some of which are inspired by real life incidents, he has paid tribute to all women of all times. Whether it is a sex worker who discovers Tagore, an innocent victim of sexual torture, a mother of an assassinated political activist, a young household help who shows tremendous bravery, a woman from Murshidabad who broke all shackles and built an educational institution or a fallen woman who falls in love that is so pure and true or “language” that is a woman … Kaushik Sengupta has woven the tales to create a beautiful rainbow which covers every emotion of women that one may imagine. All the poems or prose pieces and songs brimming with emotions of various hues are written by Kaushik. The songs which have been set to tune by Sri Kalyan Sen Barat, have been melodiously presented by Indrani Sen, Sriradha Bandyopadhyay, Lopamudra Mitra, Shubhamita, Jayati Chakraborty and Disha Roy.

new audio music album

The album’s only Tagore song has been sung by Srabani Sen.

The stories and poems of this New Audio Music Album have been narrated by Bratati Bandyapadhyay, Dolon Roy, Bidipta Chakraborty, Aparajita Addhya, Chita Sen, Sudipta Chakraborty and Anjana Basu.

Ichchemotir Goppo comes in a pack of two CDs brought to you by Raga Music

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