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MTV Roadies Raghu Ram in Kolkata to Inaugurate The Bikers Café


“Life is an open road…” the Bon Jovi song probably best describes the spirit of a biker. Kolkata got a taste of this spirit with the launch of The Bikers Café, a first of its kind at the Platinum Mall. The launch took place in the presence of the dreaded MTV Roadies Raghu Ram. Actress Sayani Datta, Shaun Kenworthy and designer Indraneel Mukherjee were also spotted at the launch event.

“The Bikers Café is designed for the young at heart, the biking enthusiast and the typical adda lover. The café offers a unique experience in every aspect and embodies the spirit and soul of biking which brings the attitude of freedom, music, sports and adventure to the fore” said Sanjay Yadav, owner of the Café.

The 2500 square feet restaurant which embodies every aspect of a biker’s spirit also reflects his soul in the menu, décor and music. The interiors of the café have a raw industrial feel customized to enhance the overall experience. The café also has a tie up with the Harley-Davidson owners apart from special privileges to super biker clubs as well.


American, Italian, Cantonese, Japanese, Moroccan, Mexican, British and Indian will be available at this café. Bobbly Brown Omlet, Pink Salmon Benedict, Spinach Dough Pizza, Biker’s Fusion Chicken Discovery, Chocomosa and the Hangover Killer are some of the items that wil surely interest the free spirited bikers. Detoxifying juices are also available for the customers. Some of the creations of this café include the Anti-Aging Juice, Pink of Health (excellent for kidney and liver), Eyes and Skin Juice, Fresh Breath Energy and Cardio Brainac Juice.

Raghu Ram, in between posing for photographs said “This is a great place to hang out. I love travelling and especially on bikes. The wide variety of food available also will cater to the palette of the people”. The MTV Roadies man when asked for a tip for the people who love to travel said “One must stay at budget places and eat budget food. This will help them to get a feel of the local cuisine”.


The café is a virtual experience for the bikers and is a creation of an art house for bikers. Seating designed for real suspensions and original bike seats makes it a truly authentic experience for all. The café will also play a carefully selected mix of hard rock, soft rock, country, pop and classical. Internationally famous board games and electronic games will also enhance the adda experience.

The average cost for two is seven hundred rupees plus taxes.

Whether you are a bike lover or adda lover, you can go to the Bikers Café for a taste of adventure and excitement in the heart of the city.

Priyanka Dutta