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New Colors Bangla Serial Nagleela is a Mystical Tale of Love and Revenge; Serial Starts March 7

Colors-Bangla-serial-NagleelaColors Bangla new serial Nagleela is a mystical tale of love and revenge. This is the tale of two kingdoms. One kingdom worships Lord Shiva while the other kingdom is devotees of Ma Manasa. Added to this is a princess with the power to change into a snake, a prince in love with a devotee of Lord Shiva and you have a great story in the form of Nagleela.


“The story is neither mythological nor a fairytale. It is a periodical, set around two hundred and fifty years ago. Chandrapota and Dokhinchora are the two kingdoms depicted. Dokhinchora’s king is Ishaan Roy and the king of Chandrapota is Kuberchand. Kuberchand’s daughter is Lilaboti. Chandrapota worships Shiva while the other kingdom worships Ma Manasa. The serial depicts the conflict between the two kingdoms mainly on the basis of these religious differences. It also has the love triangle too” said director Amal Banik.


Actress Sauriti Banerjee Jha, whose first serial was Thik Jeno Love Story will be seen playing the role of Lilaboti, while actress Shreemaa Bhattacharjee will be seen as Ganga in the serial. Ishaan Roy’s character will be played by Sourjya Bhattacharjee (his first serial was Star Jalsa’s Bojhen Se Bojhena).

Dolon Roy (Lahoma, Lilabati’s mother), Moumita Chakroborty (Fullora), Sayak (Jagaan, son of Fullora), Suchismita (Hetik), Animesh Bhaduri (Tilak, Ishaan’s father) and Sohini Sanyal (Chandara, Ishaan’s mother) will be seen in pivotal roles in the serial.


A five day activity will also be undertaken where snake charmers wearing branded t-shirt will be travelling in local trains for the promotion of the serial. On the day of the launch, Lord Shiv from the serial Maa Durga will travel to Tarakeshwar temple with the cast and introduce them to the audiences.

The elaborate and beautiful set has been beautifully designed by Shakti Sharma and Ashis Adhkary. Costume and Styling is by Riturapa while the DOP is Dipankar Saha. The script has been written by Pronita Mukherjee Jana while the story is by Paramita Basu. Nagleela’s concept is by Sahana Dutta while the music has been composed by Mayukh and Mainak.


The show will be aired from 7th March (Shivratri), every Monday to Saturday at 7pm only on Colors Bangla.

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New Zee Bangla Serial Bedeni Moluyar Kotha- a Fairy Tale Romance by Raj Chakraborty Productions to be aired Starting February 15


After the tremendous success of “Raage Anuraage”, Zee Bangla and Raj Chakraborty Productions have again come together with a Fairy Tale Romance “Bedeni Moluyar Kotha” for the viewers.


The story is set in the backdrop of a glorious kingdom named Surya Nagar. The kingdom is ruled by King Bikram. His son is Prince Surya Kumar. The Prince plays the game of marriage with Moluya, the daughter of a snake charmer. However God Kalachand blesses them to be together forever. The King becomes enraged on knowing that his son was playing this game with the daughter of a Snake Charmer. He orders the tribe to be beaten and thrown out of his kingdom. In the process Moluya’s mother gets killed. Though the snake charmers are thrown out of the kingdom, love still blossoms between the prince and Moluya. This is the story of Bedeni Moluyar Kotha.


“Bedeni Moluyar Kwatha” outdoor sequences have been shot in Purulia. The magnificent sets of a Palace and an entire village have been constructed in NT 1 Studios.

Tumpa (Moluya), Gourab (Surya), Sudip, Rishi, Rupsha and Joyee will be seen in important roles in this serial.

The forthcoming serial is to be aired on Zee Bangla from 15th February 2015 at 8 PM.

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New Aakash Aath Edition of Ek Masher Golpo Daay Dayitwa Starts January 1


Aakash Aath’s next Ek Masher Golpo which began from 1st January is based on a novel by eminent writer Prafulla Roy.

The story of Daay Dayitwa revolves around the town of Birpur. Shibotosh Basu, who is behind the development of this town is loved and respected by the people of this town. His son Ranajoy is a brilliant student who works for a multinational firm in Kolkata. While returning back from his office in Kolkata, Ranajoy gets late. On his way back home, he comes across a raped woman lying on the road. He takes her to the hospital for treatment. The doctors initially refuse to take the patient. They do take the patient after much cajoling. The police comes to the scene and suspects Ranajoy of doing this heinous crime. However when they learn that Ranajoy is Shibatosh Basu’s son, they do not suspect him. Who did this act? Is Ranajoy able to give the woman justice? Watch the episodes for the complete story.


Director Arindam Basu is directing this story for the small screen. “The story has cinematic elements and the story is very contemporary. Hence the selection of the story has been done. What happens to the women who are raped, their helplessness is shown in the one month long series” said the director.


The time period of the 1980’s has been highlighted in the episodes.


The cast consist of Sougata Banerjee, Aparna, Sahamita Acharya, Ardhendu Chatterjee, Goutam Dey and Siddhartha.

Do not miss this thrilling story!!


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