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New Bengali Movie Chotoder Chobi Review, Premiere Video and Pics; An Entertainer that is Essentially an Eye Opener

Premiere of New Bengali Film Chotoder Chobi

Raj Kapoor may have highlighted about the life of a joker in his film Mera Naam Joker, but it is a hard core fact that most of us hardly pay any heed to what is happening to the lives of the individuals who play the so-called role of jokers in various circuses. Ace director Kaushik Ganguly’s Chotoder Chobi is a film which delves deep into the lives of such individuals whom we often refer to as Bamun, Nata or simply as Jokers..!!!

Chotoder Chobi begins with the tragic accident of Shibu, a dwarf acting as joker in a reputed circus of Kolkata. The manager of the circus agrees to pay fifteen thousand rupees. This according to Shibu’s colleagues is a miniscule amount. Khoka, Shibu’s colleague feels the plight of Shibu’s family and protests against the wrong doings. He leaves the job as a protest when he hears that Shibu had committed suicide. Khoka takes the responsibility of Shibu’s daughter Soma and her mother. He realizes that he had fallen in love with Soma. What happens next? Does Shibu get the love of his life? Does Soma accept his proposal? Chotoder Chobi answers all these questions.

Despite the name of the film being Chotoder Chobi or the fact that the film deals with the lives of the dwarfs, it is one that has been made with a big heart. Director Kaushik Ganguly’s story telling touches the right chords and succeeds in evoking a genuine sympathy for these wronged individuals. The director showcases the naked truth of the lives of the dwarfs. How they are treated as outcasts and how in spite of such mental blocks people become interested to come for the funeral ceremony of Soma’s father is a hard core reality of society which has been portrayed in this film. The director must also be credited for using silence so effectively. There are some scenes when Soma and Khoka just look at each other and speak nothing. So much is said with their eyes that they need not use any dialogues for expressing their emotions. The scene where Soma performs the last rites of her father and the reference to Waman Avatar speaks a lot about public acceptance of dwarfs and their religious status too.

Indraadip Dasgupta’s music has the perfect blend and the balance which fits such a movie. It is soulful and also highlights the pathos of the characters in the film.

Cinematographer Soumik Halder deserves appreciative pats for presenting various parts of the city with such precision. Be it the circus tent or the Sealdah station or the tea stalls or Kumortuli- all have been captured with so much passion.

Bodhaditya Banerjee has also done a fine job with the trimming of the film at the right areas, adding to the charm and the flavor of the film.

Acting by the ensemble cast is a fitting accompaniment for such a film. Dulal Sarkar as Khoka and Deblina Roy as Soma breathe life into their characters. Their real life experiences also come in handy during their portrayal of the characters. The scene where Soma acknowledges the fact that Khoka is a good man yet she cannot marry him is a masterpiece. Her refusal to marry Khoka because she does not want any more dwarfs to come to this world and suffer similar pains is heart wrenching.

The four pillars of Chotoder Chobi- acting, editing, cinematography and sound design help in making this film an engaging, realistic portrayal of the sorry state of the dwarfs. The film also showcases the hypocrisies of the citizens of the so called liberal society.

Chotoder Chobi is a film which must be seen to perceive society from the viewpoint of the so-called outsiders, the dwarfs or the Vamans.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 4/5

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Upcoming Bengali Film Lorai Trailer Launched; “An enriching experience”, echoes Team Lorai

Bengali Film Lorai Trailer Launch Video

“Bumba da was the alarm clock for us. The moment his car got out of the hotel, we all understood that it was time for us to hurry and rush to the shooting spot” said Gargi Roy Chowdhury with a hearty laugh. The actress was present at the trailer launch of the upcoming Bengali film Lorai. Also present at the occasion were Prasenjit Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar, Indraadip Dasgupta, Indrasish Roy, Kanchan Mullick, Prosen, Biswajit Chakraborty, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Shyam Sundar Dey.


The film Lorai is about Sebastian Paes, who is an Anglo Indian footballer. He had to retire due to an untimely injury. After retirement he spends time drinking and coaching some kids at a football academy. His daughter and wife had also left him years ago. It is during this time that he is sent to a remote village on a government mission to train young villagers to play football and make a team. This journey changes his life and also redeems the villagers.


“Shooting for the film has been very exhaustive but we worked as a team and hence the shooting ended up as a fun affair. To sit and chat till the early morning after a day’s shooting all speak aptly about the homely and cordial feelings shared amongst the unit members” said director Parambrata Chattopadhyay.


Gargi Roy Chowdhury plays the role of Aasma in the film. “She is a woman who lives below the poverty line. Her dialect is different as she lives in Purulia. She lives with her brother. She speaks little and when she speaks it is understood that she has seen experienced the hard core reality of life” said the actress. The actress with a background in theatre did not have trouble picking up the dialect of Purulia. She also was helped immensely by her co-actor Kharaj Mukherjee who speaks the dialect fluently. “I did all my dubbing with Kharaj da. I had made it clear to Parambrata that I will do the dubbing with him only” added the actress.


Prasenjit Chatterjee who plays the role of Sebastian Paes in the film highlighted the fact that despite the extreme heat during the shooting in Purulia, it was a great experience for him. “During my career as an actor I have nearly done all the roles possible. But there remain some roles that one wants to do desperately. This is one such role which has been extremely satisfying and I am glad I was offered such a role” said Prasenjit.

While speaking about the music in the film Lorai, Indraadip Dasgupta said “The music is acoustic and fresh. There are a whole lot of live musicians. The emotional connect in the film is through songs. The music has been helpful in highlighting the emotional quotient in this film. The film has six songs in total”.


The movie has been shot extensively in Purulia, Bolpur and Kolkata. The film also has cameos by eminent footballers like Alvito D Cunha and Dipendu Biswas. Gopi Bhagat is the Director of Photography and Bodhaditya Bandopadhyay has handled the editing department of the film.

The film is eyeing a January 9 release and we sincerely hope it turns out to be the New Year bonanza for the producers Green Touch Entertainment.

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