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Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal Shooting for Kahaani 2 in Kolkata


Going by his update on Twitter, we knew that he was in Kolkata. But it was sheer delight to find Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal acting on the streets of Kolkata dressed as a cop. The actor who is in the city for the shooting of Kahaani 2 looked every part the cop that he was enacting in front of the camera.


Arrjun Rampal will be see in this film directed by Sujoy Ghosh and has been paired opposite Vidya Balan. The pairing is new and has caught the fancy of many cine-lovers all over the country. The 43 year old actor who has carved a niche for himself with his acting and looks is surely a great addition to the film.

Vidya Balan has already begun the shooting of this film and we cannot wait to see how the film turns out to be when it releases!!

Priyanka Dutta

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Bong Beauty Bipasha Basu in Kolkata for promotion of New Bollywood Film Creature 3D


With films like Jurassic Park, Anacondas and others being made by eminent directors, films on monstrous creatures is nothing new in Hollywood. However this is a relatively new phenomenon in Bollywood. With Creature 3D, director Vikram Bhatt wants to create a new genre in film making in Bollywood. Bipasha Basu who plays the role of Ahana in the film turned up in Kolkata for the promotion of her upcoming film.


Looking gorgeous in a white gown, Bipasha Basu spoke to the journalists present at length about her upcoming Hindi film. “This is a film made on creatures like the Jurassic Park and other films. This is not a purely horror film though. It has the right amount of action and adventure to keep the audience enthralled and entertained”.

When asked about her experiences of shooting in a 3D film. The actress replied that it was hectic and very difficult as the creature was made after the shoot got over. She had to do the scenes imagining that the creature was there. This was itself a great challenge for the actress.


Having acted in many horror and supernatural films like Raaz and Rudraksh the actress however openly admitted on being a cowardly person. “I am a coward and I have no shame in accepting that even after acting in so many horror films, I am a coward. I do not see such films alone. I watch them in a group. My younger sister finds this amusing actually”. The actress however had no scary fits during the shooting of this film. “Or else I would have asked my maid to come and sleep in my room with the lights being kept on” added the actress with a smile.


Bipasha Basu before ending the press conference cited some reasons due to which one must watch this upcoming Bollywood film. “Great story, good music by Mithoon, great effects and lastly I am acting in this film. Are these not reasons enough?” said the actress with a mischievous smile.

The film is slated to release this Friday, 12th of September. Book your tickets in advance to watch Bips battle with the Creature.

Priyanka Dutta

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New Hindi Film Mardaani Review; The Bongs Nail it in Style this Season

Rani-Mukerji-Kolkata-VisitWe live in strange times. A country where on one hand the symbol of Shakti, Goddess Durga is worshiped with great pomp and show, on the other, the women folk of the country are increasingly becoming victims of heinous acts like rape, murder, sex trafficking and acid attacks and many more. Director Pradeep Sarkar’s latest film Mardaani deals with one such sensitive issue, sex trafficking, an act of complete violence of the core values of humanity which has grown to unimaginable proportions in the last few years.

Shivani Shivaji Roy is a police inspector in the crime branch who is very popular with her colleagues owed to her killer attitude, honesty and ability to solve the most difficult of cases. Her family consists of her husband Dr. Roy (played by Bengali Tollywood actor Jisshu Sengupta) and her niece. Things take a turn when a girl named Pyaari whom Shivani had taken all care to protect, vanishes in thin air leaving her with a mysterious trail to follow. In the process of trying to find Pyaari, Shivani uncovers a sex trafficking racket that is behind the disappearance of many young girls like Pyaari. She goes out to find the man behind this and whether she is successful in her mission or not is what the film answers.

 Pradeep Sarkar goes out of his known territory and plunges deep into an unknown area of film making. Sarkar definitely deserves to be applauded by the critics and audience alike for presenting such a realistic and convincing flesh and blood cop who does no gravity defying stunts or dances with her better half in beautiful foreign locales in between bashing up the baddies. The film is engaging and the cat and mouse chase between the head of the trafficking racket and Shivani Roy will keep you hooked. While the entire movie has been given an amazing racy and gritty treatment, it is the duel between Shivani and Karan (head of the sex trafficking racket) that pushes this otherwise well made film into the league of regular Bollywood films. It must however be said that even though the engaging first half slowly meanders into Bollywood clichés in the second, the  audience need not fear a boring and obvious end.

While the content and presentation is commendable, acting by the cast aptly complements the framework of the film. Rani Mukherjee is commendable as Shivani Shivaji Roy. She is back and with a Bang! She breathes life into the character of the cop. Her helplessness when her husband’s face is smeared with black by her opponents or the anger that wells up in her eyes when she beats up the goons; all make her character credible. Unlike the Singham and the Dabang cops, this is one with whom many will be able to empathize as she is realistic. Unfortunately though, contrary to all the hype created around Bengali Tollywood actor Jisshu Sengupta’s debut in a Bollywood Hindi Film with Mardaani, his screen time or even character strength is way too less; something that we Kolkata Bongs are too disappointed with! Tahir Raj Bhasin as the head of the sex trafficking racket also delivers a power packed performance.

Mardaani is not a film which may appeal to the Dabang and Singham franchise fans but yes it is a hard hitting film that carries a strong message and holds ground on its own credits and not any pre-set notion or fan following. This Yash Raj film is a welcome break from the typical rom-coms that the house has been churning out for the past couple of years. The new Chopra Bahu Rani Mukerji seems to have finally nailed it with Mardaani and the audience must go to the theaters to watch this Bong Beauty play it hard and in style.

Rating- 3.5/5

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