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Bangla Band Boomerang Releases Debut Audio Music Album


A new band Boomerang consisting of three members Sunny, Arindam and Bunty is carrying forward the Band culture in Bengal. Their first album Boomerang was recently released in the august presence of singers Prashmita Paul, Ananya Bhattacharjee, Irene Sarkar, director Orko Sinha and others.


The songs that have been used in the album were composed in the year 2005. The band members were highly influenced by the Bangla rock music culture that they have grown up listening to. This had an influence on their minds and this influenced them initially to compose the songs in this genre. The album has eight songs which have been written by Pratik Dutta.

“The album has been named Boomerang because like a boomerang the album happened. The songs were composed so many years ago and I did not think that it will ever be released in the form of a music album. I will also like to take the opportunity to thank Roopal Kabiraj and Tamal Kanti Halder for helping us with the making of the music album” said Arindam.


Film director Orko Sinha said “I met Arindam through a mutual friend. The songs sounds promising and I wish the band all the very best”.

Sunny who is one of the band members of singer Prashmita Paul said “Sunny is one of my band mates. I was extremely surprised when he said he is making an audio album. However I am aware of his potentials and I wish him all the luck for his coming endeavors”.

The trio jammed in front of the audience to some of the songs in the album.

Priyanka Dutta

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