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Rituparna Sengupta to Debut as Television Host with Zee Bangla’s Home Minister Bouma


Home Minister Bouma will see actress Rituparna Sengupta turn anchor for the first time. The show which will be shown on Zee Bangla will see the feisty actress in a new role for the first time. The actress may have come to different shows on Zee Bangla for promotions but this is her first stint as an anchor.

The show is directed by Abhishek Mitra who had earlier acted as the creative producer of Mirakkel, Dance Bangla Dance and other shows. The show consists of a total of five rounds. The first round is Bouma ekai akso. This is a buzzer round and the participant will play the round with their husband. There will be four participants and there will be twelve questions. Participants will get gifts at the end of the round with the help of a special game of throwing the ball.


The second round is Superfast Bouma. In this buzzer round the participant will be accompanied by their mother-in-law. The participant will run after a pressure cooker and answer questions. There is no prize and the participants will only get 100 points for correct answer and minus 100 points for incorrect answer. This is an elimination round and one participant will be eliminated.

The third round is Superhit Bouma. The participant in this buzzer round will be accompanied by their sister-in-law or brother-in-law. There will be prizes in this round and one participant will be eliminated.

The fourth round is Home Minister Bouma. Again the sister-in-law or the brother-in-law can accompany the participant. Nabaratna will be played in this round and there will be nine questions for the two participants.

The last round, Champion Bouma is a solo round. This is a game changer round and bonus gifts can be won in this round.


Rituparna Sengupta was selected for the role of anchor as she is a perfect embodiment of a woman who can manage both her personal and professional life well. She was the brand ambassador of a show Boudimoni many years ago. “This is a new journey for me. Zee approached me many times but I was skeptical whether I would be able to do justice to the task assigned to me. With this show, I will be interacting live with the audience. Television is a new world for me. I have a new look every day. I just hope that I achieve equal success in television as I have received in the films” said the actress.

With the shooting of four films going on at the moment, the actress said “I have a signed an agreement with Zee where it states that the shooting will be done whenever I will have the time. It is in this way that I will be managing the time between films and television”.

There will be fifty four episodes at the moment. This show is different from the other shows as this will not only have physical activity but also tease the brain of the contestants with the questions.

The new show Home Minister Bouma will begin from 20th October, 9.30 pm, Thursday to Friday on Zee Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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