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Kolkata Chinese Restaurant Buddha Bites now in Behala; An Interesting New Menu Awaits Patrons here


“Once the Metro work is over, Behala will be a posh area. What better place to open an outlet of Buddha Bites? Moreover there was a steady demand from the customers living in this side of the city for an outlet of Buddha Bites here. Hence, we are now here in Behala” said Saoli Mazumder, co-owner of Buddha Bites at the inauguration of the new outlet. This is the sixth outlet of Buddha Bites.


Also present at the inauguration were Koneenica, Sarbari Datta, Chaiti Ghoshal, Ujjaini, Eleena Banik and many other eminent personalities.

The eighty seater restaurant will be serving a new menu designed exclusively for this new outlet. However, the old signature dishes will also be available on the menu. Some of the dishes worth tasting are Pepper Schezwan lamb in casserole, Stirred fried duck with Pak Cho in Oyster sauce, Pork with tofu rice wine, lemon spicy fish, Spicy chicken with pineapple, Prawn spicy ginger and garlic sauce and many others.


A wholesome combo meal format will also be made available for the people. This is keeping in line with the tradition followed in many South-Asian countries. This is pocket friendly without compromising on the quality and taste of the foods.

Speaking at the occasion, actress Koneenica said “In this age, two women running a restaurant successfully and opening the sixth outlet is no mean feat. They deserve a pat on their back. I have invited all my female friends here to celebrate this new outlet inauguration. This is indeed a great addition to their achievements. Way to go!”


Keeping in pace with the changing needs of the customers, the restaurant has also launched their Mobile App. They also have a website which gives insight on the latest offerings of the restaurant and also gives people the chance to order food online.

The average price per customer is Rs 800 plus taxes.

Priyanka Dutta

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The Heart Throb of many a Female Fans, Actor Abir Chatterjee and Family in a Candid Chat with Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee at Just My Way at Buddha Bites

Abir Chatterjee Chats with Sujoy Prasad at Buddha Bites

The females outnumbered the males finally. Nope, I am not speaking about the gender ratio in India but I am speaking about the audiences present at the fourth episode of the celebrity chat show Just My Way at Buddha Bites. The reason for the huge turn up of the female audiences was due to the presence of a six feet tall, handsome, actor with the heart melting dimpled simple. The man in question is no one other than Abir Chatterjee. The actor was engaged in a candid conversation by popular arts personality Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee.


The event also saw the presence of Abir Chatterjee’s parents Phalguni Chatterjee and Rumki Chatterjee and his wife Nandini. Designer Lopamudra Mandal Saha and veteran actor Barun Chanda was also present at the event.


“Abir was my student at ICFAI. And even his wife was my student. But I have to tell you Abir that my mother who is not keeping too well has just come to see you. You surely have a good female fan following- 18 to 80. How do you handle them?” questioned Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee. The actor was ready with a witty answer as he said that he knew where to draw the line and with the passing of years he could also identify the obsessed fan from the admirers.

Nandini, his wife added to it by stating that Abir had a steady flow of female fans even during their MBA days. “I am accustomed to all the female attention he gets. I have never had to deal with any obsessed female fan yet. He does manage the adulation well” said the actor’s wife.


During the course of the conversation, it was also revealed that Abir Chatterjee is passionate about sports. Such was his passion that his parents did not even think that he would actually land up in acting.

The actor’s other passion is reading. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay is one of his favorite writers. “Shirshendu Babu is actually the Cupid for me and Nandini. We both love his writings. Recently for a Bengali daily I went to take his interview and I told him that he is the Cupid in my life. He was so excited to listen to that” added the actor.

The actor also revealed that his wife is a “filmy” individual. “I think it helped her to adjust to my family. My sister is also acting in theater like my parents. I am into films. Nandini’s filmy nature surely helped her a lot” said Abir flashing a smile.


When asked why he left the role of Byomkesh for Feluda, the actor said “I am not a risk taking individual. It took me seven years to leave my job and pursue my acting career. My father actually said that I must take the role and give it a try. I was offered Byomkesh when I was dubbing for Cross Connection. That was a big opportunity. But leaving the role of Feluda would be a big mistake. There will be debates as to who is the better detective- Feluda or Byomkesh. But somehow the attachment is more inclined towards Feluda. Hence I made the shift from Byomkesh to Feluda”.

The spirited conversation with lots of humor and adda made the evening special for the fans and admirers of actor Abir Chatterjee.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bengali New Year Special Dishes at Kolkata Restaurant Buddha Bites; A Chinese Twist to Poila Boisakh 2015

Poila Boisakh Special Menu at Buddha Bites

“Times have changed!! Now youngsters do not like the traditional dishes on Poila Baisakh. They want something else. Chinese delicacies have always been a favorite amongst the Bengalis. With this new Poila Baisakh menu, I am sure many families will have the chance of savoring great delicacies on this coming Bengali New Year’s Day” said designer Sharbari Dutta at the unveiling of this special Poila Baisakh menu. The event also saw the presence of talented singer Lagnajita Chakraborty. The duo also inaugurated the Buddha Bites website which will enable the people to order the home style Chinese food online.


Some of the delicacies which will be on offer at the restaurant consists of Duck with chilly plum, Duck with pineapple, Crab meat ball in Shezwan sauce, Crab meat ball in Hoisin sauce, Chilly butter garlic squid, Schezwan squid, Jumbo prawn in hot garlic sauce, Jumbo prawn in butter garlic sauce, BBQ pork sausage in sizzler plate, Pork with Oriental veggies, Lamb in oriental veggies, Seven jewel rice and Young chow fried rice.


Speaking at the occasion, singer Lagnajita Chakraborty said “I am fond of eating. I am a regular at the Panditia Road outlet which is near to my home. With this menu being launched, I will be surely visiting the restaurant with my friends and family to savor these yummy dishes”.


With the onset of the hot and humid summers, Buddha Bites also have a cool list of mocktails on offer for the customers. Watermelon Colada, Deep Sea, Pink panther are some of the delicious mocktails available at this restaurant.


A separate vegetable menu has also been developed side by side to cater to the vegetarian customers. Potatoes and Okra in hot garlic sauce, Four treasure vegetables, Black mushroom and water chestnut are some of the vegetarian delights on offer at Buddha Bites.

The special Poila Baisakh menu will be on offer at both the outlets of Buddha Bites (Harish Mukherjee Road and Panditia Road) till 30th April, 2015. The pocket pinch for an individual will be Rs 450 plus taxes and this menu will be available from 11 am to 11 pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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Actress Arpita Chatterjee in Candid Conversation with Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee at celebrity chat show Just My Way

Arpita Chatterjee in a candid chat show at Buddha Bites

“I have named you as Arpita Transit Chatterjee” said Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee at he engaged the actress in a one to one conversation in his celebrity chat show titled Just My Way. The conversation took place at Buddha Bites restaurant.


“Just My Way is a celebrity chat show which I designed keeping in mind the structure of the chat show which I saw abroad. That caught my attention and I started this in Kolkata. This kind of show is very different from the Koffee With Karan or the other chat shows that audiences get to see on television” said Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.


Arpita Chatterjee who has recently tasted success with her last released film Bodhon enquired Sujoy on why he named her as “Arpita Transit Chatterjee”. In reply, he said “Whenever I call you, you are either in Delhi or Bangalore or on the way to studio or shooting somewhere. You are hardly stationary. You are always on the move. If Rituparna has wheels in her legs, then you surely have wings on your back”.


The conversation turned interesting when the actress revealed why she left acting at the peak of her career. “I got married to Prasenjit Chatterjee and I felt that my duties towards my husband and son were more important. Hence I left acting and focused on my duties as a wife and mother” said the actress.

The actress who had chopped her hair for her role in Onir’s film Shab mentioned that it took her a few seconds to decide whether she will cut the hair or not. “Onir is one director who made me nervous with his polite behavior. He is so decent that even I was dumb struck” added the actress with a smile.

Arpita who was full of praises for her husband, actor Prasenjit Chatterjee however added that her husband never had and never will have any business sense. “It is my duty to take forward nIdeas as Bumba da has very poor business sense. The company was left just like that after its formation. I thought why not give it a chance. And hence in a small and steady way we are proceeding” added Arpita.

Actor Joy Sengupta was also present at the chat show and gave interesting inputs to carry forward the show and also kept the guests entertained.

Priyanka Dutta

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International Women’s Day Celebrated with some of Kolkata’s Most Creative Women at Buddha Bites

International Women’s Day Adda at Buddha Bites

In the esteemed presence of Dolly Basu (Theatre Personality), Churni Ganguly (Actor-Director), Sudipta Chakraborty (Actor), Mrs Seema Sapru (Principal, The Heritage School), Riddhi Bandyopadhyay (Singer), Lagnajita Chakraborty (Singer), Eleena Banik (Painter), Dr. Asha Mukherjee (Paediatrician), Rubena Chatterjee (Danseuse) and Ekavali Khanna (Actor), a special menu was launched at Buddha Bites to mark the special occasion of International Women’s Day.


The special menu has been designed keeping in mind the favourites of the women who were present at the launch of this menu. Singapore Chilli Prawn (Rubena Chatterjee), Chicken in spicy hot Sein sauce with Mei Foon (Sudipta Chakraborty), Four Treasure in Schezwan sauce with seven jewel rice (Prof. Dr. Asha Mukherjee), Fish Chilli Plum sauce with Singapore Rice noodles (Lagnajita Chakraborty), Kumpao chicken in spicy tangy sauce with Malaysian noodles (Riddhi Bandopadhyay), Non- spicy five spice chicken with Hakka noodles (Churni Ganguly), Steam fish in oyster sauce with Chicken Hakka Noodles (Dolly Basu), Garlic Chicken with hot steam rice (Elina Banik).


Speaking at the occasion, Dolly Basu said “This is indeed a great privilege for me as my favourite dish has been included in special Women’s Day menu. Salute to this initiative of Buddha Bites restaurant for Women’s Day!!”


Singer Lagnajita Chakraborty who has become a popular name in recent times due to her hit number in Srijit Mukherji’s Chotushkone ‘Bosonto ese Gechey’ also sang a few lines at the event.


The special Chinese menu will be offered to the customers from 5th March to 15th March 2015. The special menu will be available for the people at all the outlets of Buddha Bites from 11am to 11pm. The dishes will cost Rs. 399 plus taxes.

Priyanka Dutta

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