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Premiere of Sourav Palodhi’s Debut Film Colkatay Columbus at Priya Cinema


The premiere of the much awaited Bengali film Colkatay Columbus was held at Priya Cinema. Produced by Sony AATH and Mojo Productions, Sourav Palodhi’s directorial debut film is a consequence of a never-before experiment with the historical character of Christopher Columbus in the Bengali movie scene.

The star studded glamorous event saw the presence of the cast comprising of Mir, Tanushree Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakraborty, Anirban Bhattacharya, Suchandra Vaaniya and Ritabhari Chakraborty. Apart from the cast and crew, the premiere was graced by the who’s who of Tolly town.


The music for the film, scored by Neel Dutt, is a unacquainted blend of Calcutta nostalgia with melodies of contemporaneous groove.

Saurav Palodhi said, “I don’t think I could have started my journey as a director in a better way. The way I have received the support of every individual attached with this film Colkatay Columbus is incredible and it is because of the entire team that this evening has actualized.”


The film is running at multiplexes and single screens all over the city.

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Sight to Insight Exhibition- Photographs that Bring to Life the Colonial Legacy of Kolkata starts January 31,2014

sight to insight exhibition

A government Banker by profession and a Shutter-Locker by passion, Mr. Gautam Das Sharma is all set to host his debut solo Photography exhibition titled as ‘The Colonial Legacy … Sight to Insight’ with Sholoana Bangaliana as the event web partners.

sight to insight exhibition

Kolkata which is still Calcutta for Photographer Gautam Das Sharma’s camera is a city of unexplored prophecies and hidden mysteries that he has captured from angles rarely seen before…. truly a Sight to Insight ….

sight to insight exhibition

He has got the eyes, which can get into the deeper depths of the undiscovered heritages of our own city and in the exhibition to be held on January 31 the Colonial Legacy of Kolkata will be seen live and pulsating again. Right from the Synagogues of Kolkata to the forlorn Rajbaris and the banks of the River Hoogli, in the the Sight to Insight exhibition Kolkata will get an insight into the unexplored angles of the city’s landscape.

sight to insight exhibition

Since the time of the British regime, Calcutta has grown in her glory to become the Kolkata of today and Mr. Gautam Das Sharma with his magical lenses has lovingly captured all the unexplored glories of our beloved City Of Joy. Respecting this insight, Sholoana Bangaliana has decided to co-host the debut solo photography exhibition of Mr Gautam Das Sharma, titled : Sight to Insight.

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Tollywood Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee unveils Oh! Calcutta cookbook

poster prosenjit chatterjee

Gourmets found their love for Calcutta’s flavors very well rewarded when the unveiling of the much awaited Oh! Calcutta cookbook was done by  Tollywood hero Prasenjit Chatterjee. The ninety one exquisite recipes are a culmination of the taste of the romance between the city and the flavors.

Mr. Anjan Chatterjee, the author of the cookbook, said “This is an emotional moment for me. I never dreamed that the dishes I have cooked for the pleasure of many at my home and in my restaurants would one day be brought out in the form of a cookbook. The thing that I have leant by serving the diners in the city is this – there is a little bit of Calcutta in every one of us”.

Prosenjit Chatterjee, despite being busy with the promotion of his upcoming film Hanuman.com was present at the unveiling ceremony. “How can I miss such an occasion? I am a foodie and I love gorging on food. The cook book is indeed a delight for food lovers like me. The colorful guides and notes on the basics of cooking, ingredients, techniques and facts about Bengali cooking are indeed very interesting” said the actor.

Suchanda Chatterjee, wife of Anjan Chatterjee have lent the creative touch to the book. She is the creative brain behind the making of the book into a collector’s item. “The book will spark many exciting culinary discoveries and help people spend hours browsing through the books” said Suchanda Chatterjee.

oh calcutta cook book

Some of the recipes that feature in this book include Radhaballavi, Mochar ghonto, Sheem palong paturi, Dhone bhapa Mach, Topa kuler chutney and many more.

The book is like a magic wand for the foodies. Priced at Rs. 599, the book is available at major bookstores and also on the online portals.

Priyanka Dutta

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