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Modern Bengali Songs Audio Music Album Antivirus in Music Stores now

Bengali Audio Music Album Antivirus

What does the word Antivirus remind you of? I am sure most of you will associate the word with the software which is used commonly by people for protecting their computers and laptops from virus attacks. However this is not the case with this Antivirus as this is the name of a Bengali modern songs album. The album was released in the august presence of Gaurab Chatterjee, Chandraboli Rudra (Rabindrasangeet singer), Sanchita Bhattacharjee (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame), Raaz Chakraborty and Shubham Ganguly.


“The name of the album has been so given as we also have a number of viruses in our lives just like our computers and laptops. With the help of music, we wish to eliminate these viruses and help people lead happy lives” said Raaz Chakraborty.


There are seven songs in this album pertaining to various genres like item number, folk, Sufi and so on. One song in this album has been sung by Sanchita Bhattacharjee while the remaining six have been sung by Raaz Chakraborty. The songs in this album are The last word, Memory, Sound of Bangladesh, Puruliya express, 18+, Butterfly and Boudee. The music of this album has been arranged by Shubham Ganguly.


Speaking at the occasion, Chandraboli Rudra said “It is very important to encourage young artists. I keep a track of the new artists to see who will be carrying forward the tradition after we retire. I hope that the young artists will continue working hard and continue to mesmerize the audiences for many years to come”.

The album, released by Rooh Music costs one hundred rupees and is also readily available for paid downloads at the various online portals.

Priyanka Dutta