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Poth Ghat Movie Review; A Road Movie with Lost Purpose and Bad Music

Well, personally I am a diehard fan of road movies. And after I came to know that we will soon get to see a New Bengali Movie Path Ghat that also has elements of suspense, thrill and adventure in it I was literally counting days to catch the very first show. I was more than happy when I entered Priya Cinemas for the premiere show of the movie which saw the presence of celebrities like Rituparna Sengupta, Raja Sen, Partho Ganguly, Mouboni Sorcar, Debdoot Ghosh, Sreela Majumdar and many others, but little did I know then that my happiness was too short-lived.

A television show group decides to go to Doars for a shoot to push up their Chanel’s dwindling TRP and in turn save their jobs. The team consists of seven members. Ravi (Joy Sengupta) is the director of this show, Meghla (Moubani Sorcar) is the anchor, Nani is the makeup artist, Subir is the production manager and Babu is Subir’s assistant. On their way to North Bengal they lose their way and meet Lima who takes them to her Uncle, Magic dadu’s place. What happens next is a series of disappearances starting with Lima and Magic dadu and then Ravi’s team. With the help of police inspector Zubin, Ravi goes out to search for the missing people. Whether he is able to find them or not is what forms the rest of the story.

In the initial phases, the film Poth Ghat looked interesting to an extent. But as the movie progressed, it began to get boring. By the time the film reached its interval many sitting beside me were literally bored to death; Courtesy: A terrible script. Ravi, the director is shown calmly getting back to his work after a momentary search of his missing team members, which is only the starting of the jolts that the film is all about. Faiz Khan as the police inspector is another weak link in the script. The director would have done better had he kept the image of the inspector practical. That would have enhanced the thrill element in the film. Singing romantic songs and strumming the guitar or sneaking eye contacts with pretty girls is not what tough cops in thriller/suspense films are expected to do and even if this was an attempt to break free from the regular image, it was a disastrous attempt.

Now that the Indian cine goers have been recently treated to a fantastic road movie Imtiaz Ali’s Highway that had A.R. Rahman songs along with all the glamour quotient, success of movies like Poth Ghat have become a farfetched dream which the director should not have even tried to attempt making given the bad script and equally bad music that he was working with. Road movies without good music are like food without salt. It takes out much of the essence of the film. Suvom Moitra’s music is a torture for the ear drums. “”Ei raat tomar amar”, a classic Bengali song should have been spared by the music director. The metallic twist given to the song only damaged the charm of the song and the music composer needs to understand that some things are better left unadulterated. Background score is another element which may lead to headaches.

With experienced actors like Joy Sengupta, Biswajit Chakraborty I had hoped that the acting will be good even if the script fails at any level. But the actors were equally disappointing. Joy Sengupta has one fixed expression and that is of irritation. He is irritated when the TRP falls, he is irritated when his people go missing and he is irritated about everything else (felt like Joy was too irritated to even work in this Movie). Debdoot Ghosh, who is otherwise a great actor, was also very disappointing. Mouboni Sorcar as an anchor does not do justice to the role. Her past stints as an anchor do not help her much and to add to her bad emoting skills, she is too loud and melodramatic in her role.

Fellow travelers; Oops, I mean audience avoid this road trip at all costs else you will only be heard singing “Yeh kaha aa gaye hum” throughout the running time of the movie.

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