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Interview- Actor Riddhi Sen on Films, Theater, Upcoming Bengali Film OPEN Tee Bioscope and More


One of the youngest members of the Bengali Film fraternity who has made Bengal proud in international forums, actor Riddhi Sen is all set to enthrall the audience with his Upcoming Bengali Film OPEN Tee Bioscope. Riddhi Sen in a candid chat with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYour father (Kaushik Sen) is a noted film and theater actor, grandparents Chitra and Shyamal Sen are known for their power packed performances while your mother Reshmi Sen is a reputed danseuse as well as an actress. What role did your family play in moulding you as an actor?

Riddhi Sen– Well, frankly though I may be born in a family of performers I had never been pushed into acting. I guess it was in my genes. I had heard stories from my mother that when my mother used to say a particular line during rehearsals I used to kick in her womb. Hence I think that the relation started from then on. I gave my first performance on stage at the age of three and a half years. I had even corrected a senior actor who was not able to deliver a speech properly.

You are part of the theater group Swapnasandhani. How has that experience helped in your acting?

I started with acting in short plays. I am not a trained actor as I have not received any formal training from any acting school. I used to attend acting workshops at the British Council. Then I got the chance to complete a six months course in acting from Central School Of Speech and Drama, London University. This was a huge eye opening experience for me as an actor. My Principal was so impressed with me that he even came down to see me perform in one of the plays.

Your father Kaushik Sen has also directed you in many plays. Does being the director’s son create more opportunities (both, to take shortcuts as well as come into the limelight)?

(Laughs out loud) No. On the contrary I get badly scolded when I do something wrong. He is not my father when he is directing a play. He becomes the director and he scolds me like everyone else. However I am also proud of the fact that I am the only student of my father who is scolded the least. I still remember when I was seven years old I was given to memorize a soliloquy for the play Dakghar. I was repeatedly doing it wrong and I was chided by him.

How does Riddhi define acting?

The meaning of acting has changed considerably with the passing of time. Acting is not merely entertaining the audience. It has a greater and broader meaning- entertaining and educating. I believe that acting, direction and writing are some of the performing arts which are inspired from real life. Hence entertainment with education is important in acting.

What criterion do you keep in mind before saying yes to a film?

I select the film by checking the script and then the director. The director must have the confidence when he presents me the script. Or else I lose trust in the person and I decline to take up the project. If he is not convinced about the project, how will he guide the others? I fully believe that the director is the ultimate king.

Do your parents influence you when deciding on your upcoming projects?

No they let me decide for myself. They do not interfere in my work. They only help me in deciding the schedules.


You will be seen in the upcoming Bengali film OPEN Tee Bioscope. Tell us something about the role you play in the film?

The film is one that is based on teenagers. I play the character of Fuora. He is rusticated and how he rediscovers the people in the locality is what the film is all about. I cannot reveal more about my character at the moment.

You share screen space with your father in the Upcoming Bengali Film OPEN Tee Bioscope. How was the experience?

I still remember, on the very first day of shoot I had to give a shot with my father. I had cold feet at that moment. My father plays a negative character in the film. Eventually after I managed to give a good shot and after the shot when I was praised for acting better than my father, it was a win-win situation for me.

How was the experience of shooting with director Anindya Chatterjee?

He always had me in mind and hence he waited for me to complete my other engagements so that I could work with him. He is a calm and confident man. He is a chilled out director who always had a smile on his face. He is a man who gives a lot of space and freedom to the actors and I am grateful to him.

What are your expectations from OPEN Tee Bioscope?

I have zero expectations from the film. If the audience likes our effort, then we have achieved success. If the audience does not like it, then we have failed to make a mark. Whatever has been done cannot be undone now.

Of all those you have acted in, which film holds a special place in your heart?

It has to be undoubtedly Children of War. Mrityunjay Devrat who is the director of the film is one of the most confident directors that I have ever come across. I still remember we used to shoot for forty eight hours at a stretch with only five hours of rest in between. However, we all worked guided by the passion for acting and it was only after the film’s shoot was complete that we realized how tiring it actually was.

What are your upcoming releases?

Apart from OPEN Tee Bioscope, Chauranga is slated for release in February. This film is the story of two brothers who live in Jharkhand. This is the debut film of director Bikas Ranjan Mishra. The other film is Parched (the name may change) which has been shot in Rajasthan. The edit of this film is currently in process.

When not acting, what all do you enjoy doing?

I learn guitar from one of my friends. Apart from music, I read books of all kinds especially books on political science and literature. I also love collecting coins.

And now the last and most clichéd question, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

You may fail in the area you love, but that does not mean I will give up trying. I do not know how I will act in the next five years. I may act better or I may deteriorate. Hence I want to take each day as it comes.

A dynamic young man who is all set to make it big on Celluloid, Riddhi Sen makes us all proud not only with his achievements but his professionalism and enthusiasm to do good work; and that too so early in life. Way to go Riddhi!!!

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