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Shooting of Upcoming Bengali Film Dristikon Continues

Upcoming Bengali-film

Upcoming Bengali film Dristikon directed by Malay is being shot in different parts of the city. The Subha Mahurat of the film took place recently in the presence of the director and cast of the film.


The story of Dristikon focuses on the position of women in today’s society. Many of us claim that men and women have equal status in the society. But in reality is that so? A child named Rik is kidnapped. A ransom of fifty lakh rupees is demanded from Rik’s family. But they do not have the financial status to pay such a hefty sum. Rahul, Rik’s father asks for the amount from his boss, Simrone. She decides to give the money on one condition. He will have to spend a night with her. He agrees and spends the night. Then he rescues Rik with the money. Simrone meanwhile tells his wife about Rahul staying the night with her. His wife leaves the house. What happens next?


Soumitra Chatterjee, Abhishek Chatterjee, Meghna Halder, Bony Debraj, Chinmoy Roy, Romen Roy Chowdhury, Soma Chakraboty and others will be seen in pivotal roles in the film. The story and script is by Arup Zaigirdar and the DOP is Sidhartho Dey.

The film is slated for release soon.

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Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s Birth Anniversary to be made Special by 92.7 BIG FM with Weeklong Celebrations


92.7 BIG FM, the nation’s leading radio network announced a week long plan to celebrate the 88th birth anniversary of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. Pradip Rozario, Dipen Mitra, Chinmoy Roy, Soumitra Chattejee, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Dr. Shashi Panja and Sumit Raina announced the week long plans at a press meet organized at KK’s Fusion.

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s Birth Anniversary Special Celebrations

The on air celebrations will kick off with his co-stars like Biswajit, Soumitra, Chinmoy Roy narrating unknown tales about the matchless Mahanayak in the breakfast show. The mid morning show RJs will dish out recipes of the legendary actor’s favorite food items followed by current generation actresses like Koel, Mimi expressing their adoration for the incredible actor and their dream role opposite him in the afternoon show.


Speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana at the press conference, Soumitra Chatterjee said “We were good friends and it will be a lie to say that we did not compete with each other. However that was on a professional level. Otherwise we shared a great friendship. To think of the popularity which he enjoys after so many years of his death is amazing”.

Chinmoy Roy spoke about his experiences about how Uttam Kumar helped him to make a mark in a scene in a film opposite him. Dr. Shashi Panja however highlighted on the fact that the films of the actor had a great impact on her and her friends during their college days at RG Kar Hospital. Many of her male friends tried to imitate the smoke rings that the actor left after smoking a cigarette in the film Nayok.


An exclusive movie screening of the legendary actor will be held for BIG FM listeners at Mitra Cinema on 4th September. The food festival at KK’s fusion will have a blend of the actor’s favorite food items mixed with the name of his films like Casual chicken er Harano Sur and Nayok Bhetkir Jhal.

The celebrations will continue till the 4th of September.

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Jatishwar Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee Given the Title of Fashion Icon at INIFD Graduating Event

jatishwar hero

International Institute of Fashion Designing (INIFD) Lindsay Street recently organized the annual graduating event of their institution at Rang Durbar, Swabhumi. The event also saw the felicitation of Tollywood actor Prosenjit Chatterjee as the “Fashion Icon of Bengal”.

Jatishwar Hero Prasenjit Chatterjee said “This is a great honor for me to be bestowed with the title of Fashion Icon of Bengal. I feel humbled. Fashion is of much importance. Even for roles like the one of Lalon Fokir that I did in Moner Manush, fashion is important. Hence I came up with the idea that the budding designers of this institute can design some dresses for me. In this way they will be exposed to the Bengali film industry and we will also get to see some upcoming talents in this field of fashion”. The budding designers will be able to submit their designs from January till Saraswati Puja. The actor who had a show in Sunderbans had to leave early.

jatishwar hero

The graduation event of INIFD had actress Dimpy Mahajan, Kanchana Moitra, actor Chinmoy Roy and model-actress Richa Sharma as the judges for the show. “This is one of the major events where the graduating students showcase their collections. These collections are totally done by the students, right from the designing to cutting, stitching and finishing of the garments. The show has been choreographed by Anandi Ghose.” said Mrs.Susan Mantosh, Director, INIFD.

The show had eminent models of the city like Madhabilata walking the ramp in the dress designed by the students. Enchanted princess, Pop cube, Circus, Masquerade, Raw to Funish, Punk and antagonist, Sita swamvar, Runaway Bride, Lakshmi Bai reincarnated were some of the collections showcased at this graduating event. Jute, cotton, silk were some of the fabrics used by the students for the making of the dresses. The rich color scheme used in the dresses was eye catching.

fashion show

The annual graduating show “Tomorrow Makers 2013-14” was a riot of colors, burst of expressions and a montage of cuts, stitches and frills.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bangla Theater viewing to be revived with new website launch

theater launch

Bangla Theater has been an essential ingredient for the Bengali culture. This has been continuing for decades. However the art medium is facing stiff competition from other mediums like television and cinema. To revive the interest in this medium and to engage more people in watching of theater, a website was launched recently named www.bengalitheatre.com. The website was inaugurated by veteran actor Chinmoy Roy and Kheyali Dastidar.

Chinmoy Roy

The website is an initiative of Golven Signature. The theater in Bengal had been popular at least for the last two hundred years and this effort of Golven Signature plans to bring back the ancient charm associated with theater by reviving it. Mr. Abhishek Chowdhury, the promoter of Golven Signature said, “With the advent of serials and cinema, theater viewing has taken a back seat. With the help of this website, we will be able to keep the Bengali audience updated about the theater happenings. From details of actors, actresses, directors to reviews of theaters to places where the shows are staged, everything will be made available in this website. This will be an all-in-one portal for the theater loving audience”.

kheyali dastidar

Chinmoy Roy highlighted on the fact this is not the golden age of theatre. The period when Girish Chandra, Nati Binodini used to act in theatres was known as the golden age of theatre in Bengal. “The presence of people like Rudra Prasad Sengupta is however a boon for Bengali theatre. It is due to the initiative of these individuals that Bengali theatre still survives even in the age of films like Mon Mane Naa and serials like Bou Kotha Kou. The main problem is that people do not have the time now to go and watch theatres. They are very busy. Hence they lap up everything shown in the idiot box. With the help of this website, people hopefully will again take interest in theatre”.

The website promises to bring back the glory of the earlier age and hence we can hope that the glory of this at medium will again be restored.

Priyanka Dutta

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