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Short Film Phantasm by Director Abhigyan Mukherjee to Release on Youtube


Director Abhigyan Mukherjee who made his debut with the Bengali film Chitra released in 2015 has come up with his new short film venture “Phantasm”. The story and concept is by Niladri Shankar Roy who is also the producer of the film. The music is by Rahul Sinha.

Phantasm is a story about a teenager who turns into a drug addict after an incident happens in his life. It mainly focuses on how drugs affect a person physically and mentally and how he falls in the trap of believing in reel things. The film also focuses on the relationship of a father and son which becomes one of the major reason behind the guy falling in this trap.

Director Abhijit Guha who is known for films like “Jodi love dile na praane” with director Sudeshna Roy portrays the role of the father  of the teenager who dislikes his son from his childhood. The teenage boy is played by television actor Tanmay Majumdar who was last seen in television serial Meera and Durga.

The short film will be soon released on Youtube like short films Devi, Ahalya and others.

Priyanka Dutta

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Interview: Actress Pujarini Ghosh on Becoming Ratan for The Film Postmaster (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)


Her debut film Chitra made the audience appreciate her acting capability and great screen presence. With her upcoming Bengali film, Postmaster, Tollywood actress Pujarini Ghosh is all set to wow the audience yet again. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent engaged the actress in a candid conversation. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How did you bag the role in Postmaster?

Pujarini Ghosh- I was shooting for my last release Chitra when I got a call from Srijon my director for this film. I had no idea that it was on Rabindranath Tagore’s Postmaster. They just asked about my dates and said they would like to narrate the story to me. I just knew that Ritwick Chakraborty will be doing the male lead. It was only after I met them I got to know that they are planning to film Rabindranath Tagore’s Postmaster! When Srijon saw me he was quite unsure that I can pull of the look of Ratan. Every other day they would call me and say yes Pujarini you are doing the project and the next moment they were unsure. The impatience inside me was growing. So one day I got pissed and told them not to give me false hopes. Then they sat with our makeup artist Azad da. They had a long discussion with him regarding my look and then finally I got a call from them to sign the contract!!


Have you read the story? Did you like the improvisations made in the story by the director?

Pujarini Ghosh- Of course I have read it. Every Bengali I think have read the story or watched the film Postmaster. Like everyone I was also curious to know how they want to treat it to make it into a full length feature. This was a short story of Tagore and Satyajit Ray had already made it into a film which was also a short film and a part of his film Teen Kanya! I still remember I met Srijon at a CCD outlet when he narrated to me his version of Postmaster. And trust me I was almost crying. I loved it so much that I just wanted to do it no matter what. See you don’t always get the chance and the opportunity to be Tagore’s heroine. But as an actor I can only wish the rest depends on a lot of things. But I really wanted to be Ratan as I loved how Srijon has conceived the story keeping the essence of Rabindranath Tagore’s tale intact. But I knew it will be a very difficult character.

How did you prepare yourself for this role?

Pujarini Ghosh- Playing Ratan was not easy. I think it’s one of the most beautiful and difficult character to portray on screen. I am a very modern girl. I was born and brought up in a metropolitan city. I had no clue how it is to live in a village until I was there at Plassey shooting for Postmaster. It was a very difficult phase of my life to be Ratan. I had a month long workshop when Srijon helped me to understand the psyche of the girl. Her emotions, her situations, her innocence, her happiness, her sorrows!! As I had to look like a village girl they stopped all my hair and skin maintenance for over a month and I only had puffed rice (muri) and boiled chicken. But during the shoot as we shot at a remote location, I only survived on muri and later fruits as nothing were available. Even when I was not giving my shots I used to roam around in the village barefoot in that chilling cold. I had scenes where I had to run which we shot for like 10-12 days as we just needed the magic light. So after a point I couldn’t even walk as it was immensely painful and after every shot I used to soak my feet in hot water. I could not sleep for nights and I used to cry because of the pain. But after the first screening of the film at the Delhi International Film Festival I felt that the pain was worth it! So a lot of effort was put in to become Ratan.

How was the working experience with Ishaan and director Srijon?

Pujarini Ghosh- It was great working with both of them. Srijon is technically very sound and he knows what he wants. He has great sense of music. He is a gold medalist from London College of Music and also holds distinction in classical music. I am sure now you know why all the songs in the film are so beautiful. He was very strict on the sets. We hated him during the shoot but later when we saw the film we loved him more. And Ishaan is a sweetheart costar. He was super caring and super funny. We were a crazy combo. We share some of the funniest moments on the sets. The chemistry that you see between the postmaster and Ratan was all because of the lovely friendship we share.

You have a different look in the film. Did you give any inputs for your look in the film?

Pujarini Ghosh- Yes we had brainstorming sessions to create the look that Srijon needed. Even after the look test we were not happy. We wanted to make Ratan look authentic as it was not important to make Ratan look beautiful. The raw beauty was needed. They used to apply 3-4 layers of organic color on my skin to make me look tanned which they got for me from London, as any other color might cause irritation on my skin.  We tried to make Ratna look as alive and real as possible.
Can you share any memorable incidents of working in the film?

Pujarini Ghosh- Everyday more than hundred thousand villagers used to come to see the shooting. As we shot at a virgin location it was the first time people got to see shooting. It helped many people as they started different business near the shooting spot. It was like a fair for them. A new toto-route started just for people who used to come and watch the shooting religiously. There were villagers who came from over 200kms just to see us. And we sometimes had to stop the shoot as it used to be difficult for the local police force to manage the crowd. All they wanted us was to wave our hands to the crowd. But they also helped us immensely. Without their support it was difficult for us to shoot in that remote location for so many days.

What are your expectations from the film, now that it has so well received at the film festivals?

Pujarini Ghosh- Right now I am not expecting anything. I just want my audience to go to the theatres and watch Postmaster for a complete cinematic experience. Since a long time, stories were missing from the narratives of any film. Postmaster tells a story which will be loved by all. It has a universal appeal. We were amazed by the response our film received at the Delhi International Film Festival. People from all over the globe loved the film. They don’t understand Bengali but they loved the film they lived a cinematic experience through Postmaster. That way I can tell you half our battle is won no matter what. But now I would like my city to accept Postmaster.



Are you happy with the kind of offers that you are getting now?

Pujarini Ghosh- Yes I am quite happy. Because I am getting challenging characters already which means I am getting noticed and directors are trying to experiment with my look and my characters. I am very young and I want to experiment with my looks, characters and push myself as much as possible. I am ready to do whatever it takes to make every character I do believable and alive. This is what every actor wants. I am scared of getting stereotyped. The actor in me will die if I have to keep on doing the same things in every film I do.

Do you have any dream role?

Pujarini Gh0sh- I have so many dream roles. Every good film I watch I imagine myself doing it and wish if someday.. I am one greedy actress I tell you!

So what are your next projects?

Pujarini Ghosh- I am doing my next film which is going on floor from 14th July. I am super excited as it is also one character I am really looking forward to. Right now I am busy with the promotions of Postmaster and the workshops for my next film.

We hope that the effort of Pujarini pays off and her film Postmaster strikes gold at the box office!!



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.



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“Stay Real, Stay loyal or Stay Away” is Actress Pujarini Ghosh’s Mantra of Lasting Relationships; A Valentine’s Day Special Interview with Sholoana Bangaliana


Chitra- one of the upcoming Bengali films talks about love and how the lovers overcome the obstacles of society to make their love work. Today is Valentine’s Day or the day of love. We have with us the actress who has breathed life into the character of Chitra, Pujarini Ghosh. The actress spoke at length about her perceptions of the day and her plans. Excerpts…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaHaving grown up in Kolkata where Saraswati Pujo is the Valentine’s day per say.. Did 14th Feb really have any significance in your life?

Pujarini Ghosh– To me Valentine’s Day had more significance I would say. Saraswati Puja just was Saraswati Puja to me. The only difference is you get a holiday on Saraswati Puja and not on Valentine’s Day. I am a very, very romantic person. I never had an affair when in school but I was very clear that I have to pamper myself on this day. It is you who is responsible for all your happiness. I would gift myself roses, chocolates and what not. I used to play all romantic songs since morning. Yeah, it is very filmy and too much to some but that’s me.

How has the perception of V-Day evolved with age?

Well I believe as we grow up our thoughts, our wishes clash with reality. And you actually find that the concept of love or relationship or liaison what we see in movies is not what happens in life actually. Why do you need just one day to celebrate love? I want to love everyday and in every way possible. But with time things have changed. I see too many broken relationships around me. And when I see this I really question the importance of having just one 14th Feb. So I would say that yes it is just show off now. I don’t find people celebrating love with honesty. Honestly, over the last few years Valentine’s Day has only meant buying those red hearts from Archie’s!

How was this day celebrated amongst school friends (when in the 11th-12th standard)

It was crazy! School students are very influenced by the Bollywood-ish style of celebrating Valentine’s Day. But there is a lot more innocence in that. There was fear that we will be caught by our parents or teachers, there was fear of rejection. My best friend would talk about a new guy every Valentine’s Day and every time she would claim that this time she has actually found her true love. It was that innocent. I saw my friends trying to write love letters to impress someone and they would copy lines from our English literature text books. There was this guy who gave me pretty expensive gifts on Valentine’s Day. I later found that he borrowed the money from his friends and promised them to repay when he gets a job. And we were in class 7 then.

Was celebrating V-Day with all its fervor a taboo at home or were your parents cool with the whole idea?

My mom is my blind supporter so she would never say a word. But I never had the courage to discuss these with my dad. But yes I remember my mom telling me that I need someone who will be super romantic, extra caring and who would pamper me like anything. Of course who would not want that? So I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Most special Valentine’s Day gift till now?

It was a bunch of 50 roses and a very, very impressive love letter. I still have no idea who sent it. But I received that on the 14th Feb morning and it made my day. I still could not find who that person was. I really wish I could.

Given an opportunity to pick a V-Day gift, what would you choose?

I would like to go on a holiday to a beautiful island with that special someone where no one will disturb us and we can have our “we”-time.

Apart from someone you love, anyone else whom you would really like to wish on V-Day, may be an idol or so?

Can’t I choose more than one? There are so many wonderful gentlemen out there. Difficult to choose one!! My the list would surely include Mr Shahrukh Khan, Mr Tom Hanks and Mr Barrack Obama..

If you have to tell a 8 year old as to why people dress up in red on Valentine’s Day, what would be your explanation?

I would say rose is the best flower and the prettiest of all. The color of rose is red. Valentine’s Day means celebrating everything we love. We wear red and give red roses to our loved ones to tell them how much they are loved.

Your plans for Valentine’s Day 2015?

No plans as of now. I am getting many invitations for the v-day special events and parties but I don’t think that I will be able to make it. This is simply because I have a recording in the morning them few meetings. My shoot is going to start next week, so I am busy with that.

If you were given Cupid’s arrow which two people would you target so that they can be brought together as a couple in love?

I wish I could mend the relationship of every couple who are not together right now. I don’t like broken relationships.


Upcoming Film Chitra is also a romantic drama, how far have you gone in love in the film?

My character in the film is a crazy lover. She has done some silly things for the love of her life. From gifting him a coffee mug which had their photos to planning a trip with the family so that they can be together to helping this guy to complete his projects. Chitra shows her love in the sweetest ways.
I myself am too crazy when it comes to showing off my love. I have done some crazy things like sneaking out of my house just to get a glimpse of the person. I believe you have to be extravagant and extraordinary in love. No fun in mediocrity!

Your mantra of successful and lasting relationships…

Be extremely honest and transparent with your partner no matter what. Respect each other. Invest in your relationship. Love your similarities and respect the differences. Don’t take things for granted. Understanding and trust are the binding forces. Its simple- “Stay Real, Stay loyal or Stay Away”

Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.


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Young Director Abhigyan Mukherjee all Set to Present a Romantic Saga in Upcoming Bengali Film ‘Chitra’; Poster Launched

Upcoming Bengali Film Chitra Poster Launch

In the august presence of Sudeshna Roy, Abhijit Guha, Pujarini Ghosh, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Abhigyan Mukherjee, Sushmita Bhattacharya, the poster launch of the upcoming Bengali film Chitra took place at The Press Club recently.


“When I first met him he looked like a kid straight out of school. But when I started talking with him and heard the synopsis of the film I understood that behind the kid like exterior, is a mature person with a mature level of understanding. I have also seen his diploma film which had won awards. What I liked about it is it had a good narrative and was not bogged down by the usual process. The film was well made and I realized that there was a maker in him. While working with him and the other young actors in the film, I learnt how the young people think and act” said Sudeshna Roy.

The film Chitra is essentially a love story of Neel and Chitra with women empowerment issues at the backdrop. Neel is a NRI while Chitra is a college student. Society plays the role of the villain. What happens to their love story? That the film alone will answer.

Sudeshna Roy plays the role of the aunt of the two sisters in the film. “My character is a Non-Bengali lady who is the aunt of the sisters. She also acts as their guardian. She is a lady with a modern outlook” added the actress.

Actress Pujarini Ghosh who plays the role of Chitra in the film was also full of praises for the young director. Looking sexy in the short red dress that she wore at the event, the actress was also keeping her fingers crossed for her first lead role in a Tollywood film.

The film is slated for release soon. We will all have to wait to watch how the 23 year old director has handled a topic as grave and serious as women empowerment in the film Chitra.

Priyanka Dutta

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