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New Kolkata Bangla Film Pati Parameshwar starring Tollywood Actress Rituparna Sengupta

new kolkata bengali film

Stories of discord between the husband and the wife are not uncommon in Tollywood and the New Kolkata Bangla film “Pati Parameshwar” is a fresh take on this very subject. The press conference of this upcoming Bangla film took place recently and present at the conference were Rituparna Sengupta, Rajatava Dutta, Sudipta, Bobby Chakraborty, Kanchana Moitra and director Jayashree Bhattacharya. The film is produced by Holly Bolly Tolly Kolly Production.

rituparna sengupta hot poster

Speaking about the story of the film, the director said “The film is about a married couple Arindam and Sharmila. Arindam is the officer-in-charge of the city police and he gets into trouble when dealing with his wife. Arindam’s possessiveness gets on the nerves of Sharmila. They quarrel frequently. Sharmila’s only solace is her pet dog Pluto. However her pet dog Pluto goes missing. She blames Arindam for not putting enough effort on this search. Arindam on the other hand is happy with the disappearance of the dog. She meets a sadhu who helps her to find her dog. What follows next is a series of crazy incidents providing a recipe of a full blown laughter riot for the audience”. The story of this film is by Subhraneel Biswas.

new rituparna sengupta film

Surojit Chatterjee is the music director of this film and Sankaraiyya is the dance director of this film. Rajatava Dutta and Rituparna Sengupta play the roles of Arindam and Sharmila respectively. Rudranil Ghosh and Sudipta will be seen in guest roles in this film. Apart from these actors, Rahul, Tulika Basu, Dwijen Banerjee, Supriyo Dutta, Kanchana Moitra, Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Suchandra Vaaniya, Pinky Banerjee will also be seen playing important roles in the film.

The story of Pati Parameshwar looks interesting and the audience will have to wait to see what the film turns out to be.

Priyanka Dutta

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Debangshu Sengupta Death Robs Tollywood of a Creative Genius; May His Soul Rest in Peace

Debangshu Sengupta deathThe ominous morning of March 14 came and announced the sad demise of another Jewel of the entertainment industry, Mr.Debangshu Sengupta. It took me few minutes to absorb the news; I started giving calls to those who were closely associated with him and from everyone came the same reply that I just did not want to hear.

Alas! We have lost a true creative genius who had unrivaled proficiency in every department of creativity and be it script writing, acting, direction, screenplay, cinematography or music composition, his master strokes have been recorded in every sphere. It is him that the Tollywood industry has always looked up to when it came to finding and nurturing great talents and some of his nurtured talents like actor Jisshu Sengupta is today the most popular face of Tollywood and even making it big in the Hindi Film Industry.

I have been fortunate enough to work with him closely for a mega serial “Bhasha” in the year 2011-12 and even when a few days back we connected, he was all praises for my recent work in “Hiyar Majhe”; another mega serial. Not just me, the entire entertainment industry of Kolkata has been in a state of shock and mourning since yesterday as the sudden demise of this creative genius has created a void that no one I believe can fill up that easily.

Some of his unforgettable mega directions like ‘Ma’, ‘Mahaprabhu’, ‘Banhisikha’ and ‘Rajeswari’ are still etched in every one’s memory. We have lost a true genius and a teacher no doubt. May his soul rest in peace!

You will always be remembered through your creations. We all love you Debangshu da!!!

An emotional farewell to the director by television actor Arnab Bhattacharya and the team of Sholoana Bangaliana…

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Interview: Actor Abir Chatterjee on Valentine’s Day, Relationships, Jodi Love Dile Na Praane and More

Abir Chatterjee on Valentine’s Day

Today being Valentine’s Day Love is just everywhere and from card shops to cafes to hotels and films; it is this wonderful emotion that is dominating the scene today. Jodi Love Dile Na Praane is gearing up for release this month and this film also deals essentially with the various stages of love. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta caught up with Tollywood actor Abir Chatterjee at the music launch of his New Bengali film at Park Plaza to talk about his views on this Day of Love and also his character in the new Bengali Movie Jodi Love Dile Na Praane.

So here we have Abir Chatterjee on Valentine’s Day talking about his New Movie Jodi Love Dile Na Praane, Relationships, Love and More …

Click Play to Listen to Abir Chatterjee Talk about Valentine’s Day

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaValentine’s Day is just around the corner. What is your take on the day?

Abir Chatterjee– Frankly I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day in my life. Hence I do not have much idea on this issue. However I have no objections to celebrating Valentine’s Day. All the very best from me for those individuals who will be celebrating a day specially dedicated to love. Celebrating such a day is not a sinful act. Celebrating love must always be appreciated. There are many people who are engaged in wrong deeds. At least the people who are celebrating Valentine’s Day will be doing something good out of love.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaYou had a love marriage. Despite the fact that you have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, what tips would you like to give to the love struck couples?

Abir Chatterjee– Every relationship is a big responsibility. When we are in a relationship we feel that this is the ultimate relationship. But that may not be the case. Breakups do happen. What is important is to be honest in the relationship. Honesty matters. Often breakups happen due to this lack of honesty. It is very important to argue at times. That increases the love in a relationship. However, one must see to it that the arguments do not blow up into quarrels. I have also seen people who are in a relationship and they are not at all happy. It is important to be in a relationship and also be happy. Another important thing to remember is the fact that breakups happen. But one must never think of the breakup and embitter things. That will only increase the stress in life of an individual. Already we are too much stressed. Why add more to our life….

Abir Chatterjee on Valentine’s Day

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaCan you throw some light on the character that you are playing in the film Jodi Love Dile Na Praane?

Abir Chatterjee– I play the role of Anish Chatterjee in the film. He works in a newspaper office. He is a typical family man. But on seeing him one can understand that he is holding something back. He is not expressing himself properly. The film goes in flashback mode and shows Anish twenty years ago when he was then called Sona Da. Sona da is the typical North Kolkata boy. He goes for and dances his heart out in the idol immersion processions, participates in cultural events and tries to woo girls. This is the typical North Kolkata boy who could be found in the 1990’s time period in the city. They are not seen now though. The highlight of this character is that the boy who was once so full of life has now become a reserved individual. What led to this change is what you will get to discover in the movie..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaHow did you prepare yourself for this role? Or could you relate with it?

Abir Chatterjee– I could relate with it partially and I had to prepare for the other part. Playing the role of the twenty-something lad was easy as I have passed that age. However the challenge was playing the role of the forty something man as I am yet to reach that age. I had to think of how to act and get the mannerisms correct. However I did not have much of issues with it as I was working with Sudeshna di and Abhishek da and when I work with them, no problem is ever a problem for me. They are like a family and I had even done my first film with them. I am personally a fan of Sukanta Ganguly’s novels. I have read his novels. I have done this simply to get a grasp of how the characters work or behave in his books. That helps a lot in the portrayal onscreen.

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana BangalianaWhat expectations do you have from this film?

Abir Chatterjee– This is a simple story on love. Love is an important element in every human being’s life. Jodi Love Dile Na Praane is a simple story with all the Bengali elements in them. Love has been analyzed in this film. There is a need for love always in our lives. With the increasing of age of a person the definition of love changes for the person. The film essentially deals with this very concept of love and I am hopeful that the audience will love it.

Abir Chatterjee on Valentine’s Day

The film has four songs which have been composed by Raja Narayan Deb. Benny Dayal has even recorded a Bengali song for the movie for the first time. Haath Baralei Bondhu is a peppy track and has been sung by Zinia Deb and written by Dipangshu Acharya. Srijato has penned the lyrics of Paltabe Somoy. This song has been sung by Ishita Chakraborty and Dibyendu Mukherjee. Ek Chokh Swapno has been sung by Rupankar. There is a Atul Prasad Sen number in the film too and has been sung by newcomer Soumya Pal. The music of this film is fast, romantic and melodious.

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Obhisopto Nighty Songs have an Interesting Twist; Music Launched at CC1 Kolkata

Obhisopto Nighty, the film whose name has been creating a sensation amongst the people in the city recently had the music launch program at City Centre 1. Present at the music launch of this film were Tollywood actor Parambrata Chatterjee, singer Jojo, Music Composer Indraadip Dasgupta, Prosen and the director Birsa Dasgupta.

“The film Obhisopto Nighty is about a nighty which passes from one woman to another over the years and with it passes on the obhishap (curse) that the nighty is known to behold. The nighty carries with it the curse of a woman who has been unrequited in her love. She commits suicide and becomes a nightie. This nighty is in search of true love now. The magic of the film lies in the fact that whoever wears this particular night wear falls in love” said director Birsa Dasgupta at the music launch ceremony.

The music of this film is very important and Indraadip Dasgupta has tried to present something creative with the Obhisopto Nighty Songs. There are four songs in the film. Prosen, Bodha and Srijato have penned the lyrics of this film. The song “Roddur” will be heard both in male and female version. The other songs include “Ei to sobe shuru”, “amar bou palalo” and “Sadher lighty”. Arijit Singh, Samidh Mukherjee, Dibyendu Mukherjee, Monali Thakur and Papon have lent their voices to the songs in this film.

Speaking on the occasion singer Jojo who has also acted in this film said “This is the first time that I have worn such a sexy nighty. I must thank the director for letting me wear such a sexy piece of night wear”. Parambrata urged the assembled audience at City Centre 1 to watch the film as they will be entertained. “I will not give away much of the story but I can assure that this movie has all the ingredients needed to make a great entertaining film” said the actor.

The film releases on Valentine’s Day, 14th February and hopefully it will be a treat for the audience.

Priyanka Dutta

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The Royal Bengal Tiger Song Now Live on You Tube

The Royal Bengal Tiger song

This year’s much awaited Bengali regional film ‘The Royal Bengal Tiger’ starring Tollywood superstar Jeet and the well-known actor AbirChaterjee has already got its audience waiting eagerly for its release. The wait for the song from the Bengali movie is now over.

The Royal Bengal Tiger song

The movie is a highly motivational film for the masses. The song is picturized on Jeet and AbirChaterjee whose personality traits are poles apart. It depicts Jeet’s fearless and rebellious attitude and AbirChaterjee’s fearful nature. The song is very motivational and encouraging.

The Royal Bengal Tiger Song has already started creating a buzz amongst the eagerly waiting Bengali audience :


The Royal Bengal Tiger | Bondhu full song HD | Jeet, Abir Chaterjee, Priyanka Sarkar & Shraddha Das. (You Tube)




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