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Colors Bangla New Serial Pita; Struggle of a Daughter-in-law to Seek Justice for Her Father-in-law


Colors Bangla has come up with a new story focusing on the relationship of the parents with their children. Kanai is a born artist and is over sixty year age. He is a famous Baul and has never got the opportunity to be in the lime light for his talent in his entire lifespan. Many music companies used his songs but Kanai never received a justified remuneration from them. He is a self-motivated singer who stays at Bolpur. Kanai is a great teacher and has been a responsible and loving father for his children. He struggled a lot to establish his own children but they became so ambitious that they left their father alone at his old age. Veteran actor Abhishek Chatterjee will be seen playing the role of Kanai.

Sharadiya one of his students loves him like a father. She feels him deeply and she always takes a lot of care for this creative and genius man who is apparently alone in this world. In turn of events she comes to their family as the daughter-in-law of Kanai and is stunned to see her father-in-law in this state shunned by his own family members. Sharadiya starts fighting for this lonely man who gets kicked off by his own children. The story is all about the fight of the daughter-in-law for his father-in-law’s existence. How she fights against all odds to establish an identity for her father-in-law is to be seen in this heartfelt story.

Watch this heartfelt story of father and his daughter-in-law in Pita premiering on 17th October every Mon-Sat at 7.30 pm only on Colors Bangla!!

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Colors Bangla New Serial Ki Kore Toke Bolbo; Story About Love at Juvenile Home


Life comes in a package of good and bad experiences. We need to learn from the bad experiences and usher in the good experiences to lead a happy life. The story of “Ki Kore Toke Bolbo” is quite unconventional and revolves around two minors Udaan and Jannat who fall in love at a juvenile home. Both of them have a gory past and they are sent to a juvenile home and it is where their journey starts.

Jannat (played by Soumi Chakraborty) was a happy go lucky girl who always believed in small happiness in life. She spread the same message amongst her family members consisting her father, mother and elder sister. In a turn of events she took the blame of murdering a man and thus is sent to a juvenile home.

In the same juvenile home, she meets Udaan (played by Dwaipayan Chakraborty), a spoilt brat, 17-year-old son of the renowned heart specialist Debidas Chatterjee.  Udaan grew out to be a rebel, a rude and rough young boy and a cause for Debidas’s worry. He always felt irritated and frustrated with everyone around. Udaan was once accused of murdering a friend and thus was sent to the juvenile home.

It is here that Jannat and Udaan come and meet each other but from a different background. Finally, the day of their release comes but Jannat and Udaan are madly in love and cannot think of staying away from each other. What will happen now? Will they be able to convince their parents and live together?

Watch Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, every Monday-Saturday from October 17th at 6.30 PM only on Colors Bangla.

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ETV Bangla Duronto Dupur; Entertaining Afternoons Starting this Poila Baisakh

ETV Duronto Dupur 068

“Bengalis Sleep in the afternoon as they do not have anything interesting to look forward to”, says Mr. Ravish Kumar Executive Vice President, Viacom 18 and Business Head Regional Channels, ETV Bangla and in order to give us Bengalis something to really look forward to, the popular Bengali channel ETV Bangla has come up with this unique concept of Duronto Dupur which, as the name suggests will make the afternoons more dynamic and entertaining.

The time slot between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm has been named ETV Bangla Duronto Dupur as it is during these four hours that ETV Bangla will be airing four highly entertaining and captivating programs, namely Gouridaan, Shesh Theke Shuru, Durgesh Nandini and Parar Shera Bouthan.

ETV Duronto Dupur 046

The program details are as follows:

Gouridaan which is being produced by Shree Venkatesh Films is the Bengali Adaptation of Popular Hindi Serial Balika Vadhu aired on Colors TV. This mega-serial, along with being a medium of entertainment will also be a source of education as here the makers have tried to highlight various malpractices that are prevalent in today’s society.

Shesh Theke Shuru which is being produced by Star couple Jisshu U Sengupta and Nilanjanaa Sengupta is again about the ills of society highlighted with the story of a girl Poymanti who has to face innumerable hardships in life just because she is said to be unlucky.

Durgesh Nandini which is being directed by Tarun Majumdar definitely needs no introduction as it is based on Bankim Chandra’s novel. This daily soap has been made on the lines of a mega movie and is probably one of the most costly productions of ETV which the channel has high expectations from.

Parar Shera Bouthan which has popular Bengali Singer Aneek Dhar as the anchor is a game show that physically reaches out to the Kolkata households and gets the Bengali Boudis to play along and win attractive prizes. This show, as was revealed by Rittika Roy, Programming Head ETV Bangla has already received great support from the masses as ever since the schedule has started, the team has been receiving overwhelming response from all the paras that they visit.

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ETV Bangla Duronto Dupur

With these four serials, ETV Bangla has made an effort to make an entry into and completely win over an untapped zone as the afternoon time slot is one that many have tried to experiment with even though the fact remains that it is probably the only time when the people who are busy with household chores all day get time to relax for a while and thus watch television at ease.