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Interview: Kanchan Mullick on Comedy, Theater, Acting and an Actors Learning Process

Kanchan Mallick Exclusive Interview (You Tube)

He may be thin, lanky and not as good looking but is one who can ensure that not one sitting in the audience can remain still and sullen for over five minutes after he starts with his gig and this marvelous actor, better known as comedian is none other than Kanchan Mullick. On behalf of Sholoana Bangaliana Television actor Arnab Bhattacharya engaged this fine actor and wonderful human being in a heart to heart chat. Excerpts from the conversation for the Sholoana Bangaliana readers.

Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaYou have shifted base from the small screen to the big screen. Can you throw some light on your journey till now?

Kanchan Mullick– I started acting in theatre and have been associated with a theatre group for the past twenty four years. From there I shifted base to serials. The first serial I acted in was never aired and most people know Janata Express as my career’s first. This was a serial based on the life of Tenida. Shiboprasad is a great friend and Nandita di was introduced to me by him. I was apprehensive as I was the sole earning member of the family. And shifting to the big screen was a bit of uncertainty for me. I was not good looking and I will describe myself as handicap looking. However l was lucky and for the past nineteen years, the audience has been accepting me with open hearts as the character artist despite my lack of good looks. My main aim is always to entertain the audience as it is because of them that I still exist.

Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaYou are describing yourself as a handicap artist as per the looks. But if we go back in the history of Bengali cinema, artists like Chinmoy Roy also had the same lanky look when younger age. What do you have to say about that?

Kanchan Mullick– I believe that performance matters. However there is always a preconceived notion that heroes must be good looking and tall while the heroines must be beautiful and sexy. Lama, Rudranil and I broke all these notions when we entered the industry. It is with our performances that we have been able to convince the directors that looks, though important do not define talent and it is one’s performance that eventually matters.


Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaTill now only comedy has been your forte and you are known as a comedian. Have you ever felt that your acting potentials in the other spheres of acting have not been explored by the directors?

Kanchan MullickCharlie Chaplin said that comedy is the finest form of acting. The person who can excel in comedy can excel in genre of acting. Great actors like Tulsi Chakraborty and Bhanu Bandopadhyay had given such wonderful performances in comic roles but they never cried over the fact that they were only cast in comic roles. Then who am I? I have worked in Jatras, machas and in other art forms and have been appreciated by the audience. My biggest reward comes when audiences wait for me in remote villages and clap enthusiastically when I go on stage, even if it is at one at night in the winters.


Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaWhat changes do you notice in the anchoring style of today and that used to be presented when you were primarily on stage?

Kanchan Mullick– I will not demean anyone. But I feel that it is very essential to listen when you are an anchor. When we did the anchoring, we did not have Wikipedia or Google to help us out. We depended more on what the audience said and then reacted accordingly. This helped in forming a bond with the audience and anchoring accordingly.

Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaCan you tell us about your journey in the world of theater? You have known Mr.Kaushik Sen for a long time. How has that helped you?

Kanchan Mullick– I have known him for the past twenty four years. It is under his guidance that I understood the basics of acting. This has helped me immensely. An actor can be anything- gardener, king, hero, lawyer and others. This wide range is what no one else will be able to do. Theatre has created a base for me. Theatre is like a school for me.

Arnab Bhattacharya, Sholoana BangalianaDo you feel that the directors have not extracted the best out of you yet?

Kanchan Mullick– A creative person dies when he feels that he has done everything. The main element of a creative person is to keep on experimenting. The day I feel I have done everything, I will die creatively. I want to do a Julius Ceasar and a Hamlet too. I simply want to entertain the audience. I cannot simply tolerate an unsmiling face or a face with tears. I try and spread happiness with my acting.

The interview was just as entertaining as his acts have always been and Team Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the actor all the best for his future creative endeavors and hopes to see him spreading smiles for many more years to come.


Arnab Bhattacharya

Mr. Arnab Bhattacharya is a multi-talented television artist who brings with him 14 years of industry experience and expertise in the feilds of theater, poetry and acting. Mr. Bhattacharya has acted in popular Bangla serials like Crime Diary (ETV Bangla), Sati (Zee Bangla), Bhasha (Star Jalsha), Ishti Kutum (Star Jalsha) and is currently essaying the role of Chapal Bhairagi in one of ETV Bangla’s most popular serials Hiyar Majhe.

Arnab’s filmography includes short films like Sando Da, Magic, Calcutta -16 and a full length feature film Teen Kahon by Boudhayan Mukherjee.

Watch Video Interview: Aditi Mittal, One of India’s cutest and wittiest Lady Comedians (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive)

live stand up comedy

Aditi Mittal is one of the top ten comedians of India and has made a niche for herself in the comedy circuit of the country. Aditi was recently in Kolkata to perform for the Kalkutta Komedians Ladies Night and literally was the show stopper of the otherwise not so funny evening. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with Aditi backstage and had a wonderful time interviewing  the cute, bubbly comedian: (Excerpts)


Why Comedy?

I don’t know how to do anything else. I would probably last exactly eight minutes in a corporate job and I have found myself in a wonderful place with comedy so it’s all comedy. In fact, if not comedy I would probably be trying to get into comedy so it’s just comedy and all comedy for me.


Comedy has always been a male dominated area, so what was your experience trying to create a niche for yourself in this particular field?

To be honest, when I started out, I was not aware that comedy is primarily a man’s area but as I started working more I eventually realized that this is more or less the general impression. But I hadn’t heard it when I started and it didn’t deter me even later on and I do not think this should actually deter any other woman trying to get into comedy. In fact nursing was supposed to be a masculine field but now it is inundated with women,  secretaries were supposed to be males at one point of time but now that too is inundated with women, so it’s just about the time actually.

live comedy video

Do you watch our Indian comedy shows on television? Your views on that…

Yes with Archana Puran Singh and Siddhu Ji, I quite enjoy it and am glad that now comedy has such a huge platform. Though, having said that I also feel that there is a serious dearth of satire as it is mostly promotional stuff for Bollywood films and even borderlines on misogynistic at times which personally I do not like but the comedy scene, even live comedy has been facilitated by its advent on television so it’s all for good, more comedy for everybody.

live standup comedy

Do you think, the scene of comedy in India has changed from what it was before?

Yes very much so. Though even right now we are in its most nascent stage possible, about three years ago it didn’t even exist. Right now there are about 20-25 working comedians all over the country and we’ve been so fortunate to get this platform and the kind of work that we are doing.


Now that you are in Kolkata, have you already tried out the Rosogollas?

O Yes! I am all about the Rosogollas. I went to Flury’s today and saw everything, (realized my thighs are too big for the place)


coemdian Aditi Mittal

What is it that you do not like about Kolkata?

Kolkata is slow as hell and the traffic!!! Everyone is more chilled out than I thought. People here even talk so slow and do everything so slowly. But yes overall it’s nice to be here.


Watch : Interview, Cute Comedian Aditi Mittal, (Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive) (You Tube)

As our viewers might have already seen, the entire four minute chat session with the funniest and wittiest lady comedian was more of a “Bengali style adda session” than a formal interview and Sholoana Bangaliana would like to Thank Aditi for infusing laughter into our otherwise mundane lives in her own cute ways.

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