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Tata Salt’s Innovative Campaign ‘Sehat ki Goonj’ Held During Durga Puja


Tata Salt kicked off celebrations for “Durga Puja-2016”, in Kolkata in a special way. Keeping with the brand promise of ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’, Tata Salt launched an innovative campaign called ‘Sehat ki Goonj’ or “Swasth er Protidhwani” in order to help women understand the problem related to Anemia.


A ‘Shankh’ or Conch holds high regard in Hindu religion and culture. The sound of the sea shell is believed to eradicate all negative energies and usher in wellbeing before the start of something new or auspicious. In line with that thought, Tata Salt Plus ushered its “Sehat ki Goonj” campaign where a large conch was put up at the FD Block Salt Lake City pandal. At the pandal, women were invited to blow the conch and the decibel units produced by them while blowing a conch for over fifteen to twenty seconds were recorded.  Since blowing a conch requires strength and stamina, the decibels produced by each woman will give an insight into the health of women at large.

Through this activation, Tata Salt Plus aimed to showcase that iron plays an important role in making a person healthier and stronger. Tata Salt Plus has also created a special musical rendition for “Sehat Ki Goonj” which was inspired from Raag Shuddha Kalyan and Raag Bhairav that is known for good health and end of evil.

Priyanka Dutta

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