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Audio Music Album of Bengali film Conditions Apply Released; Mumtaz Sorcar to Play the Role of a Gender Neutral Actress

Video: Audio Music Album Launch of Bengali Film Conditions Apply

“The songs in the film are hard hitting and will be helpful in revealing the hypocrisy that many people show in our society” said music director Chirantan Banerjee at the music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply.


Also present at the occasion were Mumtaz Sorcar, Rajesh Sharma, Suchandra Vaniya, Usashi, producer Vinod Lahoti and director Amitava Bhattacharya.

The film Conditions Apply is about a renowned Bengali actress Chitrangada. She is gender neutral and what happens in her life after this news becomes public is what the film all about.


Speaking about the music, director Amitava Bhattacharya said “The lyrics are very much interlinked with the plot of the story. When you will listen to the songs, you will be able to understand the latent grief of the characters of the film”. The director who is immensely hopeful about his film also added that there is an audience base who is watching these films and these kinds of films are also getting acceptance.


Chirantan Banerjee who has composed the music of this film said “The lyrics are the king of the songs. There are three songs in the film which have been sung by me, Silajit da and Somlata. The song Lyangta has a Hindi version too in the album which takes the song count to four. We hope the songs get good appreciation from the audience”.


Mumtaz Sorcar, fresh from the success of her debut Bollywood film Saala Khadoos, will be seen in the role of Chitrangada in the film. “While many people are telling me that my character in Saala Khadoos was a difficult one, I personally believe that I have been more drained out while portraying Chitrangada. This has indeed been a difficult character to showcase in front of the camera”.


The cinematography is by Naiyer Ghufran and the background music is by Raja Narayan Deb.

Conditions Apply will release on 4th March.

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Upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply First Look Launched


The first look launch of the upcoming Bengali film Conditions Apply took place recently in the presence of the cast and the director Amitava Bhattacharya.

The film Conditions Apply is the story of an actress named Chitrangada who is gender neutral. What happens to her life and career when the world knows about her is what the film all about.


Speaking about his film, director Amitava Bhattacharya said “Sex revolution is one of the prime things taking place in the society. Sexual orientation is a heated topic among the people. Hence I thought of taking up this topic for my film”.


Mumtaz Sorcar who plays the role of Chitrangada in the film mentioned that the role challenged her more than the other roles that she had played till now. “The character has many shades. One day the graph went up and the other day it went down. Adjusting to the character was stressful. I even cried on the sets one day. Now the verdict is going to be given by the audiences” said the actress.


The music of the film has been composed by Chirantan Banerjee while the background music has been done by Raja Narayan Deb. Silajit, Somlata and Chirantan lent their voices to the songs of this film.

With a stellar cast and a great story, Conditions Apply will indeed be an interesting film to look out for!!

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