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Preview: Tollywood Bangla movie Neel Swapno starring Dolon Roy

Watch : Dolon Roy, Divya and Aakash talk about their roles in Nil Swapno (You Tube)


Director Shyamal Bosu’s Neel Swapno is a movie of dreams, aspirations, love and tough choices that defines today’s youth and in keeping with the plot and theme of the movie even the cast that has been chosen is a group of young talented actors.

Team Sholoana Bangaliana met the director, producer and actors of the movie during the music launch which was held in Press Club Kolkata and here’s what each one had to say about the movie.

Kolkata Tollywood bengali actress

Actress Priya

Let’s start with the captain of the ship, Director Shyamal Bosu:

When asked about the story line, choice of actors and upcoming projects, this is what Mr. Bosu had to say:

“Neel Swapno has got a compact plot and is quite different from other Bengali films. It will not be possible for me to make such films where hero comes and saves the heroine from the villain, fighting with hundreds of people alone. I emphasize on the compactness of the plot and a good story. Neel Swapno is exactly that. Most of the actors and actresses are new and in course of the shooting I sometimes scolded them, sometimes guided them with love, but we all enjoyed the work. My upcoming film is Nayantara (with the same producer) which is going to be released after a couple of months. It will also have a good story line that the audience would love. I like to make films from stories and so Bashikaran by Rabindranath is in my imagination.”

Kolkata Tollywood Bengali actress beautiful Dolon Roy

Actress Dolon Roy

We then spoke to the one of the most sought after actresses of Tollywood, Dolon Roy who was seen in one of the industry’s biggest hits Charulata 2011 and will now be again seen in Tollywood Bangla movie Alik Sukh and Unishe August and asked her about her upcoming projects, the movie Neel Swapno and even her experience of working with the director and this what the Tollywood beauty had to say:

“Neel Swapno is a movie that has a healthy combination of the movie making style of today and of the golden period of Tollywood”, “As a director Shyamal Bosu is a wonderful person to work with as he is honest and very clear about what he wants out of his actors which makes working with him very easy”.

new kolkata bangla movie

Divya and Aakash


Debutant Divya, who is playing the role of Rebecca in the movie, says that she has high hopes from the movie as her character in the film where she is playing the role of a career oriented woman is absolutely in alignment with her inherent nature as she too is extremely focused on her career. Divya also said that she is extremely fortunate to have Shyamal Bosu as her director because he has in a great way contributed to her learning process. Divya is currently in Mumbai working on some Bollywood projects and is also doing a reality show.

We also spoke to the lead actor of the Tollywood Bangla movie, debutant Aakash who expressed his gratitude towards the director and producer for having given him the opportunity and for having faith in him. Aaksh is playing the role of Ayan in the movie who hails from a village and is a struggling photographer. Aaksh has portrayed various shades of love, passion, ambition and struggle in the movie and feels that people should watch Neel Swopno as it is a very candid representation of the life, aspirations and dreams of the youth of today.

Jaipan industries owner Mr. Subodh Chajjer who is the producer of the film says,

“I wanted to venture into the Bengali film industry and was only waiting for a good director and a good story. So, when, Shyamalda came to me with the proposal of Neel Swapno I immediately complied with. The film is sure to succeed as it has got a compact story line and over all the directorial skill of Shyamalda is fabulous. Moreover, the songs are fabulous and will definitely be liked by the audience.

I want to be in Bengali film industry in future also and my next film is Nayantara which would be released shortly”.

From the looks of it, Neel Swopno is expected to primarily influence the youth of today as they will be able to see their own stories being told in some or the other way. The music of the film has been directed by Chanda Roy Chowdhury & Mrinal Gayan and the tracks have been beautifully organized and are hummable. Sri. Shyamal Bosu has also done the lyrics for the movie along with Mrinal Gayan, thus bringing to the fore his creative genius in full throttle.

The audience should go to the theaters to watch this one of a kind of a movie.