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New Kolkata Bangla movie on Rape and punishment of the criminals by the dead girl’s ghost

new kolkata bangla movieK-Se is a New Kolkata Bangla movie and the directorial debut of Saugata Biswas who aims at making a unique mark in the Bengali film industry. The film is about how the rapists of a young, college going girl pay for their crime that the conventional judicial system failed to acknowledge. Shot in different locations, this film is expected to bear a different flag in the mainstream Bengali film industry not only because of its concept but also due to its release at such a time when the society is constantly witnessing horrors and bloodshed. Saugata Biswas’s directorial skill has been complemented with the dialogues and screenplay of Tilak Acharya and the music from Sandip Singha.

The story of K-Say has Uma (Richa Das) at its center. Uma studies in an engineering college, far from Kolkata and stays at the college hostel. Being a bit introvert in nature Uma has only a few friends, Neeraj (Avijit) being closest of them all. One evening while returning from a party Uma get stranded on a dark road after her vehicle succumbs to mechanical failure. Taking the advantage of her plight in a not so populated area four men offers her a lift, but actually rapes her and leaves her on the road to die. After spending a few days at the hospital Uma succumbs to death and her fight for justice goes denied as the police investigation fails to table any hard evidence against the perpetrators. A few years pass by and all the four criminals continue living a happy life until each of them gets a girlfriend. These four women are separate in nature but always avoid meeting together. In a turn of events, the boys die one by one, though no one can cite a feasible explanation for their death. Though Neeraj thinks that Uma, who died long has returned in some form and are responsible for the deaths of the criminals, the reality remains hidden in the climax of the film.

Supernatural elements have not been explored that much in Bengali film industry and K-Say aims at doing exactly that. According to Saugata Biswas, the film is a blend of supernatural essence and an underlying truth that crime never goes unpaid. With increasing social violence and horror, delivering the right justice is more important than ever and this film underscores this importance in unambiguous terms.

The shooting of the film was conducted mainly in three locations― Durgapur, Kolkata and Baruipur, a suburb of Kolkata. It is noteworthy that while songs play an important role in Indian films, K-Say has only one song, though several unique background scores are there to complement the situation in the film. The concept in the brainchild of non other than the producer of the film Mrigendra M. Dhar himself who had a long cherished desire to invest in such a film that would have a social impact.

Though at times the storyline of K-Say resembles some real life incidents, it would be inept to term it as a direct translation of those incidents. This New Kolkata Bangla movie is set to release in the first week of September and is expected to become a huge success in the box office.

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Nirbhoya with its interesting subplots set to hit theaters soon

What do you think should be the reason behind choosing the name of the movie as “Nirbhoya”? Is it to relate to the Delhi mishap and generate public interest or is it a genuine effort to bring to the fore some similar wrongs of the society? Well, to know more about it, let’s see what this new Bengali movie “Nirbhoya” has to offer.

Milan Bhowmick who is already a few films old has been handed the director’s responsibility for this movie which is to be produced under the banners of Sambit Media And Productions with producer Sanjib Samaddar.

The story of Nirbhoya through its various subplots is set to highlight the circumstances under which girls are subjected to sexual assault. It also brings to the fore few issues that pass unnoticed as people are afraid of reporting them.  The subplots of the story will be each girls’ narration of the harrowing experiences she has gone through under different circumstances.

While the movie boasts of a rich star cast with veteran actors like Soumitra Chatterjee, Sreelekha Mitra, Mrinal Mukherjee, Baadsha Maitra, Biplab Chatterjee, Rajesh Sharma and Asish Vidyarthi, few fresh faces like Jayshree, Raaj, Riya, Meghali And Amrapali will be seen adding that much needed glamour to this otherwise very serious looking movie. Shuvashish Mukherjee, Gouri Shankar Panda and Romen Roychowdhury will also be seen essaying significant roles.

The music and the background scores of the movie are expected to be quite impressive as icons like Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and others have done the playback. Arunava Chakravarty, the music director is sure to bask in the glory of a big musical hit with this movie.

With cinematography by B. Satish and action sequences by action director Judo Ramu along with Milan Bhowmick’s direction the movie is expected to highly appeal to the audience.

With Nirbhoya, the filmmakers have not only tried to highlight some rampant wrongs of the society but have also tried to create general awareness and evoke the conscience of people so that the society together can put a strong foot forward in protest of the injustice and insecurity that we are forced to live with.