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Just the Right Diwali Treat; UK’s Curry King Pat Chapman Brings Grills of the World to Barbeque Nation Kolkata


UK’s Curry King Pat Chapman will be presenting fourteen new marinades for the people of Kolkata during this ongoing festive season at Barbeque Nation. This partnering with the Curry King and Barbeque Nation will help in giving the customers a unique barbeque experience. The celebrity chef who has an in-depth knowledge about spices will be making the customers go ga-ga over his barbequed dishes that he will be preparing.


Patrick Lawrence Chapman has often been hailed as ‘The Ambassador of Indian Food’ and the ‘Curry Leader’ by eminent food critics in Britain. Pat was a regular guest chef on the leading luxury liner, the QE2 for many years. He has also worked for the Taj and the Hilton. His understanding of spices is so detailed that he has often been called by the Indian Government to deliver lecture on spices.

Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in the restaurant circuit in India to promote the concept of ‘DIY’ or also known as do-it-yourself. The restaurant chain also introduced the concept of live on the table grill concept in India. Barbeque Nation has therefore captured the place for the largest casual dining brand in India. The menu is inspired from various places in the Mediterranean, American, Oriental, Asian and Indian subcontinent.


For the ‘Pat Chapman Grills The World’ Food Fest, some of the dishes which will be included are the Yorkshire Marinade, Worcestershire Marinade, the Spanish Valencia Marinade, the Lebanon ~ Arabian Marinade, Persian Marinade, the hot American Texican Marinade, Albuquerque Atomic Marinade, New Orleans Incendiary Marinade, Aztec ~ Mole Poblano Marinade, the Jamaican Jerk Marinade, the Outback Emu, the Mighty Hot Mai Thai and Chinese Sichuan.

Pat Chapman will also be hosting a special cook out show on those days when he will be behind the counter.

So hurry up and rush to the nearest Barbeque Nation outlet to savor the Specialty grills this festive season.

Priyanka Dutta

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