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Bollywood Actor Govinda Present at Grand Finale of Dance Bangla Dance Junior


Dance Bangla Dance Junior Grand Finale which will be aired soon will have Bollywood actor Govinda seated in the judges’ seat alongside Jisshu Sengupta, Ankush and Srabanti. The dancing reality show which had been gaining much TRP’s since the day it began will have ten dancers competing for the ultimate glory.

Govinda who considers Kolkata to be one of his favorite cities mentioned that he had a home here too. Highlighting on his Kolkata connection, the Bollywood star also mentioned that his next film Aa Gaya Hero has an actress from Kolkata, Richa Sharma.


Looking gorgeous in a red sari, actress Srabanti said “I will be missing the show a lot. I have already started to miss it. The coming to the sets, the shoots, the team and mostly the kids will be missed tremendously. Whoever wins and whoever loses- for me every child is a winner. My only word of advice is that they must not think that this is the end. This is just the beginning for them. They must work hard and continue to do so”.


Govinda who was excited to watch the kids’ performances said “Kids amaze me always. I am looking forward to what they will do. Now-a-days musical exercise is the dominant dance style. I am not telling that it is bad. Staying fit is good. But doing that kind of dance gives the common people idea that they cannot do them. However if you look at the kind of dance that I did, it did not look like I was dancing. It was just another scene from the film. If a contestant can do that kind of dance, I will be very entertained”.

Ankush while getting his makeup done said “I and Srabanti were new to this kind of experience. We have never judged a show before- leave aside a show full of kids. Thankfully Jisshu da was there and he could guide us. He had done such shows before. The kids were also very co-operative and that helped a lot in the judging”.


Srabanti further added that she learnt a new step “fan ho gaya” during the course of the show. Now when she goes for shows at some place, the audience asks her to do that step.

The grand finale will see the participants delivering their best on the stage. Govinda will be seen dancing and matching steps with him will be the three judges of the dance reality show.


The Grand Finale will be aired on 27th November at 8pm only on Zee Bangla. Do not miss it!

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Rituparna Sengupta to Debut as Television Host with Zee Bangla’s Home Minister Bouma


Home Minister Bouma will see actress Rituparna Sengupta turn anchor for the first time. The show which will be shown on Zee Bangla will see the feisty actress in a new role for the first time. The actress may have come to different shows on Zee Bangla for promotions but this is her first stint as an anchor.

The show is directed by Abhishek Mitra who had earlier acted as the creative producer of Mirakkel, Dance Bangla Dance and other shows. The show consists of a total of five rounds. The first round is Bouma ekai akso. This is a buzzer round and the participant will play the round with their husband. There will be four participants and there will be twelve questions. Participants will get gifts at the end of the round with the help of a special game of throwing the ball.


The second round is Superfast Bouma. In this buzzer round the participant will be accompanied by their mother-in-law. The participant will run after a pressure cooker and answer questions. There is no prize and the participants will only get 100 points for correct answer and minus 100 points for incorrect answer. This is an elimination round and one participant will be eliminated.

The third round is Superhit Bouma. The participant in this buzzer round will be accompanied by their sister-in-law or brother-in-law. There will be prizes in this round and one participant will be eliminated.

The fourth round is Home Minister Bouma. Again the sister-in-law or the brother-in-law can accompany the participant. Nabaratna will be played in this round and there will be nine questions for the two participants.

The last round, Champion Bouma is a solo round. This is a game changer round and bonus gifts can be won in this round.


Rituparna Sengupta was selected for the role of anchor as she is a perfect embodiment of a woman who can manage both her personal and professional life well. She was the brand ambassador of a show Boudimoni many years ago. “This is a new journey for me. Zee approached me many times but I was skeptical whether I would be able to do justice to the task assigned to me. With this show, I will be interacting live with the audience. Television is a new world for me. I have a new look every day. I just hope that I achieve equal success in television as I have received in the films” said the actress.

With the shooting of four films going on at the moment, the actress said “I have a signed an agreement with Zee where it states that the shooting will be done whenever I will have the time. It is in this way that I will be managing the time between films and television”.

There will be fifty four episodes at the moment. This show is different from the other shows as this will not only have physical activity but also tease the brain of the contestants with the questions.

The new show Home Minister Bouma will begin from 20th October, 9.30 pm, Thursday to Friday on Zee Bangla.

Priyanka Dutta

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Dance Bangla Dance Grand Finale on 8th June; Dona Ganguly and Tollywood Actors Special Judges


Dance Bangla Dance which began with a bang this season with Dev as the captain has reached its penultimate stage. The dance reality show that has been a high TRP grosser for the Bengali channel Zee Bangla is now coming to an end.

The finale episode will have Dev and special judges will include Rachana Banerjee, Jishu Sengupta, Dona Ganguly and Srabanti. The dance reality show which began sixty six episodes before has now six participants competing for the title in the final episode. The six participants left in the show are Riki, Avyan, Ratan, Chayanika, Tulsi and Sangeeta.


Dev and Srabanti made the entry by performing to the song “Dujone” from the film Dujone. Dev in between the performances also made fun of Srabanti’s bubbly look. As an answer to Dev’s pranks, Srabanti said “I prefer my bubbly image rather than the stick thin figure. Moreover bubbly is in and I do not ever want to be size zero”. In an off shoulder pink corset blouse and matching pink sari, she looked dazzling. The stage was on fire when she performed the song “Sedin Dekha Hoechilo” with Dev. The other special judges also made dramatic entries. Jishu made an entry by performing to songs like “Gandi Baat” and “Saree ke phalsa” while Rachana danced to “Sawaar loon”. Dona Ganguly performed to “Premero joware”.


The participants displayed great enthusiasm and performed with confidence in front of the judges. One participant paid tribute to Sourav Ganguly while the other danced to a popular hit song named “Dhating Nach”.

To know who the winner is among the six participants watch the grand finale of Dance Bangla Dance that will be aired on 8th June at 7pm. Do not miss it.

Priyanka Dutta

Dance Bangla Dance Mythology Special Episode to be Aired on May 30 and 31


What happens when the various Hindu gods and goddesses come down on the stage? It leads to total fun and enjoyment for the viewers/devotees. In case you are wondering what is the actual story behind stating these lines then you will be very excited to know that Zee Bangla’s dance reality show will be having a “Mythology” episode this week and the special guest for this week’s episode will be Tollywood actress Sayantika.


The Mythology episode will have contestants dressed up in the guise of various gods and goddesses like Maa Kali, Shiva and many more. It will be a fun-filled episode with the contestants giving in their best efforts at proving their merit at performing such dance forms.

In a yellow sari and side parted open tresses, Sayantika increased the glam quotient of the show considerably. Sayantika will be seen performing with Dev with whom she has worked in Rajib Biswas’s upcoming Bengali film Bindaas. The film will be releasing on the auspicious occasion of Eid.


The Mythology episode will be aired on 30th and 31st of May. Do not miss the chance of watching your favorite contestants perform in the guise of the mythological gods and goddesses. You will be surely entertained.

Priyanka Dutta

Didi Number 1 Special Episode to be Aired on March 27 Evening; Celebration of the Mother-Daughter Relationship

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (3)

Popular reality show on Zee Bangla Didi Number 1 is in its fifth season. The show which had seen actresses like June Maliah, Rachana Banerjee as anchors has eminent actress Debasree Roy in its fifth edition. The program which is immensely popular among the audience had its grand opening on November 17 2013. Continuing with the trend of giving the audience surprises, the show has come up with the special Maa-Meye episode in the show. The episode will feature a bunch of celebrity daughter-mothers who will be participating in a hoard of games and fun activities.

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (4)

Sonali Chowdhury-Sila Chowdhury, Sohini Sarkar-Ruma Sarkar, Sayani Ghosh-Sudipa Ghosh, Swaralipi Chatterjee-Madhabi Chatterjee are the mother-daughter pairs who will be featuring in this special episode. The episode became interesting with the mother-daughter duo participating in games like Lootpath, Sona Loot, Bumper Loot and Maha Loot. The celebrity daughters spoke about how their mothers have been their pillars of strength and have been their best friend, philosopher and guide. Debasree Roy, the anchor of this season said “The relationship between a mother and a daughter is more so of friendship. As soon as the daughter starts to grow, she becomes a friend to the mother and less of a daughter to her. This episode will highlight the mother-daughter relationship. The mothers will also get to spend some time with their daughters who otherwise are always busy with their busy schedules”. Sidhu (Sidhartha Ray) of Cactus band was also present in the episode to add some music to this beautiful event. Debasree Roy along with Sonali Chowdhury, Sohini Sarkar and Sayani Ghosh also matched steps to songs sung by Sidhu.

27th march didi no-1 celebrty maa - maye ep# (6)

This special episode highlighting the love and friendship between a mother and a daughter will be aired on March 27 at 5.30pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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