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Colors Bangla’s New Serial Dashi; Based on Eminent Playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s Work


In this constant battle between the right and wrong of traditions, few would agree that humans are still enslaved by their emotions. Bringing this guilt alive through a saga of complex human emotions, Colors Bangla began the new socio-emotional drama ‘Dashi’.

Inspired by legendary playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s work, Dashi showcases the lives of the three protagonists whose lives are intertwined by fate and the difficult choices that they make. Known for his bold and realistic writings, Vijay Tendulkar’s play finds relevance even in today’s day and age. Recounting the turmoil and chaos faced by a journalist when he attempts to expose an appalling scandal of human trafficking, Dashi encompasses the repercussions and consequences of the decisions of social do-gooders.


A journalist Rajdeep exposes a scandal surrounding human trafficking. He ‘buys’ a girl named Mungli from the human market, hosts a press conference on the day of his wedding and exposes the reality to the world. Later he decides to give Mungli refuge in his own house as she has nowhere to go. ‘Dashi’ explores the complexity of relationships between Rajdeep and his wife Tanaya and also between Tanaya and Mungli. Mungli slowly starts treating Rajdeep as her master as she feels he has freed him from this situation.  What happens next?

Rajdeep (Ishaan Mazumder), Mungli (Shyamoupti Mudly), Tanaya  (Taniya Kar), Sukanta (Monishankar Dasgupta), Chhabi (Chaitali Dutta Burman), Sabitri (Sharmila Hore), Ahana (Sujata Daw), Soumyadeep (Indrajeet), Indradeep (Abhinandan), Suresh (Sourav Das), Mungli’s Father (Prabir Dutta), Mungli’s Uncle (Amlan Mazumder), Mungli’s Aunt (Ratri Ghatak), Naresh Mitra (Niladri Lahiri), Aruna Mitra (Indrani Chatterjee), Rohini (Rumpa Singha) and Tarun (Sudip Raha) are some of the important characters in this serial.

Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, ‘Dashi’ started from July 25, 2016, every Monday to Saturday at 9.30pm only on Colors Bangla!

Priyanka Dutta

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