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Bollywood Actor Zayed Khan Promoted New Dating App IMKnotShy In Kolkata

Video: Bollywood Actor Zayed Khan in Kolkata

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan talked about the new app IMKnotShy at My Nail/ Think Inked Shop, Acropolis Mall. The actor not only shared information about the new app but also highlighted the different aspects of this new app.


“This app’s development happened after an incident happened to one friend of mine. He liked a girl at first sight but before he could find her on any social media site, he lost sight of the girl. It is then that we realized that we must start an app which will help people to engage in a new style without feeling shy. One can save the embarrassment of being rejected in front of many people. One can send emoticons and even exchange photos and emails” said the Bollywood actor.

The radius of this app is limited to about 300 meters. “I have been promoting this app when a guy came up to me and said that he had been benefitted by the app. That is a huge feeling. This will help people in interacting socially and I am glad even if a small percentage of people also can be helped with this app” added Zayed Khan.


The actor who found many changes happening in Kolkata since his last visit also mentioned the warmth of the people of the city.

What are you waiting for? Download the app and make the move right now!!

Priyanka Dutta

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