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Theme Song of Hindusthan Club Released; Rupankar, Debojyoti Mishra Graces Occasion

Video: Hindusthan Club theme song launch

Hindusthan Club will be celebrating their 54th year of organizing the Durga Puja. The committee recently unveiled the theme song named Parar Gaan in the august presence of Debajyoti Mishra, Rupankar, Swarnali Kanjilal, Sourav Bhattacharya and others.

The song has been written by Chandrima Bhattacharya (Chairman, West Bengal Medical Services Corp Ltd) and composed by Debaditya Chaudhury. Rupankar Bagchi has lent his voice to the song.


Speaking at the occasion, Debajyoti Mishra said “It is a great feeling that the locality which has been so much important in my childhood has planned so meticulously to develop a para theme song. This is what I love about Durga Puja-togetherness among the people, doing things together. The song sounds great”.

Debaditya Chaudhury who has composed the music for the song said that he has repeatedly asked for help from Debajyoti Mishra who always guided him.


Debajyoti Mishra also became nostalgic about the fact how he played the dhaak at the Pujas the previous year. He also added how he lost his pair of sandals due to his taking a short cut road to the pandal.

With the puja preparations in full swing all over the city, it is no wonder that the para theme song will boost up the spirit of the people of the locality.

Priyanka Dutta

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Oriental Sea Food Festival at Chowman Kolkata all Set to Delight Sea Food Lovers with Mouth Watering Delicacies

Video: Sea Food Festival at Chowman

“There are many restaurants which sell sea food. But not may make proper sea food. Chowman is an exception. Not all people love sea food. This is an acquired taste. Those who love sea food always are on the lookout for sea food” said actress Pallavi Chatterjee at Oriental Sea Food Festival at Chowman. Also present was Debaditya Chaudhury, Managing Director, Chowma Chain of Restaurants.


What is striking about the Oriental Sea Food Festival at Chowan is the wide variety of sea food options available for the customers. Squids, lobsters, octopus, prawns are on offer at the restaurant.


The starters at the restaurant include Pepper garlic whole crab, Honey fired chilli squid, Chilli mountain octopus, Chinese Barbeque style wok fried lobster, Stir fried fish with cashew nut ad Sichuan dried pepper and others.


The main course has dishes like Burnt garlic steamed basa, Chilli basil octopus, Fried squid in rice wine sauce, Jumbo prawn in chilli corn sauce and others.

“Food from Chowma comes to my house twice of thrice a week. All love it. The food is really awesome and this festival will be a great occasion for the sea food lovers for sure” added the actress.


The festival is from 15th May to 31st May and a meal for two will cost Rs 2000 plus taxes.

Priyanka Dutta

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Prosenjit Chatterjee Inaugurates Restaurant Chapter 2; Promising the best of Anglo Indian Food and Retro Culture

Video: Kolkata Restaurant Chapter 2 Inaugurated

Chapter 2, the newest addition to the culinary map of the city was inaugurated in the august presence of Tollywood Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee. Also present at the occasion was Agnimitra Paul, Nitish Roy along with the owners- Shiladitya Chaudhury and Debaditya Chaudhury.


Chapter 2 promises to bring back the memories of Anglo Indian food and the live music culture. “We have tried to recreate the Park Street of the fifties and the sixties. After Oudh and Chowman, Chapter 2 will be serving Anglo-Indian delicacies which are commonly referred to as Continental food here. The fact that this has been started after Park Street is the reason why we have named it Chapter 2” said Debaditya Chaudhury.


The retro ambience at the food joint has been done by National Award winning art director Nitish Roy. 3 dimensional photo frames showing the Hollywood stars of the yester years to real life displays of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to a Cadillac car on the wall of the bar to table top designs showing newspaper clips of the past era- the restaurant is a trip down memory lane for many.


Agnimitra Paul who has done the costume of the waiters of the restaurant said “I was a little skeptical when I was offered to do the costume as I have never done this before. This is a novel idea indeed to bring back the past. We usually cannot get back the things which have been there in the past. This is a good way of bringing back the past”. The designer’s favorite Anglo Indian dish is Pork Chops.


Some of the signature dishes which will be served at the restaurant include Prawn cocktail, Mushroom cocktail, Prawn on toast, Chicken live pate, Egg devil, Chicken Carbonara, Irish beef stew, Pork vindaloo, Lamb goulash, Gypsy beef roast, Juicy pork spare ribs, Prawn thermidor, Prawn newburg, Poached Beckti, Veg a la kiev, Asparagus and mushroom risotto and others. Desserts include lemon soufflé, Cheese cake, Apple pie and Chocolate mousse.

A well stocked bar serving an array of special cocktails and mocktails along with premium liquor is another attraction of this food joint. The retro live music scene will have some of the oldest bands of the city performing on the weekends at the restaurant.


Prosenjit Chatterjee who was also present at the occasion was impressed with the interior décor of the place. He said “They have brought the culture of Park Street. To have dinner with live music was much in vogue. Many used to request the song that they will like to listen. I am touched with the concept and the interior has been done excellently. Nitish da, one of the finest art directors in Indian cinema has done the interior. This brings back memories of my childhood. Now I cannot do this. But previously any occasion called for a visit to Park Street”.


When asked about his preference for Continental food, the actor said “I can say that I eat Continental food 365 days. This is because I eat food which does not have oil or salt. I also do not eat fried food. The basic food is close to Continental. My son Trishanjit is a foodie and I will surely bring him here. I think my full family will enjoy the food as we are all into healthy food consumption”.


When questioned about the response that he is getting from his film Sankhachil, the actor said “The response is good here. In Bangladesh, they d not have many multiplexes like we have. However the film is playing in most cinema halls and many halls have their shows sold out already”.

The restaurant has space for hosting seventy people and a private area for twenty people is also available. Chapter 2 is open from 12.30 pm to 11 pm and the cost for two is Rs 1000.

Priyanka Dutta

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Chowman opens fifth outlet in Patuli; Actress Arunima Ghosh graces the occasion


How would you feel if you were served delicacies like Prawn meatball soup, steamed prawn wontons, double fried pork, exotic vegetables in chili basil sauce at a restaurant decorated in the Chinese style? Chances are you will feel that you are experiencing a slice of China sitting back in Kolkata. This is what will happen for the people in and around Patuli with the opening of Chowman’s fifth outlet in the city of Kolkata. The opening was graced with the presence of actress Arunima Ghosh.


The new restaurant has been decorated in the same manner of red and black color scheme like the other outlets of Chowman. The low lighting along with the bronze Buddha statue, pots and bells all give the restaurant a soothing ambience. This ambience has been a major highlight of all the Chowman restaurants.


Debaditya Chaudhury, Managing Director, Chowman Chain of Restaurants and founder member of Bengali rock band Lakkhichhara said “Chowman has been gaining much interest among the people since the last five years we started operations. The main aim is to provide great and tasty food for the people in every part of the city. We also plan to open up outlets in Behala and Shyambazar”.


The essential ingredients from sauces to crockery to cutlery all have been imported from China and Thailand. Prawn, chicken, pork, fish and crab dishes form the main part of the menu of this restaurant.

The 42 seater restaurant located near the Patuli water tank will serve exotic Chinese dishes to the customers. Make sure you head to Chowman to experience a slice of China in Kolkata.

Priyanka Dutta

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Mixed Media- An Art exhibition of Sorts Inaugurated by the pretty Tollywood actress Arunima Ghosh

Mixed Media: An art Exhibition of Sorts at Gothic Haat Kolkata

Actress Arunima Ghosh, painter Samir Aich, Prashant Gupta, Debaditya Chaudhury inaugurated an assemblage of artworks of twenty renowned artists titled Mixed Media at Gothic Haat.


Conceptualized and curated by Uma Mitra, the exhibition presents an interesting mix of artworks. Acrylic on canvas, pastels on paper, mixed media on paper, ink on paper or tempera on board are some of the unique artworks created with a blend of technology and different media that have been displayed in this exhibition.


Some of the artists whose art works have been put on display in this exhibition include Aditya Basak, Atin Basak, Arnab Basu, Suhas Roy, Samir Aich, Suvaprasanna, Gopal Sen, Ganesh Haloi, Jayashree Chakravarty, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Om Swami and many others. About forty works of the various artists have been put on display in the exhibition.


Speaking at the occasion actress Arunima Ghosh said “The collection of art works is just awesome. People staying in the area can now come here and enjoy the artworks. They will not have to go far to enjoy such great works. Gothic Haat is a nice art centre for the residents of this area, for sure”.

The exhibition Mixed Media will continue till 12th April at Gothic Haat from 2pm to 5pm.

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