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Cast and Crew Present at Music Launch Of Bengali Film Kuheli; First Bengali Film on Vampires

Video: Music launch of Bengali Film Kuheli

“The film Kuheli is not a remake of the yesteryear film of the same name. This is a different film. One can hail this as the first Bengali film on vampires. Despite being a thriller, it is essentially a romantic film. The Bengali audience love thrillers and hopefully they will love this too” said director Debarati Gupta at the music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Kuheli.


The music launch took place in the presence of director Debarati Gupta, Pujarini Ghosh, Indrasish Roy, Koushik Sen, Barun Chanda, Kinjal, Ujjaini, Mainak and others.


Pujarini Ghosh who looked beautiful in a short dress said “This is by far the toughest character that I have played so far. This is simply because the character that I play has some psychological issues. Showing them onscreen was a challenge. Portraying someone normal is a piece of cake because you see them every day. But to act like someone with a psychological problem requires deep level of understanding. Thankfully Debranjan Nag guided us during the workshop and that helped me much. Let’s see how the audience reacts to the portrayal of this character onscreen”.

Debarati Gupta also added “The film may be on vampires. But it is not the gory type. There is an element of thrill in the film along with this romance angle”.


The music of the film has been composed by Dolon-Mainak. There are three songs in the film which has been sung by Kinjal, Ujjaini and Timir Biswas.

The film is slated for release on 4th of November.

Priyanka Dutta

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