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Cast and Crew Present at Audio Music Album Launch of Upcoming Bengali Film Aranyadeb

Video: Bengali Film Aranyadeb Music launch

The music launch of the upcoming Bengali film Aranyadeb took place in the august presence of director Debashis Sen Sharma, Mir, Sayani Ghosh, Sreelekha Mitra, producer Kaushik Mitra, Arunima Ghosh and others.


The story of Aranyadeb is about two friends Aranya (Jisshu Sengupta) and Deb (Mir). They are inseparable as friends. But their dreams separate them and they go on with their lives. They meet twenty two years later and certain changes happen in their lives. This is what the film all about.

The music of the film has been composed by Anindya Sundar Chakraborti. There are three songs in the film. “The songs have been composed keeping in line with the narrative of the film. There is a Rabindrasangeet which will appeal to the audience as it is extremely soulful” said director Debashis Sen Sharma.


Mir who plays Deb in the film said “I have always played roles in which there is a tinge of humor. But this is a role where I play a hardcore corporate. This will be a welcome break for the audience. Jisshu will surprise many too with his acting. And Sayani also deserves praise. Whenever she was in front of the camera, she stole the show”.


The director also added “Aranyadeb is a superhero which many of us wanted to become. If not Aranyadeb, we all have wanted to become a superhero at one point in our lives. This film is about showing how we all have some superhero trait in us”. He also said that the reason to choose Jisshu for the role was because he had that simple boy next door look which will suit the character well.

Produced by K.M. Films, Aranyadeb is slated for release on the 25th of November.

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Team of Upcoming Bengali film ‘Aranyadeb’ Participates in Save a Child Heart Project

Upcoming Bengali Film Aranyadeb Promotions

In one of its kind initiative the cast and crew of the film Aranyadeb participated in the “Save a Child Heart” project held at Limelight. The event involved over two thousand students in association with Chemould School of Art, Kolkata Police and Rotary Club.  As part of the program, the children of the various age groups drew paintings that were auctioned and the proceeds will go to saving children with cardiac problems.


Present at the program were director Debasish Sen Sharma (Mickey), Dibyendu Barua and Mehtab Hossain.

Speaking at the occasion Mehtab Hossain (footballer) said “I could not draw so well at their age. So many small children have been giving reigns to their imagination and coming up with such great ideas. This is a great initiative and I am privileged to be a part of this initiative”.

Some of the best entries at the previously held competitions were also put on auction. The guests posed with the pictures and also complimented on the great thoughts that went behind the making of the paintings.


Director Debasish Sen Sharma after a quick survey of the paintings exclaimed that his age has been reduced by at least ten years if not more. “The paintings are so colorful and vibrant and speak much about the imagination of the young people. I am glad the organizers asked me to come to this event” said the director.

Upcoming Bengali Film Aranyadeb is the story of two friends named Aranya and Deb. They grow up together only to be separated due to destiny. They meet after twenty five years and magic happens on that day. What happens as a result is what the film will unveil.

Initiatives of this kind will surely help children to give vent to their creativity and imagination and also help save children with heart issues.

Priyanka Dutta

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Bangla Movie Bicycle Kick World TV Premiere on Zee Bangla Cinema; Director’s note on the movie and its USP

bicycle kick world tv premiere

Finally, Debasish Sen Sharma’s Bicycle Kick World TV Premiere is slated for telecast on Nov 17, 2013 2:00 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema. A good news for film lovers indeed! With almost 150 films being released each year in Bengali and a television premier each week, what is so important about the TV premier of this film?

Lets hear it from the captain of the ship, Debasish Sen Sharma : “Its an effort to tell a very known story in our own way. It is not a thriller, not a relationship tale, not a gen-x love story, not a children film, not an adaptation of a classic tale, not a musical, action or melodrama but a simple turn around story of a boy.”

Cut to

Feb 22, 2013 Premier at Priya Cinema Hall.

Houseful premier of a long cherished dream. Most of the audience obviously comprising of friends, family and well wishers. Lots of text messages in the director’s inbox asking about different hall show times about the film for next two weeks.

Dissolves to next weekend.

Almost all the newspaper giving positive reviews about the film praising its originality and songs but audience have only 5 halls at their disposal to see the film that too with some erratic showtime like 11.15am, 2.10pm, the most popular one being 4.30pm. Fades out…

Fades in next Friday.

People are eager to watch the film but it is out of the system of public viewing except only one hall(Nandan 2) whose information is again found nowhere in any newspaper or any media.

Bicycle Kick World TV Premiere

Flash Forward

Nov 17,2013, Sunday 2:00 PM. people watching Bicycle Kick on television, Thanks to Zee Bangla Cinema! So now it is not just watching another film, it is itself an inspiration to those minds who still believe in good cinema and believe in weaving magic on screen.

As Debasish Sen Sharma says, ‘The film is actually a tribute to my city which has taught me to grow up; Grow up with Tenida, with Moti Nandy, with Rabindranath, with Sukumar Roy, with Feluda and of course with football”. It is like a mind game played in the form of cinema where football is just a mere tool. So, we cannot categorize it as just another sports film. In a way, there are many evidences which also show that the film is a tribute to the medium of cinema itself.

Another most important element of the film lies in its lyrics and dialogues. ‘Kaane Kaane Bolechhe eshe Jonaki’ by Dipangshu Acharya or ‘Ichhe Danay Bhor korechhe Pokhhiraj’ by Debasish Sen Sharma are no less than magic. The fantastic interval point, use of light and shade, unfolding of characters, a fantastic performance by Ritwik Chakraborty and the wonderful song picturisations are all that sum up Bicycle Kick (2013).

With this note, let us wait for the World Television Premiere and wish team Bicycle Kick a great future.

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