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Special Screening of Reshmi Mitra’s New Film Hothat Dekha at Nandan


The special screening of the Bengali film Hothat Dekha took place recently in the august presence of director Reshmi Mitra, J. S. Himi and other eminent dignitaries.

The story and screenplay of this Bengali film has been created with essence from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem Hothat Dekha. Speaking about the film, Reshmi Mitra said “Films based on literary pieces have reduced considerably. With this film, I wanted to give the audience such a film. When I was asked to do this collaborative project with Bangladesh, this is the first story which came to my mind”.


Debasree Roy, Deep, Shankar Chakraborty, Ilias Kanchan, Tulika Basu and others will be seen in important roles in this film. The music has been composed by Raja Narayan Deb.

The film Hothat Dekha has also been screened at the recently held 22nd Kolkata International Film festival.

Priyanka Dutta

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Trailer Launch of Upcoming Bengali Film Hotath Dekha


The trailer launch of the upcoming Bengali film Hothat Dekha took place in the august presence of Rituparna Sengupta, director Reshmi Mitra, Tulika Basu, Deep and others.

The story and screenplay of the film Hothat Dekha has been created with the essence of the poem Hotat Dekha by Rabindranath Tagore.


Speaking at the occasion, director Reshmi Mitra said “I am excited about the trailer launch. It is like I have given the examination and I will be handed over the result today. After Kadambari, Chokher Bali, this film will provide relief to the audience. Not much film has been made on literature. The poem is a story in itself. I have high expectations from the film”.


The music and background score is by Raja Narayan Deb. The songs have been sung by Kartick Das Baul, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Suvomita, Anupam Roy and Rejwana Chowdhury Banya. The lyrics is by Rabindranath Tagore, Bhaba Pagla, Lalan Fakir and Gautam Susmit.

Debasree Roy, Sankar Chakaborty, Partha Sarathi Deb, Avik Ghosh, Ilias Kanchan, Kartick Das Baul, Premankur Chakaborty will be seen in important roles in this upcoming Bengali film.

The film Hothat Dekha is an Indo-Bangladesh joint venture and is slated for release soon.

Priyanka Dutta

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Director Reshmi Mitra’s Upcoming Bengali Film Hotath Dekha based on Tagore’s Tale is a Bangladesh-India Collaborative Effort


In the august presence of director Reshmi Mitra, Debosree Roy, J. S. Hemi, Illius Kanchan and others, the press conference of the upcoming Bengali film Hotath Dekha was organized.

Based on a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, director Reshmi Mitra’s film Hotath Dekha is the story of two characters namely Amit and Manasi.


Bangladeshi actress J. S. Hemi will be seen enacting the role of Manasi in the film. “Manasi is the typical girl next door character who is in love with her teacher. I have had a great time shooting in Kolkata. This is my first film and I am positive that the audience will love the film” said the actress.
Director Reshmi Mitra said “I had the desire to make a film on a story or a poem by Tagore. So when I was given the offer, I grasped it and opted for this story. Since this is a Bangladesh-India collaborative effort, I have shots in both India and Bangladesh for the film”.


Speaking at the occasion, Debosree Roy said “I am very busy these days and hence I have become very choosy about the films I take up. Doing a film based on a work by Rabindranath Tagore is always very fascinating and hence I said yes to doing this film”.

Raja Narayan Deb is the music composer of the film. Kartick Das Baul, Anupam Roy, Monomoy, Subhomita will be lending their voices to the songs in the film.

Debosree Roy, Kartick Das Baul, Tulika Bose, Deep Bhattacharjee, Illyus Kanchan and others will be seen in important roles in the film.

The dubbing of the film is also currently in progress and the makers want to release the film on Tagore’s birthday in 2016.

Priyanka Dutta

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Ram Cine Arts back in Bengali films with ‘Prime Time’ after 3 Decades of Making Dadar Kirti


“Ram Cine Arts” is back in Bengali films after 3 decades with yet another flick titled Prime Time. After their block-buster gift to the Bengali community with Dadar Kirti(Directed By Tarun Majumder) starring Debasree Roy, Mahua Roychoudhury, Anup Kumar, Tapas Pal and others they are shooting for their upcoming movie “Prime Time”.

Prime Time has been directed by Ipsita Seal who is also a lawyer of Calcutta High Court. With this thriller drama she is taking the plunge into the world of film making.

Prime Time stars Indraneil Sengupta, Paoli Dam, Arijit Dutta and Rana Mitra.


Speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana in between the shots, director Ipsita Seal said, “The film is set in Kolkata and shooting will also be done in the outskirts and parts of Krabi,Thailand”. Prime Time is all about thrill and ambition. It also shows the extent one can go to achieve success and how it affects their lives. Chandana (Paoli) goes through a journey of incidents exploring various sequences. How Sayantan (Indraneil Sengupta) deals with the various odds and how Chandana comes around as support is what the film is all about.

Ipsita Seal weaves a script that shuffles the senses questioning ‘what next?’. The dialogues are articulate and immaculate, investigating the matter gradually and building up the thrill at every step. The story explores the case systematically, credibly and logically but races through thrills and twists. And what enhances the thrill is the format of story-telling.


When asked for her selection of Paoli, the director said “She has extremely expressive eyes and a body language that carries the role of the female protagonist Chandana, with ease and grace. The character is vulnerable yet assertive and soft. But when the time comes she erupts with a latent aggression that seals the fate of the story”.

Surajit Chatterjee of Bhoomi is composing music for the film with Kamalini Chatterjee being the lyricist .The other interesting fact about the movie is that Srijato has penned down a couple of poems which has been inserted in the script along with mind-blowing recitation of “Mohul”-the poetry band.

Prime Time promises to be a good treat for the viewers for sure.

Priyanka Dutta

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Upcoming Bengali film Pati Parameshwar Website Launched on a Star Studded Evening


The website launch of the Upcoming Bengali Film Pati Parameshwar took place in the presence of Rituparna Sengupta, Colonel L. Roy, Mr. Bobby Hakim, Agnimitra Paul, Rudranil, Surojeet, Debasree Roy, Bobby Chakraborty, Sudipta Chakraborty, director Jayasree Bhattacharya and others.

Upcoming Kolkata Bengali Movie Pati Parmeshwar Website Launch

“The film is about a married couple Arindam and Sharmila. Arindam is a regular middle class family man who is a police officer by profession. Due to his hectic schedule, Arindam is not able to give much time to Sharmila. Her pet dog Pluto is the only source of solace in her life. Things go haywire when the dog goes missing. What happens next is a series of comic incidents” said director Jayasree Bhattacharya.


Looking beautiful in a green sari, Rituparna Sengupta cast a pretty picture. “It was a great film to shoot for. This is simply because there were so many cute dogs to shoot with. We hardly get to shoot with dogs in our Bengali films. And with eighteen dogs we all had a gala time” said Rituparna while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana.


Debasree Roy, who is actively involved in activities that enable the rehabilitation, care and welfare of animals, specially stray dogs was very excited to be a part of this event. “The fact that so many dogs have been a part of this film is very exciting. We all should care for our pets. The fact that so much care has been taken to ensure their health and comfort while shooting for this film is very heartening”.

Music in the film is by Surojeet and the music is interesting, feels the director. “Music is of a different genre and will appeal to the audience. He has created music which blends in well with the film. They are mostly situational songs”.


The website contains detailed information about the film, cast members, music and other information connected with the film.

The film is slated for release after Durga Puja 2014.

Priyanka Dutta

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