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Pancake Parbon at Bon Appetit; Treat for the Food Lovers During the Festive Season


The season of festivities is back in the city of joy with its irreplaceable charm, essence and ecstasy. Indulgence is the ultimate desire during the days of festivity and that is the mantra for Bon Appétit.

Bon Appétit has come up with new pancake items to their menu in this festive season. Eggless variants are also available for the customers who maintain a strict restriction during this time. There are options for the veggies too who would only go for greens during these days.


Pocket Pinch is as follows-   Kosha Keema Pancake (Rs 145), Hasher Dimer Pancake (Rs 125), Paneer Masala Pancake (Rs 125), Pancake  Margherita Pizza (Rs 100), Chili Cheese Pancake (Rs 105), Chili Garlic Chicken Pancake (Rs 135), Red Velvet n Cream cheese pancake (Rs 135), Triple Choc chunk pancake (Rs 135), Black forest pancake (Rs 115), Gur n Narkel pancake Eggless (Rs 125), Mihidana  Pista Pancake eggless (Rs 125) and Pineapple Chutney Pancake (Rs 125).


Available from 1st Oct to 28th Oct, 2016, these pancakes will be available at both the outlets at Hazra and Salt Lake. The timing is 9am to 8.30pm.

Priyanka Dutta

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