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Films for Children and their Emerging Prominence

In the history of Indian cinema children’s films have always occupied a special position. However, when compared to other films, children’s movies always seem to be smaller in numbers. As a result, there is always one or more. In the last few years there has been a surge in making films for children, thus producing some landmark films. It is true that psychology of children are a lot different from adults in many ways and so films that are made for children should be able to appeal to them.

There is a difference between films on children and films for children. However, there are a few films that clearly defy this distinction. Tare Zameen Par is that classic example of a film that mesmerizes adults and children equally. In fact, the film was so strong in its conceptualization and presentation that it did cut across the barrier of age. Tare Zameen Par can be regarded as a landmark film in the history of children’s films. In 2011 Amole Gupte’s Stanley ka Dabba hit the screens. When seen from close quarters the film does not fall into line with other mainstream films. It is the story of a small boy Stanley, orphaned by his parent’s death and trying hard to study. The film is a beautiful and captivating depiction of the life of an orphan boy who just wants a better life.

Of late Hawaa Hawaai is also making a buzz among film lovers. The film is about a small boy whose all hope of being able to skate with other children rests on his coach. It makes the story of the journey of a young kid from a small town to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai feel almost like the story of our own life. It is not a film only to watch but a film to feel as well. Films for children are something that need to be crafted carefully so that all the aspects of a child’s psychology are highlighted, otherwise they would lose their appeal.

Debarshi Das